Difference Between Google and Bing

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Difference Between Google and Bing

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In a world of high-speed internet, every single individual is aware of the presence and meaning of the famous and the largest search engines, Google and Bing or Microsoft Bing. Google and Bing are both considered the largest search engines that are in their constant business of satisfying users’ informational wants and needs every second, every minute, and every day.

With the increasing work and efforts put forward by Microsoft, Bing is now the top contender for the position of Google, and looking at the way Bing is evolving, one could state that Microsoft is after the dominant title and is willing to work their sweat out to make Bing reach on the top-up list.

Google vs Bing

The main or key difference between both Google and Bing is the difference in their keyword searches. As a marketer, it is important to understand the working of keywords on the platform that you’re opting for. Both Google and Bing offer tools for keyword research that help marketers to connect to their audiences and be intact with their competitors. When it comes to the key difference between both search engines, Bing has a lower search volume capacity than the mighty Google.

Difference Between Google and Bing in Tabular Form

Parameters of ComparisonGoogleBing
Keyword SearchesThough one-third of the American population uses Bing, Google is more popular than Bing in many forms.Though one-third of the American population uses Bing, Google is more popular than Bing in many forms.
PopularityThough Bing scores a second position in popularity, it is known for its financial and retail services. The majority of the traffic is gained by Bing is in these two fields.According to the information gathered from Statista, Bing scores fairer in searches as compared to Google.
TrafficThough Google holds the position of highest in popularity, it lacks resources when it comes to banking services and also shopping. Yet, Google has the highest traffic as the majority of the population tends to use it.Because of its popularity, Google stands the highest rank in terms of reach and is used as a standard search engine by almost the majority of users.
ReachAs compared to all other search engines, Google is the most expensive of all.Due to its lower popularity than Google, Bing's reach as a search engine is not in the top position.
CostAccording to the data in hand, Bing is making its way to being a top contender to Google.Because of various factors such as low traffic, less popularity, and short reach as compared to Google, Bing faces less market.
ExistenceGoogle is the search engine of the Google company itself.Bing is the search engine of the company Microsoft.
EvolutionAccording to the data in hand, Google is still the top search engine.According to the data in hand, Bing is making its way to be a top contender to Google.

What is Google?

We all use search engines for various needs of ours but have you once stopped your continuous typing while searching and raised the question as to which search engine you’re using and why? If you ask me, I use Google. And why I use it because I’ve never really used any other search engine rather than it. 

Google for users around the world is almost second nature. We often use the phrase, “I’ll Google it” in short, it means you’re going to type in your query in a search engine, and your choice of that search engine is Google! For us, ‘Googling’ is the answer to all our questions whose answers we seek for. And this explains the mighty universe of Google.

Google stands as the senior of all the search engines existing at the present stage is the search engine of the Google Company itself. It’s an American company that was founded in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and is now famously known as the world’s largest search engine. Originally established as a search engine, Google has now entered into varied domains that include cloud computing, software, and hardware, and it has also launched its first phone called Pixel.

Features of Google

Google isn’t only about search engines but also includes other important and intriguing features that make it a successful platform.

Google Account: Google Account is a user’s personal account that gives certain access to Google’s owned services. The first step toward creating a Google Account is to sign up and Google proceeds to create a free account for its users.

Gmail: The Google Account created by the user is its own personal Gmail which has independent storage of 10 GB. 

Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud storage service, and a user should have a Google Account to avail of this software service. This particular software helps the user in many ways that include sharing files and other important applications such as Google Docs. 

Google Calendar: As the name suggests, it’s a time management application that helps to manage time with the help of the internet as everything is stored online. Again, this requires a Google Account too.

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a web browser that is specially developed by Google and requires a Google Account to log in, which is not mandatory. According to the data for 2020, Google Chrome has ranked 3rd after Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. 

Google Maps: Google has gained a flawless fandom after the launch of the Google Map Application. It offers street maps and a guiding route by foot, car, bike, and train. The advantageous part of this application is the satellite image that helps to detect the smallest shops and walk trails. 

Google Translate: A multilingual free tool that has saved people from the problems of not understanding foreign languages. Google Translate translates words, sentences, phrases, and other text from one language to another, which formerly supports 65 languages. 

What is Bing?

Bing is known as a tough competitor to the gigantic Google and is often ignored or looked upon because of the presence of Google’s enormous shadow on top of it. To be honest, most of the users might not even be aware of the search engine called Bing or are aware but might have never used it in their life. But it’s not the fault of Bing; there’s nothing wrong with it. As said earlier, the presence and exertion of Google are so intense that it’s hard to get rid of habitual activities and for most users, Googling is a habit that is almost difficult to change.

What we know presently refer to as Bing was first denoted as ‘Microsoft Bing’ until October 2020. Most of the population, however, believe that Bing is an acronym for ‘Because It’s Not Google’ but there are no particular shreds of evidence to support the case. However, the name ‘Bing’ does hail from a campaign in the early 1990s followed by its predecessor, Live Search.

Features of Bing

Marketers and businesses ignore Bing because of its low market rates that are produced after comparing it with Google. But in reality, Bing includes several cool features that you won’t find anywhere else, and they are easy to use.

Bing Homepage: Bing Homepage is the epitome of creativity as it flashes a new stunning image every single day along with other stuff that includes trendy searches, shopping, news, and images that are related to travel, entertainment, and many more. Its main purpose is to serve as your personal daily inspiration for a positive start.

Bing Videos: We often fall for the wrong thumbnails thinking that it’s the desired video that we’ve been looking for, but then it turns out to be a whole different thing! But with Bing, that’s not the case. Bing serves its users with an option of Smart Motion Preview, which helps you float over a video and watch a preview. Thus saving your precious time as well as your precious daily data.  

Bing Local: As said earlier, Bing is known for its vast searches of social and local businesses with the action button in place to get the work done quicker and easier. For instance, if you’re on a search of a local restaurant, then the searches may offer you various links to the menus, posts by customers, customer reviews, maps, and many more aspects with a one-click direction.

Bing Music: For all the music lovers out there, Bing explores and provides a platform for trendy music with a category that expands from bands, artists, and solos. It also serves its music fandom with soulful videos, mp3s, albums, and autobiographies. So look no further because everything you need is in one place!

Bing Maps: Google gives you a plethora of Mapping on your devices, and Bing is not behind either. Bing offers a developed variety of mapping systems in terms of shopping malls. With this feature, the user gets access to individual shops in the mall, along with parking spaces, ATMs, and various entrances and exits. Thus for a shopping enthusiast, Bing is a far better option to use rather than Google.

Bing Events: Bing is now sharing a partnership with FanSnap, thus allowing both their users to search, compare the ticket prices with other sites, and book them for various events.

Main Differences Between Google and Bing (In Points)

  • Both the individual search engines have their very own algorithms that they follow. When it comes to Google, its algorithm provides keywords, content quality, and an appropriate link profile. On the other hand, Bing holds into account social search results which are its plus points. In short, if you need specialized or high-quality information, then it’s Google you should opt for, but if you are looking for restaurants or salons that are visited by your neighbours, then it's Bing you should go with.
  • Due to the different algorithms followed by them, it turns out to be a task to rank the same position on both search engines. For example, if you happen to rank among the top 5 of Bing searches, that doesn’t mean you’re going to rank in Google's top 5 too. You might not even rank 100 on Google.
  • Since Google has the most powerful market research, nothing can beat it, but this doesn’t mean that Bing has no tail of its own! Bing has its strength in Facebook integration which makes the market that is been shared on Facebook in the form of location, posts, or status has an advantage of gaining more traffic. For users, it suits reliable for them to trust a review on Facebook by their friends than the advance reviews given by specialized accounts.  
  • Where Google tops the market and sponsored list, one cannot turn a blind eye to the complexity of Google’s algorithms which are difficult to maintain. On the other hand, Bing’s video search results are far grander than any other search engine as it displays thumbnails with an enlarged view and serves its users with a preview option.
  • It’s the second nature of users around the world who are caught up with their habit of ‘Google it’ rather than ‘Bing it’. Even the tone of the phrase sounds off, and this itself states their differences.


Where we can say that Google is a huge mountain, and it ranks higher than any other search engines that are compared to it, there’s no doubt that Bing is trying its best to hold its position of beta and slowly finding its way to give a competition to the alpha, Google. Google also enjoys the plus point of being in the game long before Bing, as it has been around a decade before Bing. There are also results where Bing has produced better results than Google and has also received a position as a good substitute for Google. 

Though Bing is making its way to being a top competitor to Google, Google is still the top search engine, with the majority of users accessing it and adopting it as a trusted search engine at an increasing speed. However, Bing is similar to Google in most of the senses and works the same as it, users seem to stick with what they have used ever since, and that’s Google. 


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