Difference Between Norton 360 Standard and Norton Antivirus Plus

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Difference Between Norton 360 Standard and Norton Antivirus Plus

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The American firm Norton, based in California, is well recognized for offering a variety of services and solutions for digital security. The business was once known as Symantec. NortonLifeLock includes Norton. Security is a particular area of focus for Norton. Devices including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones may all be secured with the aid of Norton's tools.

Free antivirus software, a free help desk, Norton Safe Web, parental control software, a password manager, a password generator, etc. are among the services and goods offered. Norton itself includes Norton 360 Standard and Norton antivirus Plus.

Norton 360 Standard vs Norton Antivirus Plus

Norton 360 Standard is a basic plan or version of Norton 360, which is the primary distinction between Norton 360 and Norton Antivirus Plus. On the other hand, Norton Antivirus Plus offers complete malware protection as well as round-the-clock technical help to its users. Norton 360 Standard is a less expensive anti-malware program that is also very simple to use. The most fundamental antivirus setup plan is Norton Antivirus Plus.

One of the top antivirus programs available is Norton 360 Standard. because it offers the gadgets many levels of security. Additionally, it offers its consumers internet privacy. The Norton 360 Standard iOS is regarded as a comprehensive answer to all virus-related issues. It may be used on tablets, PCs, cellphones, Macbooks, and other devices. When personal information is transported, it offers protection both at home and at the destination.

An anti-malware program, Norton Antivirus Plus is a member of the Norton family. It is regarded as one of the fundamental characteristics of an antivirus service. One device at a time can utilize it. Only PCs and Macs may use it. Users must buy an antivirus license if they wish to use Norton Antivirus Plus on numerous machines. It shields PCs from all infections, including ransomware, malware, spyware, and others.

Difference Between Norton 360 Standard and Norton Antivirus Plus in Tabular Form

Parameters of Comparison Norton 360 Standard Norton Antivirus Plus
Released It was released in 2007 It was released in 1991
Backup It backup Up to 10 GB It backup Up to 2 GB
Parental Plan There are parental plans There are no parental plans
VPN Secure VPN Not secure
Runs on PC, Mac, Android Either PC or Mac at a time.
Features SafeCam provides device security, defense against viruses and malware of all sorts, tracking of lost or stolen equipment, etc. Including online security, a password manager, a smart firewall, and antivirus scanning.

What is Norton 360 Standard?

One of Norton 360's entry-level plans is Norton 360 standard. It is a reasonably priced package. It was designed for clients or users who wanted to shield just one device against malware. since just one device is intended for it. Any type of device may be used, including Windows and Android. Additionally, it offers a solitary secure VPN connection. Cloud backup up to 10 GB is offered by Norton 360 standard. Like the Norton 360 plans, the basic one provides internet safety.

Device security and a password manager are features of the Norton 360 standard that allow users to conveniently save, create, and manage their passwords. There is also a Safe Cam function that notifies users if somebody tries to hack the security system. In the end, it prevents unwanted access. Between users' PCs and all the other machines, a clever firewall is built. It is successful at stopping illegal traffic.

Artificial intelligence software is utilized by Norton 360 standard to monitor everything from PCs to viruses to the internet. Customers are also given access to a secure browser and a toolbar here. The Norton 360 standard includes several different sorts of symbols that let consumers know if a site is secure or not.

Norton 360 is intended to offer a comprehensive defense against malware and other dangers, as its name suggests. The fact that there are several software editions obscures the message somewhat, yet all of them share the same key security functions.

The Deluxe and Premium subscriptions cover five and ten devices, respectively, and add parental controls and dark web monitoring to notify you if your personal information has been compromised online. The Standard suite, which was tested here, only protects one PC.

These may all be purchased online for affordable costs. Although the Deluxe edition costs £19 and the Standard license costs £13 on Amazon, is the venerable Norton name still a suitable option for your online security?

Selecting the Deluxe edition increases it to 50GB while selecting the Premium edition increases that to 75GB. Even if it can't create a picture of your full system for disaster recovery, it's still a big advantage for the price. It's just a shame that this just backs up files and folders.

Norton 360 also comes with a fully working VPN. It isn't a very sophisticated service. It won't automatically activate when you connect to a specific network or disconnect you if the VPN connection drops. Nevertheless, it's a huge advantage to have servers in 31 different countries and no bandwidth caps.

Other than that, all of the anticipated features are provided. To prevent malware from infecting your computer, the software examines local files and websites whenever they are accessed. A separate webcam protection module gives you control over which apps may access your camera hardware.

An integrated version of Norton's free password manager is also included, allowing you to retrieve an infinite number of credentials on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android, and iOS. There is also a configurable firewall, however, it is hidden in the settings where busy users may never find it.

Overall, the feature set is strong. To guard against ransomware threats that could manage to evade Norton's scanners, we'd prefer if it included some form of active folder protection. However, as will be detailed below, this is a highly improbable scenario.

Norton 360 Review: Protection

Two independent security experts, AV-Comparatives.org in Innsbruck and AV-Test.org in Magdeburg, regularly test Norton 360. It gives us great pleasure to say that Norton breezed through the most recent round of testing, conducted in the first half of 2021, receiving a flawless 100 percent protection score from both laboratories against both common and brand-new "zero-day" threats.

But the news isn't all positive. Norton managed to stop every threat that was thrown at it, but it also amassed a shameful total of 22 false positives. That is among the worst security programs we've evaluated. Here, both F-Secure SAFE and Eset Internet Security scored a perfect zero, and even Windows Defender only issued five false alarms. You shouldn't have to question your security software, but it is simple to unblock objects that were incorrectly identified.

Norton 360 Deluxe is the ideal package for the majority of consumers. It includes a tonne of great features for up to five Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices. Some folks will select Norton AntiVirus Plus even though it only protects one device.

What is Norton Antivirus Plan?

The 1991 software version of Norton Antivirus includes Norton Antivirus Plus. The primary purpose of Norton Antivirus was to recognize various signature types and the viruses contained inside them. For phishing prevention and email spam filtering, Norton Antivirus was utilized. An upgrade to Norton Antivirus is Norton Antivirus Plus. It works with Windows, Linux, and Mac computers. Users who purchase Plus receive complete antivirus protection as well as round-the-clock customer service.

Users of Norton Antivirus Plus receive one exclusive benefit. Although people follow all the instructions, malware cannot be removed from their PC. Then, technical teams or professionals will remotely log in to the computers and fix the users' problems. If the problem is not fixed, consumers may even be given a refund. However, these are only possible if the Antivirus Plus package is consistently renewed.

Antivirus Plus offers online backup of up to 2 GB. It is seen as a wise decision. It has many other functions, like a Smart Firewall, backup, internet security, etc. However, operating Norton Antivirus Plus' UI might occasionally be challenging. It is a budget strategy all around.

There are several antivirus programs offered by Norton, all of which offer excellent defense against viruses, spyware, and other dangerous threats. The top Norton Antivirus plans that are currently for sale are listed below.

  • Norton Antivirus Plus
  • Norton 360 Standard
  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • Norton 360 With LifeLock Select
  • Norton 360 With LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Norton Antivirus Plus

The entry-level offering from Norton, Norton AntiVirus Plus, is the least expensive and offers the least comprehensive degree of security. There are several features included in this entry-level bundle. A sophisticated firewall, password manager, computer speed-up features, top-notch internet browsing security, and even a 2GB online backup are included. The price of Norton Antivirus Plus, a software program with a single-user or single-device license, is $14.99 for the first year and $59.99 for each additional year.

Norton 360 Standard

In addition to Secure VPN, PC SafeCam, and up to 10GB of PC cloud backup, Norton 360 Standard includes all the features of Norton Antivirus Plus. Although it may be the most basic plan in certain areas, it has more than enough protection against viruses and malware to safeguard any machine. For Windows, macOS, Apple iOS, and Android, Norton 360 Standard is also available as a single-user/single-device license. The first year is $34.99, and each additional year is $89.99.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Instead of just one device, Norton 360 Deluxe provides security for up to five devices. You receive everything that Norton 360 Standard has to offer in addition to a built-in VPN that functions on all five devices. The Deluxe edition also comes with parental controls, web content filtering, and GPS tracking. Additional advantages include dark web surveillance and up to 50GB of cloud storage. The first year is $49.99, and each additional year is $104.99.

Norton 360 With LifeLock Select

The Norton 360 LifeLock Select plan includes all of the features of Norton 360 Deluxe in addition to extras like the LifeLock Identity Alert System, Stolen Wallet Security, Million Dollar Protection Package, and Credit Monitoring, ID Verification, and Monitoring, as well as Monitoring and Data Breach Notifications. This subscription offers 50 GB of PC Cloud Backup and protects up to 5 devices. This plan is a great option if you are worried about your online privacy because of the added security and privacy precautions it provides. The initial year is $99.48 while subsequent years are $149.99.

Norton 360 With LifeLock Ultimate Plus

Norton 360 With LifeLock Ultimate Plus is the most robust and expensive Norton antivirus subscription. All of Norton 360's features, such as Identity Lock, Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts, Court Record Scanning, Home Title Monitoring, and others are included in the LifeLock Select Plan. It offers 5000 GB of PC Cloud Backup and limitless device protection. The price is $299.88 the first year, and $349.99 the following year.

Main Differences Between Norton 360 Standard and Norton Antivirus Plus in Points

  1. In 2007, Norton 360 Standard was made available. In 1991, Norton Antivirus Plus was made available.
  2. Cloud backup is limited to 10 GB on the Norton 360 Standard Plan. Only 2 GB of cloud storage is available in Norton Antivirus Plus.
  3. Norton Antivirus Plus does not provide a parental package, while Norton 360 Standard does.
  4. One secure VPN connection is included in Norton 360 Standard. VPN is not a feature of Norton Antivirus Plus.
  5. Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac devices may all use Norton 360 Standard. Only computers can run Norton Antivirus Plus.
  6. Norton 360 Standard features include SafeCam, Device security, defense against all malware and viruses, tracking down lost or stolen devices, etc. Online protection, a password manager, a smart firewall, antivirus scanning, and other features are included in Norton Antivirus Plus.


The entry-level plans of their products include Norton 360 Standard and Norton Antivirus Plus. Both are quite reasonably priced. Norton Antivirus Plan and Norton 360 Standard are components of Norton Antivirus and Norton 360, respectively. Norton 360 is a more recent antivirus program than Antivirus Plus. They are both antivirus programs.

Norton's antivirus product is no longer available. Norton 360 is still available. Other features like backup, secure cam, safe VPN, and virus protection are featured in Norton 36o since it employs artificial intelligence to safeguard its users. Norton 360 Standard is a decent alternative to the other two.


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