Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

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Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

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Marketing and advertising is an important part of selling the products. Marketing of the product is as important as building products. Advertising is a part of marketing. And, it is the vital factor that plays a role in the production and sale of products.

Marketing is the method of making people know about products and their quality. It is used to sell products, information and ideas.

Marketing vs. Advertising 

Marketing first researches the market to know the demand for products. Then, it creates a place in the market for products. The main aim of marketing is to create a place for products in the market.

While advertising is just a part of marketing. And, the main aim of advertising is to do promotion for products. Advertising is a milestone in increasing the demand for products.

Difference between marketing and advertising in tabular form

Parameters of comparison Marketing Advertising
Definition It is the method of selling products, information, and ideas It is a part of marketing that seeks public attention
Focus point Making a strategy to make a place for the product in market To make people aware about the product
Aspects 6 Ps- product, price, place, people, promotion, process Promotion of products
Main areas of working Research, strategy making, sales, public relations, customer services, distribution, advertisements Digital advertising- paid promotion, display sheets, videos and articles, social media

Traditional marketing- print, television, outdoor hoardings, etc.

Term Long term Short term

What is marketing?

Marketing is the strategy to sell a product, idea or information. It can be done in various ways. Whether advertising, public gatherings, organization of events, and many more.

When a company makes a product, their first task is to inform the people that you are making a product. Marketing is the method to do this. It helps to make more and more people know about the company. For doing so, it uses several tactics. A combination of different tactics is known as marketing.

Branding is one of the best examples of marketing. Top brands use standard methods of marketing. These standard methods are customized uniforms and apparel, quality assurance, brand value, etc. Brands have completely different types of marketing.

Marketing is often related to the emotions of the people. It directly connects them. The value of the product depends on the type of emotions it creates in the mind of people. For example, brands like Coca-Cola connects with people. Hence, even following a different strategy creates different emotions in the people.

Marketing is not just one thing. Rather, it is a combination of different things. Generally, this is connected by retailers, wholesalers, and companies. And, at a different level, different methods are used for marketing. For example, the manufacturing body uses advertising as a marketing strategy. While, a retailer shop or wholesaler uses discount sales return policies, guarantee, easy exchange, etc. as their marketing strategy. Word of mouth is the standard way for a retailer or a wholesaler.

The main purpose of marketing is to attract customers. People come to buy products only when they know about the product and find it better than others. Marketing works on both parts. One, to make people know about the products and second, to tell them how these products are different from other products.

Marketing is not just about telling people. It also involves research carried out to know how to make products even better. This is known as market research. It is conducted to understand the position of products in the market and how to improve these positions. It also involves understanding the needs of people and how a company can contribute to meeting those needs.

Segment of marketing

The major segments of marketing are B2B marketing and C2C marketing.

B2B marketing

B2B marketing is done in between businesses. In simple terms, the market strategy carried out to allure other businesses is called B2B marketing. It is done by those who have to sell their products to other businesses. Some of these businesses are

  • Spare parts
  • Equipment
  • Raw materials
  • Packaging industry
  • Basic industries

B2B marketing involves four major involvers in it. They are producers, resellers, government and institutions.

Producers involve B2B marketing because they have to buy raw material for their own productions. For example, toy industries seeking plastics and metals take toys.

Resellers are the people who resell the products. For example, various e-commerce sites buy the products to resell them on their sites.

Next is the government. The government also buy products through business 2 business. It often works as an indirect connector between a few industries and customers.

Finally, institutions buy products to meet their primary needs. For example, schools and colleges buy benches, computers, printers, dresses, etc.

B2C marketing

In B2C marketing, companies directly allure the customers to buy their products. Companies involve different tactics to attract their customers. It might be various things. Like, advertising, events, talking to people, etc.

Earlier, these things were done for resellers or wholesalers. But today, e-commerce sites have revolutionized the area. Now, companies directly get involved with individual customers.

This method proved to be beneficial for both companies and consumers because it reduced the in-between costs required to be paid at every stop earlier. But now, since it is directly between the companies and customers, a lot of costs get reduced, and customers get products at a low rate.

Marketing also involves two minor segments that are rare to be used. They are C2B marketing and C2C marketing.

C2B marketing

In this system, the customers propose something that is availed by big organizations and companies. It is unusual and cannot be detected most of the time. It means the consumers create the products and sell them to the companies.

C2C marketing

This is a simple method in which one recommends someone a product or propose to sell the products to other people. It can be considered as a part of the word of mouth strategy. The ultimate benefit of companies in these tactics is that they get free advertisement.

What is advertising?

Advertising is simply the method to tell people to buy products. And, it can be told through various ways. Telling people seems to work on smaller platforms. But advertising is about promoting products. Companies use various methods and platforms to advertise their products. The most common platforms of advertising are mass media; television, newspaper, posters, books, magazines, etc. Today, the internet has come as a revolution in the advertising sector.

The internet consists of various websites. The companies show advertisements on these websites. Since most people today are suffering through the internet and hence a lot of websites are too. It proved to be an effective method of advertising. In fact, it was the most impactful method of advertising. The AI systems show the products that are prevalent to the person’s needs and wants. This strategy has a major effect on the people.

The main purpose of advertisement is to convert the people either into a customer or into leads.

There are two segments of advertisement. One is commercial advertisements and other is non-commercial advertisements.

Commercial advertisements are done to attract people to buy their products. Different methods like TV ads, posters, newspaper columns, website pop-ups, etc to make people know about products. The main motto of these advertisements is to generate income. In this method, both platforms and companies remain in profit. Because companies make remarkable growth through advertisements, they pay the platforms to show the advertisement of these products. And this payment is the largest source of income for these platforms.

Next is, non-commercial advertising. These advertisements are done to create awareness among people, promote political parties, deliver information about the government’s projects, etc. These advertisements are made mostly through charity or government funding. And, they do not aim to sell any products.

Types of advertising 

They are mainly two branches of advertising. One is traditional advertising, and two is, digital advertising. In traditional advertising, platforms like television, newspaper, magazines, posters, banners, etc. are used. However, in digital marketing internet sensations are the only way to advertise.

Digital marketing has recently been developed since the internet came into being. But it is cheaper and more effective than the traditional method of advertising. The only problem was that the internet hasn’t reached the total population of the world. But traditional methods can reach everywhere.

Paid search advertisement

Paid search advertising is an important sector of advertisement. In it, companies pay the search engines to show their advertisements. However, money is not the only factor that contributes to it. Different methods are used to show advertisements at the top of the search engines. This method is known as search engine marketing. Keywords are used to increase the rank in search engines.

The best part of these advertisements is that the companies need to pay only when the customers click on the advertisements. This is known as a pay-per-click system. This method plays a significant role for small businesses.

Social media advertising

Social media is a bit more relaxed than paid search because it doesn’t involve search engine result pages ranking.

Social media is one of the places where a large population of the world suffers every day. The advertisements in these platforms are easy to reach. Also, using UTP, the most trafficked place can be scanned to know which platform is generating the most income.

Also, different social media have different types of people. People on LinkedIn and Facebook are not the same. The advertisements posted by the companies should meet the needs of all types of audiences. Customized advertisements are also a good option in social media advertising.

Native advertising

Native advertising is more than just advertisements. It is a method to connect with the people, to solve their problems, to complete with them. It is in the form of videos and articles. Attending a form of rhythm and pattern, this advertising doesn’t create a distraction in the mind of people like pop-up advertisements. Instead, being in the form of videos or articles gives a feeling of connectivity and rhythm to the people.

It is an effective method to give people information about any product. It is also used to make people alert about new information and updates in the products.

Display advertisements

These are small pop-ups in the margins of websites in the form of images, short videos, animations, gifs, etc. Display advertisement creates an instant urge to people to know about the advertised products.

However, this method of advertisement was in charm in previously. Now, people click on the pages just to know about the products. Also, people have learned to ignore these display pop-ups.


Print advertising is one of the oldest methods of advertising. Pictures or graphic designs are used to convey the message to the customers. Popular methods of print advertisements are

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Posters and banners
  • Directories
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail (postcards and letters)

Understanding the type of the product and choosing the platform accordingly is crucial in print advertising. Different print advertisements create different sensations in the mind of people.

Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is simply advertising outside the home. Many companies put their hoardings in the way to shop and also outside their shop. This is an effective way to make people know about the presence as well as advertisement.

Difference between marketing and advertising in points

Marketing is based on research, while advertising is based on promotion.

  • Marketing helps to create a demand in the market, and advertising tells people how to fulfil their demand.
  • Various aspects of marketing include research, production, promotion, distribution, customer services, etc. While advertising is just about promotion.
  • Marketing is a long term strategy to ensure the place of products in the market. However, advertising is done only for short intervals of time. Also, the technique of advertisements keeps on changing from time to time.


Marketing is an important aspect of the production and sale of products. It plays a deciding role in keeping the demand for products in the market. And, advertising is an excellent method to do this task. Advertisement helps to communicate the products with people. A person knows about the merits and demerits of products only through advertisement. However, the method of working of both marketing and advertisement is different from each other.



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