Difference Between Microsoft A3 and A5

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Difference Between Microsoft A3 and A5 Difference Between Microsoft A3 and A5

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Microsoft has become the cornerstone of the majority of educational institutions. Outlook is used for communication and scheduling. Word documents are developed and distributed. PowerPoint is utilized to create and deliver presentations. The list goes on. Microsoft Office is indispensable for academics. To execute everyday duties, every student, teacher, and staff member relies on Microsoft software. Therefore, educational institutions must be able to traverse the various Microsoft licenses and software packages efficiently. This Office 365 Educational License Comparison serves as a guide for Microsoft Educational Licensing, comparing the various alternatives to help educational institutions discover the best match.

Microsoft educational license enables educational institutions to provide Microsoft goods and services at a lower cost. When an organization agrees to buy in bulk under the terms of the agreement, they receive a flexible mechanism for obtaining the products and services they require for a tailored IT solution. With numerous licensing alternatives available, institutions should base their selection on their size and how they want to purchase the services. Microsoft's school licensing strategy has undergone considerable adjustments. The new Microsoft 365 school licenses come in three tiers: A3, A4, and A5. In addition, they are allocated depending on user categorization.

Microsoft A3 vs. Microsoft A5

The critical distinction between Microsoft A3 and A5 is that A3 contains all of the characteristics of A1 plus more, while A5 has all of the features of A3 plus more. Microsoft A5 security is far more stringent than A3. Microsoft A3 looks significantly less expensive than Microsoft A5. A3 from Microsoft is an updated version of A1. It has several other features. You will have complete access to the Office desktop applications if you select this option. The bundle will also include management and security tools. You will discover all of the features of Microsoft A3 in A5, as well as some new ones. Here, the security management features are superior. Microsoft intelligence will protect you from threats. The analytics systems have become more understandable as well.

Office 365 A3 - Includes all of the functionality of Office 365 A1, as well as full access to Office desktop programs and extra management and security tools. Office 365 A5 - Offers all of the functionality of Office 365 A3 (including Office desktop programs), as well as Microsoft's intelligent security management, enhanced compliance, and analytics tools.

Difference Between Microsoft A3 And Microsoft A5 in Tabular Form

Table: Microsoft A3 vs. Microsoft A5
Parameters Of Comparison
Microsoft A3
Microsoft A5
It has all of the capabilities of Microsoft A1 and more.
It has all of the capabilities of Microsoft A3 and more.
This license is suitable for small and medium-sized educational organizations.
This is a good option for medium and big educational organizations.
Microsoft Power BI
The Power BI service is not accessible in this location.
Power BI service is available here.
Advanced threat defense
It does not provide sophisticated threat protection.
It provides enhanced threat protection.
It is less expensive than the Microsoft A5.
The plans for it are more ambitious in comparison.
Microsoft a3 business-class email server with a 100 GB mailbox
Lobomail mailbox of 100 GB (accessed via Outlook on the web or the Outlook desktop/mobile app).
Designed for groups and networks
Live events and videos for up to 10,000 people can be held.
Each user can install Office on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and five phones.
Popular Office 365 services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Power Automate, and Power Apps are available.

What Is Microsoft A3?

Microsoft A3 is a more advanced and improved version of A1. More security features and administration tools will be available in A3. Publisher, Microsoft Access, and Bookings are included with Microsoft 365 A3. The business-class email will have a storage capacity of 100 GB. This program supports the complete installation of office software. You will receive all of the essential applications, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. It may be installed on a Mac, a PC, or even a smartphone. Every user will be able to install it on up to five devices. Each user will have 1 TB of primary storage. Users may use OneDrive storage to store and distribute files. All the applications are cloud-based so they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. One will also be able to cooperate using the current features. As a result, it is ideal for teamwork and network development.

Microsoft 365 Education combines Office 365, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Minecraft: Education Edition to enable educators to unlock creativity, foster cooperation, and deliver a simple and safe experience in a single, cost-effective solution designed for Education.

Microsoft 365 Education enables educators to unleash creativity, foster collaboration, and deliver a simple and secure experience in a single, cost-effective solution designed specifically for Education.

  • Office programs are available both online and on the desktop.
  • An email with a mailbox of 100 GB
  • With unlimited OneDrive storage, you may save and share files.
  • Email archiving and legal hold are advanced features.
  • Apps are available everywhere, at any time.
  • Never goes out of date since it is constantly updated.
  • A multitude of characteristics promotes teamwork.
  • Designed for groups and networks

Microsoft 365 A3 - Key Advantages

  • It contains Office 365 Education, Windows 10, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and other features (EMS)
  • Intune for Education, integrated with EMS, is mainly built for device management.
  • In addition to the capabilities stated above, Office 365 A3 provides the following:
  • Business-class email hosting with a mailbox size of 100 GB
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote are fully installed on up to 5 PCs or Macs per user.
  • Each user can install Office on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and five phones.
  • 1 TB of baseline storage additional 500 MB of storage per user for team sites

Microsoft 365 A3 - Features

  • Microsoft Office is included. Stay current with the most current versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote for Windows or Mac. Each user can install the Office programs on up to five PCs or Macs.
  • Office application mobile versions Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, fully installed and always up to date. In addition, each user is permitted to install the Office applications on up to five phones and five tablets.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise A3 is included. It is based and labeled on Windows 10 Enterprise and delivers enterprise-grade manageability and security for schools.
  • Minecraft: Education Edition has a code editor. Minecraft: Education Edition with Code Builder allows instructors and students to explore, create, and play in a Minecraft environment. Players may not only improve their computational thinking skills but also use their inventions across the curriculum.
  • Attuned to Education Schools may now acquire a simple but effective solution for controlling classroom device regulations, apps, and settings.
  • Calendaring and email Using Outlook and Exchange, you can communicate with customers and coworkers.
  • Tools for Collaboration and Learning Yammer, persistent chat, and instant messaging (IM). Microsoft Teams includes classroom experiences, professional learning communities (PLCs), and staff teams. Sway File storage, as well as OneNote Class Notebook. With 1TB of storage, you can manage your data from anywhere.
  • Licenses for Client Access Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server, Windows Server, Advanced Threat Analytics CML, System Center Configuration Manager CML, and System Center Endpoint Protection SL standard and enterprise CALs

What Is Microsoft A5?

Microsoft A5 is an improved version of A3. Everything from A3 is available in A5, and Power BI provides analytics tools. The A5 license gives you full access to all Office desktop programs. As a result, students and professors may successfully connect and collaborate. You will be given organizing tools comparable to OneNote.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams provides a digital workplace for discussions and collaborations. It may be used as an interaction tool by a school. It is compatible with Mac and PC, and a single user may log into up to five devices. The video conference is in high-definition resolution. Because the workflow is cloud-based, it is automatically updated. It will also allow you to evaluate MyAnalytics features to obtain insights. This edition also makes it simple to share your masterpiece. Not only is communicating with the organization simple, but it is also secure. You can create apps without writing code.

Microsoft A5 Benefits

  • The A5 license includes Office 365 for the web, which provides popular online programs like Outlook, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote (as well as full access to the Office desktop apps). Allowing students, instructors, and staff to collaborate, communicate smoothly, and produce beautiful content.
  • Microsoft Teams, a digital center that connects the conversations, material, and tools your school requires to be more collaborative and engaged, is included in the A5 for Faculty package. Additionally, schools may use SharePoint to inform and engage with communication and team sites throughout your intranet.
  • This comprehensive bundle also includes Forms-based self-grading quizzes, compliance solutions with a centralized eDiscovery center, and an enterprise video service for producing, monitoring, and sharing video security throughout a company.

The A5 license Includes the Following

  • Lobomail mailbox of 100 GB (accessed via Outlook on the web or the Outlook desktop/mobile app).
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Access are all accessible via Office desktop programs. In addition, your papers are saved in OneDrive so that you can access them from anywhere.
  • Popular Office 365 services such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Power Automate, and Power Apps are available.

Users with an A5 license can utilize these features to:

  • Install the Office desktop programs on as many PCs or Macs as the user desires.
  • Install Office apps on as many tablets and phones as the user desires.
  • MyAnalytics provides insight into advanced personal analytics.
  • Real-time co-authoring, autosaving, and simple sharing are available in your favorite online apps, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Utilize Microsoft Teams, your digital hub that connects the meetings, discussions, calls, information, and applications required for your school to be more collaborative and engaged.
  • Live events for up to 10,000 people can be held.
  • OneNote, your digital notepad, will help you stay organized.
  • Using SharePoint, you can inform and connect with communication and team sites throughout your intranet.
  • With a corporate video service, you can securely create, manage, and distribute movies throughout your institution.
  • Create applications without writing code to extend corporate data with bespoke web and mobile apps swiftly.
  • To automate business activities without writing code, use workflow automation across apps and services.
  • With HD video conferencing, you can effortlessly communicate.

Main Difference Between Microsoft A3 And A5 in Points

  • Microsoft A3 has all of the functionality found in Microsoft A1 and some additional features. Microsoft A5, on the other hand, has all of the A3 aspects and many more sophisticated parts.
  • Microsoft A3 does not have threat protection installation. However, Microsoft A5 has a threat protection structure.
  • Both pupils and faculty of teachers pay less for the Microsoft A3. However, in both circumstances, the Microsoft A5 is more expensive.
  • When it comes to security, Microsoft A3 will lose the race. A5 will. It has far more advanced features that operate well against cyber attacks.
  • Microsoft A3 does not provide Power BI capabilities; however, Microsoft A5, as an advanced model, does.
  • If you run a small or medium-sized educational institution, Microsoft A3 is ideal. However, if you have a substantial educational organization, Microsoft A5 should be your pick.
  • Microsoft A3 offers both online and desktop versions of Office products. In contrast, Microsoft A5 allows users to install Office desktop software on up to five PCs or Macs.
  • A3 Microsoft An email with a mailbox of 100 GB in Microsoft A5 and a mailbox of 100 GB in Lobomail (accessed via Outlook on the web or the Outlook desktop/mobile app).


Several tasks and communications must be completed in an educational institution. In most circumstances, communication between instructors and students is necessary, and Microsoft technologies come in handy. Microsoft's products have been the backbone of many academic organizations. Both A3 and A5 are members of the Microsoft family and perform well in their respective roles. So the issue is, which one should be picked if they are both from the same house? The user must assess their needs in this regard. If a user desires to purchase a subscription for a small or medium educational facility, Microsoft A3 is sufficient.

It will handle any requirements that may develop in the department. However, if the educational institution gets more extensive, more secure and functional software will be required, and Microsoft A5 will be more suited for this. The user's budget will also be considered while selecting a plan. Plans for subscription


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