Difference Between Zoom and Google Meet

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Difference Between Zoom and Google Meet

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When it comes to internet conferencing, there are more than just Skype and FaceTime to consider. Zoom and Google Meet are two other popular video chat services that are also widely used in business settings and with consumers alike. But what’s the difference between Zoom and Google Meet? Here’s what you need to know about each service so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

To know how two things differ, we must first understand what they have in common. If you’re trying to determine which video chat service is best for your business, you must consider both Zoom and Google Meet. They provide a similar service: Both offer high-quality video calls and allow users to connect with remote coworkers via webcam or smartphone camera. However, there are some key differences between these programs that may make one more appealing than another to your team. To figure out whether or not Google Meet or Zoom is best for your business, take a look at each service’s features below—it may be time for an upgrade! Zoom vs. Google Meet Features

Zoom allows up to 100 participants on a call while Google Meet only allows 10 participants per call. This makes Zoom better suited for larger groups or teams working on projects together, whereas smaller groups can get by using just Google Meet. With either program, though, if you find yourself needing additional participants during a call (or are interested in setting up recurring meetings), then Slack can be used as an additional resource to include everyone who needs access. Both Zoom and Google Meet support screen sharing so meeting attendees can easily share their screens during meetings—even if they aren't directly participating on camera!

Zoom vs Google Meet

It’s simple to get lost in all of Google’s online meeting products. All of them have their pros and cons, which means that you’ll need to consider your particular needs before you can decide on a favorite. As we head into 2018, it’s important to know all of your options because so many meetings will be held virtually. However, to do that, you first need to understand how each tool works—and then figure out which one might work best for your needs.  Let’s take a look at Zoom vs Google Meet. Which is better? Well, it depends on what you want. Here are some differences between these two programs: Zoom has audio-only and video-only features while Google Meet has audio-only features. Zoom also allows up to 15 people per call (audio or video) while Google Meet only allows 10 people per call (audio only). This makes Zoom a great option if you need to host large group calls with lots of different people involved. If not, though, both platforms should serve your needs just fine.

Google Meet has chat features built right in while Zoom does not offer any sort of chat function outside of instant messaging. If chat tools are important to you during virtual meetings, make sure that you choose an option with those tools built right in!

Difference Between Zoom and Google Meet in Tabular Form

Basic Zoom Google Meet
Download There is no need to download any app as it can be accessed from the website as well.  The app download is necessary.
Beauty feature You can touch up your appearance. This does not have face touch up.
Background It has customizable virtual background. It has no background customization.
Break out room feature Privacy to the room can be provided by using the virtual background feature.        There is no privacy if you are working from home.
Time 40 minutes of video calls are permitted in it.           It allows 60 minutes of video calls.

What is Zoom?

It is an online video-conferencing application that allows users to communicate via video chat, similar to FaceTime or Skype. It is often used in business meetings to facilitate collaboration among remote locations. Zoom also comes with a screen sharing feature, which allows you to share your computer’s display with other meeting participants. The service offers plans for individuals and organizations at a range of price points. Its free service limits users to ten people in their meetings at once and restricts them from saving their chats offline or recording audio calls. This plan is useful for personal use but might not be sufficient if you have a larger team that needs to collaborate regularly. For businesses, Zoom offers paid plans starting at $15 per month per user. This plan allows unlimited group members and supports recordings as well as offline storage of recorded meetings. In addition, it includes advanced features such as Screen sharing and whiteboarding tools. This plan will likely be sufficient for most small businesses that need to work together regularly on projects.

Features of Zoom

Zoom offers an easy way to share your screen during a video meeting, whether it’s voice-only or full-screen. You can even record, edit, and export recordings for later use. We also like that Zoom includes unlimited chat messages per month; go crazy. The only thing we don’t love is that you have to pay extra if you want to create polls or run surveys. The basic plan is $15/month (plus a $100 setup fee) and goes up from there based on how many participants you have in each meeting (from 5 to 200). In comparison, some of its competitors are free! But they may not offer as many features as Zoom does.

Price of Zoom

While it costs nothing to use a service like Slack, Meet is completely free for an unlimited number of participants. You only pay if you want to record your calls (in which case, you're looking at $20 per month). There are options to host your calls on other platforms such as GoToMeeting or Cisco WebEx—but that'll cost you. Instead, Meet allows you to meet with anyone around the world in one place, at no extra charge. The app also offers screen sharing, so you can easily share files and presentations with everyone who’s on call. The best part: It works seamlessly across all devices. So whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, Meet will look exactly how it should.

Security of Zoom

While meeting calls are encrypted, you can’t send or receive end-to-end encrypted messages through Zoom. The company doesn’t have access to your encryption keys, but it does have access to unencrypted communications once they're stored on its servers. All traffic from a Zoom account is funneled through a single portal which makes it easier for third parties to analyze data that could include user information—the company says it doesn't collect personal details of its users but only collects information that could potentially be used in aggregate. After all, if you're having a video call with another person or multiple people, why wouldn't you want to see everyone participating at once in real-time?

What is Google Meet?

This is a conference room-like video conferencing platform that offers quality video, voice, and text capabilities. It can be used on any device with a video camera. This service has a built-in chat so users will have no trouble creating group chats with others who join their call. Users also have options when it comes to whether they want to record or not for every meeting, who can join it, and what information is shared within it. Although it seems Google Meet lacks in features, compared to other services such as Skype or GoToMeeting, there are still many beneficial features available with Google meet. Its quick interface makes creating new meetings fast which mean professionals can get more done during their work day.

Features of Google Meet

Sometimes, you just want to chat with another co-worker or remote employee. Maybe you’re brainstorming new ideas for a project or discussing details about a new project; whatever it is, it may not need to involve video. That’s where Google Meet comes in handy. It offers group video chats that are similar to those on Hangouts but with some significant differences. You can invite up to 30 people into your video conference call at once, which makes it ideal for meetings of small groups. You can also use an app called Meet Broadcast if you want to share what you see on your screen during a meeting—it allows viewers to draw annotations over what they see so everyone can contribute their thoughts as well as read them. As with other products from Google, there are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices so you can take your meetings wherever you go! Features of Zoom: While many people think of Zoom as simply an alternative way to conduct live webinars (which it does), there’s much more to its features than meets the eye.

Price of Google Meet

You can use Google meet for free, but if you need advanced features then it costs around $100 per year. It is a great alternative to zoom. If you are looking for a tool that has an inbuilt screen sharing functionality then I would recommend google meet over Zoom. But if you want to create a meeting space where your clients can log in with their credentials then I would recommend using zoom. However, both have their advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss them later on in detail.

An important thing to note here is that even though google meet doesn’t cost anything extra, there are some limitations. For example, you cannot connect up to more than 25 participants at once or host meetings longer than 2 hours. So if you need advanced features like these then make sure to upgrade your account before signing up for google meet. The good news is that upgrading isn’t expensive at all!

Security of Google Meet

From a security standpoint, Google meet is fairly safe. The video chat software requires users to have a Gmail account that already has 2-step verification in place on it, although you can use your personal or work email address if you don’t have one yet. This is for extra security to ensure that people cannot log into your account if they have stolen or figured out your password. While 2-step verification isn’t always 100% effective at stopping hackers from gaining access to accounts, it certainly makes it much more difficult and inconvenient than simply using a regular email address without it enabled. As far as data encryption goes, Google meet uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with AES 128-bit encryption while logging in. When meeting with someone online through Google meet, all of your communication is encrypted by default so that no third parties can intercept what you are saying or see what is being shared during a video call. You can also disable encryption when needed but we recommend keeping it turned on unless you need to share sensitive information over an insecure connection. One of our favorite features about Google meet is how easy it is to delete meetings after they are over! If you want to get rid of any recordings or logs of your meetings then all you need to do is click Delete and confirm that you want them gone!

The Main Difference Between Zoom and Google Meet in Points

  • To join a meeting, both Zoom and Google Meet need to be running. At that point, you can click on a link to join them
  • Without installing anything else, you can add participants by either adding their email address or phone number.
  • With Zoom, once someone has sent you an invite, all you have to do is accept it within your web browser to join. On Google meet just click the join link in your Gmail account.
  • Only one person will control the camera at a time (not both) whereas google meet allows two or more users take to share the same camera using the google hangout- app on android/ios devices.
  • In zoom only one person can see video from the camera but multiple users can see video from another participant’s device. In google meet, everyone can see video from another participant’s device.
  • Zoom allows for audio conferencing only while Google Meet also allows for screen sharing as well.
  • Both are good services but I like zoom because of its simplicity and ease of use with its desktop application as well as mobile apps which makes me easy to connect with my clients while traveling or attending business meetings without having an internet connection.
  • There is no need for any special hardware. All you need is a computer (or laptop) and an Internet connection. You can use your computer’s camera, microphone, speakers, and screen sharing capabilities. If you want to share your screen, you will need a video camera. Most computers have one built-in. Or if you prefer not to share your screen, you can always share your audio-only. For screen sharing, you will also need a decent Internet connection speed (1 Mbps upload speed is recommended).
  • The main difference between these two products is that Zoom uses peer-to-peer technology for audio/video calling whereas Google Hangouts uses cloud infrastructure for video calling.


In today’s tech-savvy world, it seems that new ways to make meetings easier are popping up all over. One app, in particular, Google Meet, has made its way onto phones as an easy way to stay in touch with coworkers. Though similar in function to video conferencing service Zoom, it has a few different features that set it apart. If you’re trying to determine which option is best for your business, here are some of their notable differences

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