Difference Between Microsoft Edge and Chrome

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Difference Between Microsoft Edge and Chrome

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The world has grown so far in terms of technology that an abundant amount of information of anything there is; is just a few clicks away. Earlier, roughly around the 1960s, the internet was discussed by many MIT graduates and professors. But the World Wide Web started in 1991 and it kept on improvising to date it is still being updated regularly based on changes made by the owner of different internet streaming companies. Yes, there are more than one company that provides data online.

Lisp was the first code language used by professionals to run the internet or even to transmit the data/message from one point to another point. The C language, invented by BELL Labs, then entered the picture. Even the creator of the C language Dennis Ritchie said “C is quirky, flawed and an enormous success. While accidents of history surely helped, it satisfied a need for a system implementation language efficient enough to displace assembly language, yet sufficiently abstract and fluent to describe algorithms and interactions in a wide variety of environments.”

Later on, came Perl, PHP, and SQL which somehow changed the internet and technology for all. The list doesn’t stop their Ruby, Python, HTML, Java, JavaScript, C++ and many more programming languages are required for today’s internet to run smoothly and efficiently. The data available to us today on any browsing site be that may be Microsoft browse or a Google browser, the data/information available is in umpteen quantity.

Since we have discussed what the internet is and how it began with a small step and has grown to be a huge part of every individual who exists and will exist in the future. The Internet has undoubtedly changed the world, but the more important question is which of the company's browsers is the safest, most secure, requires the least amount of storage space, consumes the least amount of RAM, and runs smoothly. The search data page's UI/UX design is also the first thing we and the company noticed when working on their browser.

Microsoft Edge Vs. Chrome

How the browsing has changed in the long run is a different thing but what should look for from a browser in today’s world is one thing. Because the browser today is not just here to transmit data from one source to another it is used for numerous things it is part of our ever-growing society.

We transfer money, we transfer highly encoded company private messages, and many other things are been targeted on the internet which has weak security. So, we as a user of the technology should confirm certain things about the internet browser before we use them.

The two browsers which will be compared today are Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Both are equally popular browsing software and probably have millions and millions of users. Both are rated somewhat in a similar manner in terms of safety, security, speed performance, space storage and some other minor things which we will be studying in depth about both browsers. The two comparisons of this two browsing software are legitimate challenging in 2022. Although the core engine of both browsers is the same and some of the shared features are similar, some changes must be made and an infinite number of updates are released to keep a few minor things interesting for a while.

Nonetheless, the majority of MAC, PC, and mobile phone users prefer Google Chrome over Microsoft Edge. But does being user-friendly and popular make Chrome the best browser? Even though many of us have not used the most recent version of the Edge or have had negative experiences with it in the past, you will have to read this to see whether Edge is a worthy competitor for Chrome.

Difference between Microsoft Edge and Chrome in Tabular form

Parameters Microsoft Edge Chrome 
Popularity Comparatively less popular than Google Chrome. Hence the users are fewer. Highly popular and has more ultimately more users.
User in Percent Around 8% of the market uses Microsoft Edge as the Default browser. Around 70% of the market uses Google Chrome as the default browser.
Security Level Microsoft Edge takes security to the next level by having many layers of protection for the user. Google Chrome, on the other hand, provides and prioritizes as much security but there are very few layers of protection.
RAM consumption After several tests performed by the expert, it was seen that the Edge consumes less amount of RAM. Similarly, after several tests, it was seen that Chrome consumes more amount of RAM.
Immersive Reader Yes, the Edge comes with immersive reading functionality, which eases the reading experience. Chrome does not have the immersive reading functionality.
Search Engine The Default Search Engine of Edge is Bing. To access the information Chrome uses Google as a default search engine.
Syncing The Edge lacks to implement the syncing feature on multiple devices. Chrome makes it easier to sync data across various devices.
Alignment Tabs can be aligned both horizontally and vertically. The tabs can be aligned only in a horizontal manner.

What is a Microsoft Edge? 

Microsoft Edge is the official website of Microsoft Corporation and can be used by anyone. It was released in 2015 only for Windows and Xbox, but later on, it was enhanced to support all the operating systems.

Bing is the search engine used by Edge to access information. The tests performed on the Edge by experts proved that it is a smooth-running browser with almost lots of security layers. After restarting the Edge as new by clearing all the history, and cookies, and closing all the tabs, it was tested by opening several numbers of tabs and running the RAM consumption function. It was displayed that 2.5 GB RAM was being used by Microsoft Edge, while 60 tabs were open.

Of course, opening some of the websites at random is different from actually working on ten different websites. It also depends on the type of laptop and the different types of extensions we use.

The WEBXPRT 3 is the website which runs several real-time tests on the sites on which the Microsoft Edge scored 76, having the upper hand in Encrypted notes and OCR Scan test. Among all the six tests conducted by the website, the Edge passed all distinctively.

The Edge falls back in the category of Extensions. The number of extensions provided by Edge is comparatively less. And those which are available may cause some incompatibility issues, although with each recent update they are trying to provide more add-ons to improve Edge.

The security and privacy of the Edge are more comprehensible and responsive. Microsoft has looked and taken care that the user doesn’t have to struggle much with the security & privacy of the browser. There are three modes in which one can set the security system of the browser those are: strict, moderate, and off. It also gives you a brief explanation of how each option you choose would function.

Just because of the delayed release of the Edge by Microsoft company it is not as popular as Chrome because most of the Edge software is installed on iOS and Windows. Furthermore, as Chrome is installed and is the default browser on android and many other PC, it progressively became popular and user-friendly for people.

In future, if there would be growth in the iOS and Windows market Edge would surely gain success and would also become more adaptable.

What is Chrome? 

Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page back in 1988, but Chrome was later on created by Google LLC in 2008. It was initially, built for Windows at the start, and later on, it was made operational for all the other systems as well (Mac iOS, iOS, Linux, Android). Furthermore, Chrome was made the default browsing software for all the operational systems.

Google itself is the search engine for Google Chrome. The syncing of files in Chrome is far more compatible and reliable. Half of the work gets easier when you can share and/or can sync the data within the files to the internet or vice versa. Chrome takes the lead with this but falls behind with the RAM. Just as the test work was conducted on the Edge the same tests were conducted on the Chrome with same PC/MAC. It was found that Chrome consumes a vast amount of RAM, i.e. when 60 tabs were opened to function on Chrome, it was marked that 3.6 GB of RAM was being utilized.

Google Chrome gained its popularity because of Google LLC, and it was made the default browser, for most operational systems at a time. As aforementioned, WEBXPRT 3 is a website that conducts several tests on the website to check its compatibility. The Chrome scored 73 by passing just four tests out of six.

The Extensions and add-ons feature on Chrome is user-friendly and accessible. Google has made good progress in terms of providing well-ordered extensions to users. There are approximately 80% of Chrome users in the market, and everyone is concerned about the information they post on the site. When compared to simple Edge options, the security level is more concerning.

Of course, when you are on-site, you’d like to read the news, report, and do some other analysis, but Chrome doesn’t provide the function of immersive reading. The function makes reading effortless and relaxing. Chrome keeps developing and updating its minor functionality even to this date. And might even shock us tomorrow with the more useful and adaptable feature.

Main Difference between Microsoft Edge and Chrome in Points

  • The first and most important consideration is the level of security and dependability for the user. Whereas the Edge provides the contented security options, making it simple for the user to select the options. Chrome falls behind by adding several layers of security, making it difficult for the user.
  • The second item on the list would be the usage of RAM by the respective browser. It was found that when Chrome opened the same number of tabs as Edge, the RAM usage was higher. Chrome reported 3.6 GB of RAM usage for 60 tabs, while Edge reported 2.5 GB of RAM usage. This has a significant impact on both the operating system and the user.
  • The third feature is immersive reading. The Edge provides this function to the user to make the text more orderly for the user to read peacefully. Chrome does not have any of these options. Although recent Chrome updates included the "view simplified page" option, it is not as effective as immersive reading.
  • Google Chrome's search engine is Google LLC, which has provided good details and information in the past. Edge's search engine, on the other hand, is Bing.
  • The Edge comes with the new feature of alignment. Allowing the menu bar to appear vertical on the home screen gives more clearance. Chrome, on the other hand, doesn’t come with any of such functions. The menu bar appears only horizontally.
  • Because Chrome is the oldest, it has made significant progress in syncing data from one of its software to another. It makes it easier for any operator to perform. In terms of syncing data, the Edge lags.
  • Chrome has easy access to extensions and add-on features, whereas Edge is still developing in that area. The recent version does have extensions and add-on features, but they are yet to be perfected.
  • Last but not least, is the parameter of popularity. Without a doubt, it is obvious that Google Chrome is the winner for being the most popular browsing software since around 80% of the market uses Chrome as their browser. Edge is following up in the same place, and soon it might even catch up.


The results turned out to be quite shocking but there are no lies here. It’s important to remember that both browsers were tested and verified by experts in the field. Each of the browsers keeps updating & changing the little formats and even adding on some minor features.

As much as popularity is the factor it is also important for the browser to function properly and appear in a well-ordered manner. Additionally, it is also crucial to improve the RAM consumption parameter. Furthermore, syncing the files and folders is critical and equally important these days, which Chrome takes a step ahead.

But given all the factors, the Edge seems to be slightly won against Chrome. Providing so many options and making it effortless for any user should be the forte of any firm. Yet, the Edge lacks the fame it deserves, but in years to come maybe the tables can turn.


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