Difference Between Upwork and Freelancer

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Difference Between Upwork and Freelancer

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Over time, individuals have begun to see freelancing as a viable choice for employment. Various freelancing platforms have popped up on the market due to the practice's benefits, which include more room for leisure and less worry. The significant freelancing markets available to employees today are Upwork And Freelancer. Freelancing is quickly emerging as one of the most famous work options in the world. The growth predictions suggest a continuous increase of 3.5 percent per year, with the bulk of the workforce likely to be freelancers by the end of 2027.

Not only that, but technological advancements are changing the way firms function. The hiring and management of contract workers have become more straightforward for firms. Thanks to freelancing sites such as UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, freelancers may quickly locate their ideal work. These freelancing websites bring together businesses and freelancers on a shared platform to benefit each other and complete projects.

Sounds simple. But have you ever pondered how to pick the best platform among the number of options available? Most individuals believe that enrolling on various platforms would bring them more jobs and money. Hate to disappoint you, but freelancing and fishing are not the same things. Having many accounts on various freelancing websites will not bring you additional work; instead, you will become exhausted and upset while bidding (baiting) on these sites.

Upwork vs. Freelancer

The most significant distinction between Upwork and Freelancer is that Upwork is the most prominent freelancing website. Upwork, on the other hand, charges significantly greater service costs than Freelancer. Upwork, formerly known as Elance, is a publicly accessible freelancing marketplace launched in 1999. The website's motive is to bring freelancers and potential clients together. In addition, its goal is to link companies with freelancers, independent talent, and agencies worldwide. If you want to start a freelancing job, Upwork might be a good place to start.

There's a strong probability that you'll be able to locate lots of work whether you use Upwork or Freelancer.com.The level of work done is primary distinction between the two platforms. Clients on Upwork, in my experience, are more prepared to pay a decent compensation. However, this higher pay rate usually comes with more considerable expectations.

Upwork has roughly seven million registered clients, 12 million registered freelancers, and over 100,000 jobs accessible in writing (across a wide range of languages and skillsets). On the other hand, Freelancer.com claims to have over 45,000 current jobs. With over 30 million registered freelancers, there is more competition on this site.

While both sites are beneficial to freelancers of virtually all skill sets, Upwork's verification procedure efficiently narrows down the competition, making it simpler to identify and acquire excellent job postings. Anyone may create a Freelancer.com account. However, you must be approved to create an Upwork account.

Difference Between Upwork and Freelancer in Tabular Form

There are distinct benefits to outsourcing work to freelancers. Companies continue to use freelancers and leverage social websites to find jobs because:

Parameters Of Comparison Upwork Freelancer
Headquarters Upwork's headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, USA. The Freelancer headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.
Establishment Year Elance, the predecessor to Upwork, was launched in 1999. The Freelancer was established in 2009.
Founded By Beerud Sheth and Srini Anumolu founded Upwork. Matt Barrie is the creator and founder of Freelancer.
Benefits There are numerous chances for both newcomers and seasoned professionals There is stuff available to help freelancers earn more money.
Drawbacks It charges an exorbitant service cost. It features a complicated user interface.
Popularity Upwork is a worldwide freelancing powerhouse that connects freelancers and contractors. Upwork has more than 9 million freelancers and 4 million customers registered with them worldwide.


When it comes to achieving success, Freelancer unquestionably leads the pack. Over 15 million registered freelancers have exposure to over 7.4 million job assignments.
Usability The user interface on Upwork is more engaging and user-friendly. The Freelancer user interface is cluttered, with an extensive list of subtopics.
Membership Upwork has both free and premium membership programs for freelancers. Freelancer offers both paid and free membership options. The premium membership plan can cost up to $199.95 every month.
Jobs Availability Upwork has access to various contract assignments, which may be classified as an hourly or fixed fee.


Freelancer, likewise, has a large number of job openings and skill types available online.

What Is an Upwork?

Upwork is a freelance job board based in the United States. Elance desk was the company's original name. Elance-desk, Elance, and oDesk were among Upwork's forerunners. There are around 12 million freelancers and 5 million employer customers registered as of 2017. Upwork Global Inc. is the full title of Upwork. Beerud Sheth and Srini Anumolu are Upwork's co-founders. Clients may use the Upwork platform for interviewing, employing, and collaborating with freelancers and freelancing agencies. The customer specifies a job demand and the amount they are ready to pay a freelancer to do it. A customer might choose to invite all freelancers to apply for the work or to invite-only specific freelancers.

When a customer picks who to hire, they submit a contract outlining the pay rate, the number of hours required, and a deadline for the activity to be completed. On https://www.upwork.com/, you may find out more about the company. The platform has grown in popularity over time, attracting clients and freelancers from all around the world.

How does Upwork operate?

  • After that, the website connects the assignment with a database of freelancers who have expertise in that line of work. This makes it much easier and simple for clients to find available employees; if they were to do it manually, they'd have to trawl through the website's millions of freelancers.
  • Upwork displays a freelancer's talents and percentage of completed jobs on their profile and the sum of funds they made on the service to assist clients in choosing the proper employees.
  • Clients may evaluate and compare the profiles that have been given to them on Upwork and even interview the Freelancer before making a decision.
  • The website allows users to share files and communicate in various ways. In addition, clients may purchase Upwork Protection, which ensures that they will not be charged for jobs for they did not receive a commission.

How to Earn a Living on Upwork

  • Create a detailed and truthful profile - Fill out the work type you want to accomplish and the specific sectors in which you are knowledgeable, and your degree of expertise. 
  • Select a membership package-For freelancers, Upwork has two membership plans: Basic plus.
  • Establish contact with employers-Submit bids for jobs in your wheelhouse using your Connects. Proposals should contain an introductory letter, your proposed fee, and responses to the questions posed by the customer in the posting.
  • Decide on a fee and go to work.-Upwork deducts a percentage of your earnings. The fee structure is dependent on the total amount you charge to a customer over time. Thus the longer you work with a client, the less the cut takes.
  • Acquire payout-Freelancers on Upwork may receive safe payments via PayPal, direct deposit, or wire transfer.

What Is a Freelancer?

The term "freelancer" refers to a freelancing sector in Australia. Potential clients can post work on the platform, which freelancers can apply to fulfill. Matt Barrie is the CEO and creator of Freelancer. For freelancers to work with prospective customers, they must first register on the website. A competitive tender procedure is used in the freelance employment selection process.

Members of Freelancers may host and participate in contests to win various prizes. Freelancer members are given a set amount of bids to use on the platform, which are renewed after a set length of time. From free users to corporate memberships, the account possibilities are vast.

Most Freelancer's members are from India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Philippines. Design, media, architecture, IT and software, writing, and content are the most popular categories on the website. Manila, Australia, Canada, and Indonesia are locations where the organization maintains offices.

As a freelancer, you can work in the following categories.

  • Copywriting.
  • The most acceptable employment for novices is that of a virtual assistant.
  • Taking online polls.
  • Manager of social media.
  • E-commerce Company.
  • Marketing through affiliates.
  • Translations.
  • The tour guide.

Working as a Freelancer

  • Clients can post their job openings for free on Freelancer. They have two options from here: ask freelancers to bid on the project or look at freelancer profiles and submit an offer themselves.
  • Those who desire to participate in the bidding process can choose the best 'technical' bid. That means companies don't have to go with the cheapest Freelancer, but rather the one who offers the 'best' quotation for the task.
  • This might entail hiring a freelancer with higher fees and abilities more suited to a specific job. Users on the website reply in real-time, and projects typically have bidders within minutes.
  • When a customer assigns a job to a freelancer, the two can connect via the website at any time to discuss the project's details. In addition, users can talk, exchange files, and collaborate while on the road using Freelancer.
  • Advance is not paid by the clients for Freelancer; instead, they must pay when the job has been finished according to their specifications. They can speak about splitting the project down into multiple smaller projects if it's complicated.
  • The customer might arrange for the freelancers to be paid depending on the milestones and objectives they meet. All payments are made using cutting-edge technology that is very safe and encrypted. Any user who has an issue may contact Freelancer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How to  make money on Freelancer.com

Step 1: Figure out what you're excellent at, commit to a life of freelancing, and create a Freelancer.com account.

Step 2: Create your profile. It combines your personality, résumé, portfolio, and abilities into one.

Step 3: Find and start projects - Hundreds of projects and contests in various categories are uploaded every day. Check the Jobs or Contests page regularly to find the ones you wish to work on.

Step 4: Before beginning work, ensure that you and your employer are on the same page in terms of project scope, timelines, and Milestone Payments so that there are no surprises along the way.

Step 5: Get paid: When you are paid, you can withdraw your funds using PayPal Wire Transfer, Moneybookers, or your designated local bank account.

Main Difference Between Upwork And Freelancer in Points

  • Sending proposals on Upwork necessitates robust internet connectivity. Unfortunately, the Freelancer has frequently had phony or fictitious clients and jobs.
  • In 2020, Upwork produced $373.6 million in sales. The revenue earned by Freelancer was around $24 million.
  • Upwork provides payment security. Freelancers work with teams of consultants that help them get hired.
  • Upwork is a more popular freelancing website than Freelancer.
  • Freelancers' service costs are cheaper than those levied by Upwork.
  • Freelancing is usually project-based and unsupervised. On the other hand, Outsourcing is frequently employed for ongoing responsibilities and is generally performed inside a supervised, professionalized atmosphere.
  • Paid and free are options available both for Freelancer. In addition, Upwork offers paid membership programs.
  • Upwork's user interface is more engaging and user-friendly, but  Freelancer's user interface is disorganized.


Upwork is indeed a publicly accessible freelancing marketplace that was launched in 1999. Upwork is a freelancing marketplace that links freelancers with customers. It may be a wonderful place to start a freelance career. The platform allows freelancers to bid on various assignments. Once chosen, they will be able to live chat with clients and follow their progress. It also allows people to compete in contests for exciting prizes. As a result, Upwork and Freelancer both provide their services. At the same time, each network provides freelancers with short-term contracts from various businesses throughout the world; the subscriptions, areas, facilities, and support provided to freelancers at each website range significantly. While Upwork provides payment protection and stops clients from requesting free labor, Freelancer provides excellent customer service. To summarize, each platform has its unique set of things to provide.


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