Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

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Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

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An incredible highlight of the modern world is marketing. Offering something is a description of marketing that most people use. But in reality, though, it refers to luring customers while educating them about the latest and oldest things available. Everything, not only the goods, may be marketed. A variety of methods for the training of people on a specific subject are used, and two aspects can be described in one way or another: traditional and online marketing.  Traditional and digital marketing methods strive to achieve this same objective, though they have different ways of doing it.

Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing uses the traditional method of advertising such as billboards, newspaper advertisements, periodical journals, etc. on the other hand, digital marketing uses modern techniques of advertising which uses online platforms and internet-based techniques. The digital method is more capable of attracting customers' attention in contrast with traditional marketing. Compared to the rapid and evolving capabilities of Digital Marketing, customer engagement capacity in Traditional Marketing is very weak."Flexibility" is also one of the grounds on which a distinction may be drawn between traditional and digital marketing. In digital marketing, the required changes are easier to implement in a shorter period.  In contrast, traditional marketing does not allow for change in terms of needs and thus imposes a high degree of rigidity. With numerous distractions available in the present environment it is hard to gain the customer's attention. With traditional marketing strategies, customers can't switch from one brand to another. Due to its longevity, traditional marketing leaves a lasting impression on the target population.

 Digital marketing, however, does not give off this appearance, which explains why it constantly modifies the techniques it employs.

Difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing in tabular form

Parameters of comparisonTraditional MarketingDigital Marketing
MeaningTraditional marketing is a technique that uses the old ways of reaching out to a customer.Digital marketing uses online modes of marketing to reach the target audience.
4 p’s of marketingTraditional marketing follows 4p’s of marketing that are Product, price, place, and promotion.          Digital marketing does not follow the old 4p of marketing
Customer engagementThe rate of customer engagement is low.The rate of customer engagement is quite high.
FlexibilityTraditional marketing is not flexible as the mistakes once done cannot be corrected.The mistakes incurred can be alerted easily in digital marketing.
Budget-friendlyTraditional marketing is budget-friendly as the expenses are very less.     Digital marketing is not budget friendly as the expenses are very high

What is Traditional marketing?

In layman's language, traditional marketing is said to be done offline. Traditional marketing is a very practical and realistic approach. When there was no internet there was no online platform for the marketing. The only mode that prevailed in the market for promotion activities were billboards, brochures, newspapers, magazines, etc. We can say traditional marketing is the first marketing approach. The conventional method is into existence for a long time and the procedure has proved to be a very trusted and used method. The core element in traditional marketing is the "people".A thorough study was initiated for an explicit type of consumer and a specific range of products. After conducting research potential customer group was segmented and then targeted into different groups.

Traditional marketing focuses on the 4Ps of marketing given by McCarthy. The 4Ps include Product, Price, Place, and promotion. Although these 4 Ps have now become 7Ps or 8Ps. While the 4Ps may have evolved into additional Ps, they still serve as a fundamental framework for marketing strategies.

There are many different ways available in which traditional marketing can be done. We will discuss some of the traditional ways of marketing which are as follows:

Broadcasting on the large platforms

Broadcasting means conveying a message to a large group of people simultaneously. Typically, television, radio, and other forms of popular media are used to communicate the message that needs to be transmitted. People get easily attracted through these modes of communication.

Print media and advertising

The print media comprises newspapers, magazines, journals, and gazette magazines. It is possible to target the reading community in society with the help of print media. Much effort is required to make print marketing successful. Even some companies post advertisements regarding vacant positions for employment.

Telemarketing of cold-calling

Telemarketing is also known as cold-calling. In this type of marketing the marketing team fills the potential customers with the necessary details of the product. Through this method of cold-calling companies built a strong relationship with the customers. We have often witnessed cold-calling strategies from b2b companies or b2c companies.

Mail marketing

Sometimes when people show interest in a product the companies send a direct mail regarding the particular and related product to attract the customer. Even at times, companies provide customers with huge discounts and profits to lure them. Not-for-profit organizations rely heavily on mail marketing to raise funds.


We will be discussing some of the prominent features or characteristics of traditional marketing which are as follows:

  • Traditional marketing can be well used for customers who are fond of window shopping. The large banners, attractive print advertisements, and banners attract them to the product.
  • Traditional marketing techniques help to build the audience through the mediums like television and radio.
  • By making advertising methods more successful for long periods of time, this marketing strategy enables businesses to reduce costs.
  • One of the best qualities of traditional marketing is that they support window shopping. Retailers use mannequins to attract people of all styles.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is that part of marketing that influences consumers through the internet. Digital marketing uses those techniques that are implemented through the vast network of online platforms and with the help of social media strategies. The marketing uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other mass media platforms to generate traffic. In simple words, we can say that it uses digital channels. The other name for digital marketing is internet marketing. Digital marketing is considered a part of marketing. We are aware of the areas that marketing is capable to cover. With the enhancement of technology and the advancement of the customer group, the digital market has widened its horizons. Digital marketing has become an important aspect of marketing on its own with the growing popularity of social media culture and online platforms. People are much more advanced and aware than before concerning their buying behavior.

Digital marketing is considered to be very interactive with the users. It is popular as digital marketing uses the internet as a medium to promote products. It is popularly used to target a special segment of the market. Some big companies even use more than one method to increase their customer base with the aim of profit maximization.

 We're going to go over some of the most popular types of digital marketing that are very commonly employed worldwide in order to get a customer's attention.

Types of Digital Marketing

The types of digital marketing are discussed as follows:

Search engine optimization

The technique of marketing is commonly known as SEO. The SEO works in such a manner that it will use such keywords that popular search engines will show your content at the top of search results. It can be done in two types. One by organic search which is purely based on the quality of the content. Another method is buying the rank in search results, which is quite expensive.

Pay-per-click advertising

The pay-per-click method is usually known as the PPC method. It is an expensive method and only high-profile and big companies can afford it; Companies such as Google, Yahoo, Meta, LinkedIn, and Twitter can afford PPC advertising. Through this method, traffic can be increased on a particular website. It’s a paid method in which payment is done for each click.

Video Marketing

Using engaging visual content to promote products or services is an effective strategy known as video marketing. To do this, videos must be made, optimized, and shared online in order to reach a larger audience. Many companies use free video editor to improve the effectiveness as well as the standard of their videos. This procedure maximizes the impact of content by enabling personalization, effects, and fine-tuning before sharing it across many platforms.

Content marketing

The main aim of content marketing is to attract customers with the content of their advertising; Along with the content the marketing emphasized the quality of the product. content marketing can be done through podcasts and webinars. Content marketing not only helps in attracting a potential customer but also helps in customer engagement and retention. The aim is to convert a potential buyer into a permanent customer.

Meme marketing

It's the latest strategy of marketing used by companies to gain popularity through social media platforms. Companies such as Netflix use their content to create memes to attract their target customer. People get easily influenced by memes, especially youngsters. Meme marketing involves "humor" to target the customer.

Influencing marketing

Influencing marketing is also known as affiliated marketing. In this marketing type of digital marketing, the influencers promote the other brand products on their page. Influencers are paid handsomely for their work; Many companies have started using this technique to gain a bigger consumer segment. Popular celebs and people with good public image are used for the endorsement of a product. usually, people with huge social media followers are selected for influencing marketing.

Further, we will discuss a few features of digital marketing.


  • Digital marketing provides abundant opportunities for customers and that too at their convenience.
  • The efforts that have been pulled to make an advertising campaign successful can be measured on a real-time basis without any extra effort or resources. The results can be measured on many different basis.
  • The tactics that a digital marketer pulls to attract a certain segment of people can be easily tailored according to the preference of the parties.
  • The advertising keeps on changing with the change in the needs and wants of the customers. New modifications are done to hold on the customers with the particular product or brand.
  • Digital marketing is a very sustainable method that includes the proper utilization of resources.
  • Communication between the end user of the product and the product is possible in digital marketing. That results in easy feedback for the producer. With critical analysis, the producer can improve his product.

Differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital marketing in points

  • Traditional marketing is the oldest form of marketing which uses old marketing techniques and tactics while digital marketing is the new and advanced form of marketing which is done through internet-aided devices and platforms.
  • The primary 4ps of marketing are used in the traditional form of marketing such as Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Whereas digital marketing does not revolve around the 4 Ps of marketing.
  • The engagement of customers is more in digital marketing in contrast with traditional marketing where there is poor customer engagement although the effect of marketing is for longer duration.
  • The traditional mode of marketing is expensive although it offers results for an infinite period. But digital marketing is more effective and budget-friendly.
  • Digital marketing coverage is of a global level whereas traditional marketing's reach is up to the local level.
  • The outcomes of traditional marketing cannot be measured easily. Whereas, the results from digital marketing can be measured on a real-time basis


In light of everything that has been discussed so far, we can easily conclude that traditional marketing and digital marketing have a high range of differences. One is the oldest yet expensive. While other is modern and still budget-friendly. The primary basis of the difference between the two is the marketing medium. Digital platforms and traditional techniques are used by digital marketing and traditional marketing.

With the coming of digital platforms and the wide popularity of digital platforms, it is not stated that traditional marketing has become obsolete. Traditional marketing is still in use as all people are not available online to be influenced by social media strategies. That's the reason, companies use a mixture of traditional and digital marketing to attain the dual benefit. One should maintain the balance between traditional and digital marketing. To not miss out on huge opportunities it will be a mindful decision to choose according to the customer segment and position of the business organization.


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