Difference Between Download Manager and Download Accelerator

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Difference Between Download Manager and Download Accelerator

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When downloading files via websites, the use of download managers and download accelerators is useful. Both have grown in popularity because of their aid in the complete downloading process. For those who aren't experienced with the internet, other users may be confused about which is which.

The term "download manager" refers to an application that downloads possibly unrelated standalone documents from the Internet to be stored. A few download managers may be utilized to accelerate downloads by downloading from multiple sources simultaneously. While web browsers can include download managers as an option, they differ from them in the sense that they don't prioritize precise, complete, uninterrupted downloads of information.

A download accelerator can boost the speed of a download by connecting to one website multiple times. If your connection to the internet is slow, downloading accelerators will not be very useful to you. Since downloads are divided into multiple threads instead of one, the Download Accelerator software lets you download any type of file with ease and at the highest speed.

Download Manager vs Download Accelerator

The primary distinction between a download manager and a download accelerator lies in the fact that a download manager can be described as a tool that is intended to simplify downloads and make organizing easier for the user, while a download accelerator can boost the speed of downloads by establishing multiple connections to one website. Each link downloads a separate part of the download.

Difference between Download Manager and Download Accelerator in tabular form

ParametersDownload Manager Download Accelerator
MeaningDownload Manager is a software program designed to make the process of downloading, managing, and saving files simpler.A download accelerator improves download speeds by making multiple connections to one website. Each connection downloads a specific part from the downloaded file.          
ScopeTo oversee the entire process            Increase the speed of download.
Features Capable of pausing and restarting large downloads of files and scheduled downloads.It makes use of multipart to boost speed, creates multiple connections, divides the files into smaller chunks, and can download a file at once from multiple sites, etc.          
UploadingPossible            It's not possible.
Co-RelationA majority of them come with the ability to download an accelerator.They don't have the download manager.
Connect QualityDo not be limited by poor connections.Limited by the speed of the connection.

What is the Download Manager?

The download manager is a program that assists users in downloading standalone files from the internet. Its capabilities do not limit themselves to downloads; it can upload files at times. The Download manager is comprised of many small files. A download manager typically helps in recovering from problems without losing any data or completed work.

Download managers can also perform multi-source downloads. Because it downloads different elements from various websites, multi-source download is superior to downloading acceleration. This way, you are able to take advantage of the limitations that each site has to meet and download content as fast as your connection will allow.

A download manager is a software application that manages the downloading of files via the Internet. It is possible to integrate it into the Web browser or run it in a separate, usually more robust manager.

It is the download manager amenity that knobs lengthy HTTP downloads. Patrons may demand a URI that will be taken to a stated destination file. 

The download manager holders HTTP dealings and challenges to repeat transfers in the occurrence of let downs, on the web, or unfluctuating after a restart though in the background.

It also allows downloading large documents to internet users, resumes damaged downloads, restricts downloading capacity, automatically navigates sites to access particular content, and even performs frequent updates to downloads.

These download management tools that are easy to use can be used when used with browsers on the web. Traffic shaping, scheduling, virus detection, and cataloguing are just a few of the options.

Many download managers come with features that speed up downloads by taking care of multiple parts at once.

Types of Download Managers

Download Manager for Free

The Free Download Manager is a sort of downloader for Windows that utilizes a complex system that makes the download process very fast. It cleverly speeds up downloads by breaking the files into smaller pieces to make the downloading process more efficient.

But the Free Download Manager knocks it off the mark with its ability to let users easily stop and restart their downloads while on the move. One of its greatest selling features, according to us, is its compatibility with torrent files.

This, in conjunction with the incredible capacity allocation, makes it among the best free download management tools that have been available to Windows users in recent times.

The Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager prides itself on being among the first download management programs that truly perfected the art of automatic identification as well as the capture of video content from websites.

When you install the program on your computer, it seamlessly integrates with your Chrome browser. All you have to do is to activate the IDM extension within the settings of your browser.

When it is activated, the program will automatically detect videos and files to download from your browser and prompt users to restart the downloading process with one click. Alternatively, you can simply copy the link to the movie you want to download into the IDM dashboard.

To enhance the software's attractiveness, it lets users pause and re-start the download process.

Ninja Download Manager

Best for Simultaneous Downloads of Multiple Files.

We should begin our review of Ninja Download Manager with how visually appealing the application is. It has, in my opinion, one of the finest interfaces among the other tools that we have reviewed. In addition to the interface, it is also a leader in its capabilities.

The first thing we discovered fascinating about this software is the ability to simultaneously download several files. It also breaks the files into smaller chunks so that the downloading process is much quicker.

Additionally, you can view your file even as the download is going on. Other features, such as downloading schedules, resumes, pausing downloads, and more, are also available, much to the pleasure of users.


Ideal for no-ads, free downloaders.

JDownloader is over and above in its appearance of being as if it's genuinely charitable to its users. It's open-source, accessible for free, and does not rely on ads, which can compromise the user experience. These tools are very few and hard to come across.

In terms of its capabilities, it allows you to download files from nearly all online content platforms. You can pause and resume downloads, plan your downloads, and set bandwidth limits to modify the settings for downloading.

The thing we find most attractive is the plug-ins JDownloader lets you use to enhance your experience. There are over 300 plug-ins that you can utilize to enhance the quality of JDownloader's capabilities.

Eagle Get

It is best for its built-in malware checker.

EagleGet is a program that focuses on speed and security for all kinds of downloads. It works seamlessly with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to aid you in downloading files.

Utilizing multi-threaded technology, the tool is able to accelerate your connection and allow quicker downloads. Additionally, you can also stop or resume downloads, schedule downloads, and easily manage them using this program.

The built-in malware detection tool adds an extra layer of security to your device, informing you ahead of time whether your downloaded file is infected with malware that could be harmful to your system. This kind of warning goes quite a ways toward making you more prepared for the most severe.

What is a Download Accelerator?

Many people are using their current internet connection, but speedier connections require more than this device. But, the download accelerator will ensure that the speed of the download will increase. The program typically searches for mirror websites, which can be very helpful in downloading. The program can also be able to recover from shut-downs, failures, or even lost connections.

Download accelerators have almost vanished as they were absorbed into download managers. Even though they work more effectively as download management tools, many applications still bear the name "download accelerator." The Internet Download Accelerator stands out and is notable for its impressive overall performance and user-friendly interface.

The Internet Download Accelerator greatly accelerates downloads of files via the Internet through the HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols. The acceleration process is accomplished by splitting the downloaded file into multiple sections and downloading them all simultaneously. The Internet Download Accelerator restores broken downloads that were downloaded from HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers where they started.

To increase usability, the Internet Download Accelerator replaces the normal download modules found within Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Safari, and Yandex. Vivaldi, the browser, and various other browsers. In addition, the software scans the clipboard of the system and searches for URLs on it. It is possible to utilize IDA in order to save and download videos downloaded from various video streaming services.

The Download Accelerator uses multi-part downloads to increase download speeds by making many connections to various parts of a file. Download Accelerator Plus functions by breaking the files into smaller pieces and then searching for faster mirrors in real-time. It is also able to download files from several locations simultaneously.

Types of download accelerator

The Internet Download Accelerator

It is the best choice for resuming broken downloads as well as having the ability to integrate multiple browsers.

The Internet Download Accelerator earns its place on this list mostly for a vital reason. It addresses the issue of restarting downloads that have been interrupted. A damaged file caused by interruptions in downloading can be very annoying, particularly when you're dealing with a large file.

The Internet Download Accelerator fixes this issue by assisting you in downloading files that fail during the downloading process for some reason or other. Furthermore, it allows you to easily connect to your browser, enhancing the speed of downloads.

Its ability to seamlessly integrate with various browsers is what draws us in. Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, etc. are able to easily allow this program to perform its magic.

Ninja Download Manager

Best for Simultaneous Downloads of Multiple Files.

The first thing to do is that we should start our discussion of Ninja Download Manager by just how stunning the application is to view. It is arguably one of the most beautiful interfaces of any tool that we have reviewed. Beyond the interface, however, it is also a leader in the way it performs.

The first intriguing thing we discovered about this program is its capability to simultaneously download several files. It also breaks these files into small pieces so that the downloading process is much more efficient.

In addition, you are able to view your file even as the download is going on. Other features such as downloading schedules, resumes, and pausing downloads, as well as pausing downloads, are also included for the enjoyment of users.

Main differences between the Download Manager and the Download Accelerator

  • A download manager is software designed to facilitate downloads, and organize and save documents easily. Download accelerators improve the speeds of downloading by creating multiple connections to one site. Each connection downloads a specific portion of the downloaded file.
  • The primary function of the download manager is to aid in managing the entire process, and the primary function of the download accelerator is to speed up the speed of downloading.
  • The advantages that the software offers include the ability to stop and resume downloads of large files and scheduled downloads. The advantages associated with a download accelerator include that it utilizes multipart to speed up downloads and creates multiple connections. It also breaks down files into pieces that are smaller, allows you to download a file at once from multiple sites, etc.
  • Uploading is available in the download manager but not in the download accelerator.
  • A majority of download managers have an accelerator for downloading. But, the reverse isn't true.
  • One disadvantage of using an accelerator for downloading has to do with the fact that they are constrained to the speed of the connection. It's not the same as a download manager.


Both the download accelerator and the download manager are effective methods for getting documents from the internet. The download accelerator's primary goal is to speed up downloads and speed, while the manager for downloading, as its name suggests, oversees every step of this process. The download manager also has the ability to upload files, while the other one isn't able to.


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