Difference Between Cisco SNT and Cisco SNTP

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Difference Between Cisco SNT and Cisco SNTP

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Given how much depends on your network, even a minor problem can significantly impact your clients, staff, and revenue. From the time you first buy a Cisco product with our core services to technology renewal and beyond with our high-value services, Cisco Customer Experience (CX) offers the support you require. Your company's lifeline to customers and suppliers is its IT infrastructure. Therefore, maintaining good network service levels while cutting expenses and growing your network as your company expands is essential for business success. You may achieve these goals with Cisco Smart Net Total Care and our other guiding services.

An American international technological conglomerate firm with its main office in San Jose, California, is called Cisco Systems, Inc., or just Cisco. Cisco creates, produces, and distributes networking gear, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech services and goods. Cisco is essential to the development of Silicon Valley. With cutting-edge technologies like Webex, OpenDNS, Jabber, Duo Security, and Jasper, Cisco is a leader in specialized tech industries, including the Internet of Things (IoT), domain security, videoconferencing, and energy management. With $49 billion in annual revenue and close to 80,000 people, Cisco is one of the biggest technology businesses in the world, coming in at number 63 on the Fortune 100.

Cisco SNT Vs. Cisco SNTP

Cisco SNT, which stands for SMARTnet, is a standard service. Still, Cisco SNTP, which stands for SMARTnet Premium, is a premium solution that provides additional benefits, including more professional options and standard products at a higher cost. In addition, the multi-award-winning Cisco SMARTnet Solution provides 24/7 access to TAC experts and Cisco.com services to its customers' IT staff. As a result, you receive the devoted responsibility you require and the prompt, knowledgeable reaction to tackle significant network challenges. Thanks to this, your company operations are constantly available, secure, and operating at peak efficiency.

For the SMARTnet premium solution, use Cisco SNTP. It is incredibly comparable to SNT and offers all the advantages of Cisco SNT along with other features like replacement components supplied in the smallest amount of time. Expect a response time of two hours for advanced replacement parts every day of the week, including Cisco-observed holidays.SNTP denotes that this appliance is covered for support for three years. SNT stands for Smartnet and P for Premium. This ONLY refers to the hardware and any pre-installed software, such as the iOS version. This excludes any further software add-ons. The replacement time frame for the unit is 24x7x4. Any time throughout the coverage period, this gadget will be replaced within a 4-hour timeframe. OS stands for Onsite. This denotes that an experienced engineer will bring the gadget, replace it, and configure it (if supplied by the customer). Be cautious of the use case as there is a cost premium for the Onsite component of it.

Difference Between Cisco SNT And Cisco SNTP in Tabular Form

Parameters Of Comparison Cisco SNT Cisco SNTP
Definition This technical assistance service gives businesses access to knowledgeable Cisco resources. It offers premium features, including a quicker response time, and is a comparable technical support service to SNT.
Hardware substitution Around ten days There are around 7 hours in a day.
Equipment Protection Coverage for a subset of equipment Coverage for all machinery
Engineer on site selection Inaccessible with SNT In conjunction with upscale services
Reaction Time Less than 4 hours Less than 2 hours
Full-Form SMARTnet is referred to as SNT. SMARTnet Premium is what SNTP stands for.

What Is Cisco SNT?

Customers get access to Cisco SNT's expert assistance, licensed participation in Cisco Interaction Online, sophisticated system maintenance, and application updates and patches. In addition, customers with access to internal maintenance resources can use SNT from Cisco Systems, which offers services tailored to their maintenance requirements. To achieve the following objectives making all of Cisco's knowledge, applications, and assistance available to its customers on-demand; delivering rapid response and high customer satisfaction; increasing user productivity; and significantly lowering the cost of doing business SMARTnet Cisco's solution is based on the company's concept of breaking down traditional business boundaries.

The traditional Cisco post-sales service, Cisco SmartNet, is marketed as a product and supplied by Cisco to the end customer directly. There are three contents in SmartNet:

  1. RMA exchange for hardware.
  2. Cisco TAC assistance.
  3. Updates to Cisco IOS and other programs.

These three items are all provided to the user directly by Cisco. This implies that you would receive these services straight from Cisco regardless of whatever Cisco reseller or partner you purchased the Cisco SmartNet from. Such a service model could, of course, only be used in the white market. To access this assistance, the SmartNet service contract must be registered on the Cisco Service and Contract Center (SCCT) tool under the end user's Cisco.com (CCO) account. In addition, the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) experts and Cisco.com resources are directly accessible to your IT team at any time through the award-winning Cisco SMARTnet Service. As a result, you get the quick, knowledgeable response and committed responsibility you need to fix urgent network problems.

The following devices are supported at the device level by Cisco SMARTnet Service:

  • Global access to expert engineers in the Cisco TAC at all times, 365 days a year.
  •  Anytime access to the enormous Cisco.com online knowledge base, resources, and tools.
  • Options for replacing hardware include a return for repair, 2-hour, 4-hour, and Next Business Day (NDB) advance replacement (RFR)
  • Continuous updates to your operating system software, including minor and major versions that fall inside your license feature set
  •  Real-time notifications and proactive diagnostics on a few devices with Smart Call Home.

Additionally, the Cisco SMARTnet Onsite Service option offers a field engineer to install replacement components at your location and provide maximum network performance.

Cisco SNT Advantages

  1. Customers select SMARTnet primarily because of the quick, knowledgeable service they receive from Cisco TAC and their award-winning technical support staff. Anytime something goes wrong, no matter how small or significant, Cisco TAC is here to assist you as soon as possible.
  2. Service coverage management: If you are an IT professional for a large firm, you are aware of the challenges in knowing which devices are covered. With your SMARTnet subscription, you have access to a portal that offers you excellent insight into your installed base and enables you to confirm that business-critical assets have the necessary coverage to meet operational requirements and corporate guidelines.
  3. Security and product alerts: You must remain current with the most recent information to guarantee that your network is constantly operating correctly and safely. You will automatically be notified of notifications that pertain to you and your network if you have a SMARTnet contract. These include pertinent hardware and software announcements, service availability warnings, and actionable security alerts. You may pick which notifications you want to get and which ones you don't thank for their customizability.
  4. Product lifecycle management: Effective planning is another beneficial aspect of Cisco SMARTnet. An essential component of network administration is lifecycle management. Utilizing the portal may considerably enhance your planning skills and lower the likelihood of mistakes. For example, determining which contracts are due for renewal is simple, facilitating budget planning.

What Is Cisco SNTP?

The Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) synchronizes a network device's system time with a selected SNTP server. The Universal Time Clock is utilized by an SNTP server (UTC). The globe regulates its clocks and time according to this standard coordinated time. SNTP helps with administrative tasks by ensuring that events are logged with timestamps from a single source. An accurate insight into the timeline of events may be found in the collection of synchronous network events.

SNTP denotes that this appliance is covered for support for three years. SNT stands for Smartnet and P for Premium. This ONLY refers to the hardware and any pre-installed software, such as the iOS version. This excludes any further software add-ons. The replacement time frame for the unit is 24x7x4. Any time throughout the coverage period, this gadget will be replaced within a 4-hour timeframe.OS stands for Onsite. This denotes that an experienced engineer will bring the gadget, replace it, and configure it (if supplied by the customer). Be cautious of the use case as there is a cost premium for the Onsite component of it.

Process Of Cisco SNTP

Customers sometimes feel they do not need to worry about SMARTnet if they are covered by SWSS (Software Support Service), which is a widespread fallacy. It is essential to understand that SWSS only applies to software. SWSS enables you to call Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) for assistance with related problems or to update the program's most recent version while it is covered. However, the gadget is not covered by SWSS! If a failing device is the only one on which SWSS is installed, you will not be entitled to a replacement. A replacement is only available under an SNT or SNTP contract. To use this service, you must be connected to an SNTP server. You do not need to do these actions if you enabled another internet time source that is enough for your requirements. No matter what time source you use, it is advantageous for authentication to function if every client uses the same internet time source. The time settings would be an excellent place to start debugging if clients are having problems logging in.

Objectives Of Cisco SNTP

Cisco SNTP offers industry-leading core capabilities and processes, which develop and alter in response to changing client needs. Using a unique technique, premium products, services, and procedures are improved as a result of customer feedback.

Customers may contact Cisco knowledge around-the-clock, seven days a week, thanks to the comprehensive self-help technical support resources offered on Cisco.com as part of the customers' SNTP Service agreement. In addition, using automated troubleshooting tools, in-house IT staff may quickly resolve various issues online, saving significant time, effort, and money.

Advantages of Cisco SNTP

  • Applications that enable billing services must precisely understand the time to give straightforward and error-free charges.
  • If timestamps in logs are off, it may be challenging to track security breaches, network traffic, or problems impacting a large number of components. In addition, the ability to translate an event on one network node to a similar event on another is frequently dependent on time.
  • Financial services, such as transactions, demand exact timekeeping, which the law requires.
  • When the timestamps on files and logs are all in sync, it is considerably simpler to investigate occurrences involving many computers or network/security devices.
  • Authentication systems like Kerberos, for instance, access to systems and resources is controlled via dated tickets.
  • Stock exchange Given the constantly changing events in this industry, interactions, and transactions demand rigorous temporal synchronization.
  • Coordinated timings are necessary for distributed operations to guarantee appropriate sequencing.
  • The precision of timestamps is also essential for network management and acceleration systems to assess performance and address issues.
  • Regardless of the computer, the filesystems are on, modification timings in shared file systems are crucial to preventing misunderstanding.

Main Difference Between Cisco SNT And Cisco SNTP in Points

  • Technical support services are offered by Cisco SNT and Cisco SNTP, although SNT is the entry-level package, while SNTP is the premium package with extra services including speedy replacement and support.
  • While SNTP users can benefit from renewable contracts that users or customers can arrange in advance, Cisco SNT users must acquire their licenses after a limited period and come with a 90-day contract.
  • SNTP offers premium assistance with a response time of around 2 hours, compared to Cisco SNT's more excellent response time of approximately 4 hours.
  • Innovative service diagnostics and warnings are not included with SNT services but are available to SNTP users with full access.
  • In contrast to SNT Premium or SNTP users, who have full access to onsite engineers on a preferred basis, SNT users can only access onsite engineers if they are available at that specific location.


Cisco Systems is an IT and networking company focusing on switches, routers, cybersecurity, and IoT. Its logo can be seen on virtually every conference or office phone. Although Cisco is a well-known company, there is still some mystery around the brand that makes people ambivalently happy yet want to learn more since some aspects of Cisco, including the brand name itself, are unknown. Cisco's services are first-rate and ought to be picked after careful evaluation. Cisco is known for providing top-notch customer service. Only Cisco has received CTSS certification for exceptional customer service 14 times. Other Cisco services include technical support, advanced hardware replacement options, extensive self-help, and clever features that boost support staff efficiency.


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