Difference Between Unicode and Krutidev

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Difference Between Unicode and Krutidev

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This article explains the difference between Unicode and Krutidev and how to convert Unicode to Krutidev.


Unicode and Kruti Dev are both integral to the realm of text representation, albeit with different objectives and unique features. Unicode stands as a global character encoding standard, whereas Kruti Dev is a specialized non-Unicode typeface designed for the Devanagari script.

Comparison of Unicode and Krutidev in a Table:

FeatureUnicodeKruti Dev
NatureUniversal character encoding standardDevanagari typeface
PurposeEncodes text for most global writing systemsDesigned for typing in Devanagari script
Release Date1991Approximately 1997
DesignerUnicode ConsortiumKruti Dev Ram
UsageUsed worldwide for various languages/scriptsPredominantly in North India for typing exams
CompatibilitySupported universally on compliant devicesNeeds specific software for Kruti Dev support

Understanding Unicode

Unicode is a pivotal standard in the computing world, aiming to uniformly represent and handle text across the majority of global writing systems. The brainchild of the Unicode Consortium, this standard assigns a distinct number to each character, ensuring consistency irrespective of the platform, device, or language. Launched in 1991, its universal adoption guarantees consistent text display across diverse platforms and applications.

Delving into Krutidev

Kruti Dev, a non-Unicode clip font typeface, is tailored for the Devanagari script and mirrors the keyboard layout of Remington typewriters. It holds significance in several North Indian states where public service commissions utilize it for various typing exams. Those acquainted with Remington typewriters often prefer Kruti Dev for its familiar keyboard layout. This font made its debut around 1997, credited to designer Kruti Dev Ram.

Conversion from Unicode to Krutidev

Transitioning from Unicode to Kruti Dev demands specific software or web-based tools. These utilities enable users to input Unicode text (typically in Devanagari) and transform it into the Kruti Dev format. It's pivotal to select a conversion tool compatible with the desired Kruti Dev version. You can try the Unicode to KrutiDev Converter Tool created by https://www.unicodetokruti.com/ to convert any Unicode text or content to Krutidev text. This tool is completely free and one of the best Unicode to Krutidev converters, as it also supports formatting. None of the other tools available online as of date preserves formatting while converting Unicode (Mangal) to Kruti.

Key Differences Between Unicode and Krutidev (In Points)

  • Nature: Unicode is recognized as a universal character encoding standard, while Kruti Dev is a dedicated font for the Devanagari script.
  • Purpose: Unicode encapsulates text from a multitude of global languages, while Kruti Dev is chiefly for Devanagari script typing.
  • Release: 1991 saw the advent of Unicode, with Kruti Dev following in circa 1997.
  • Designer: The Unicode Consortium is behind Unicode, while Kruti Dev is the creation of Kruti Dev Ram.
  • Usage: Unicode finds application worldwide across diverse languages and scripts, whereas Kruti Dev is predominantly for North Indian typing exams.
  • Compatibility: Unicode is universally displayable on compliant devices/software, whereas Kruti Dev demands specific supporting platforms.


Both Unicode and Kruti Dev play pivotal roles in text representation, albeit catering to varied requirements. Unicode emerges as a universal text representation solution, ensuring uniformity and broad compatibility. Conversely, Kruti Dev, tailored for the Devanagari script, enjoys popularity in specific Indian regions. Grasping the nuances differentiating the two is vital for professionals dealing with multilingual text.


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