Difference Between Meesho and Myntra

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Difference Between Meesho and Myntra

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Our Technology is updating in a very fast way to take advantage of all new things and to provide more convenience to people. Now, everyone wants to avoid going long distances to purchase things. Technology has made it easier for them through Meesho and Myntra. Meesho and Myntra are two online shopping platforms through which people can select whatever they want, and after that, they will deliver the product to their doorsteps. People are very much familiar with Meesho and Myntra. With the new technology updates, they took every possible step to update their applications.

Meesho vs Myntra

The main difference between Meesho and Myntra is that Meesho plays the role of the vendor for some people who want to earn something by allowing them to resell its product. In contrast, Myntra is an online fashion shop that offers its products directly to its customers. Both e-commerce business offers a wide range with every rate of products from low to high, not just for one income group but for whole income groups. Both have their pros and cons, but they have achieved a lot of success in their fields after being each other’s competitors.

Difference Between Meesho and Myntra in Tabular Form

Parameters of ComparisonMeeshoMyntra
FoundersThe founder of Meesho Vidit Aatrey established it in 2015.The founder of Myntra Mukesh Bansal established it in 2007.
HeadquartersThe headquarters of Meesho is situated in Bangalore, India.The headquarters of Myntra is situated in Karnataka, India.
FacilitiesMeesho also plays the role of facilitator for others to sell their products and earn money.Myntra is an Indian e-commerce brand that offers products related to fashion and lifestyle.
CostMeesho is comparatively cheaper when compared to Myntra.Myntra is expensive in comparison to Meesho.
Shipping DaysMeesho consists of different sellers who take more time to deliver products.Myntra comparatively delivers in a short period.

What is Meesho?

I am sure that everyone is aware of Meesho because of its success. Meesho was designed by two IIT Delhi Graduates named Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. Meesho is an Indian brand that that comes up with lifestyle and beauty products and promises sound quality at affordable prices too. Meesho is an independent startup. It also promises fast delivery to its customers to avoid any mishaps.

One beneficial motive behind this is that it encourages women to earn by offering them the option of reselling their products through different social media networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Sometimes, it acts as a middleman for selling products. Women also can start from zero. They don’t need any type of capital or investment. Meesho also allows small businesses to buy and sell their products. These motive has attracted a larger audience towards them.

The cost of products available in Meesho is less. It also acts as an advantage of using Meesho to buy products for customers. It is also tied up with different logistic partners who are trustworthy to deliver their products safely to customers all over India. As Meesho does not have any inventory or storage. Having an inventory can also save the problem of late delivery.

Meesho App

For a wonderful user experience, the app Meesho is designed in a very convenient way to provide a wonderful experience. Customers can shop for anything from the app without any kind of long-distance travel. Just make sure that you download the meesho app from your Play Store. It is claimed that it has connected more than 13 million entrepreneurs on its app. App of Meesho is built in India only. Along with we can also track details about our orders on the app, and we can return the product if there is any issue in the product or can exchange it with another product.

Products Offered

  1. Beauty and Healthcare Products
  2. Bags and footwear
  3. Women's ethnic wear
  4. Women's western wear
  5. Jewellery and Accessories
  6. Bags and Footwear
  7. Home and Kitchen
  8. Kids Products
  9. Mens Product
  10. Electronic
  11. Personal care and wellness

Business Through Meesho

Some small businesses also have an opportunity to collaborate with Meesho and can earn profits. Along with it, they can provide a wide range of variety to their customers. Meesho gives a complete portion of the commission to their suppliers without deducting any price. Resellers don't need to take any concerns related to delivery as it is free of cost.

Services Offered

Along with selling products, it promises smooth delivery of products along with expected delivery dates. Customers have the advantage of tracking their orders as it provides complete details. If any issue is there in the product, it offers services of exchange or return of products with some online process. After the return of the product, the amount will be transferred to their linked bank accounts. All these services make the user's shopping experience wonderful without any worry.

Meesho Work Culture

Meesho has now adopted a work-from-office culture in June 2023. It encourages new talents and gives the shape of their careers by providing them with a good work culture that helps them maintain a work-life balance. The total number of employees working from Meesho is 8038. Meesho also gives them a fine salary package with a lot of facilities.


In the year 2021, Meesho received awards for top downloading apps, which ensures its high growth. It offers 50 Lakh items along with 650+ categories of products so that customers can choose their products easily. Meesho has delivered its product in 26,000 different pin codes, which is a great achievement. Myntra has a total of 33 million downloads, and active users are in millions.

What is Myntra?

Myntra is a fashion e-commerce brand founded by Mukesh Bansal in the year 2007-08, only to sell personalized gift items. But, later in the year 2014, Myntra was taken over by Flipkart. In its initial phase, it only operated with the B2B Model. It started with selling personalized gifts like T-shirts, mugs, etc. in the years 2007-2010. After that, in the year 2011, Myntra started selling fashion and lifestyle products on their website. Everything changed in the year 2014, as it was acquired by Flipkart by two of the shareholders Tiger Global and Accel Partners, with a value of 2000 crores.

Myntra contains all the different brands with the purpose of wider choices in the range of products with 100% authentic products. In Myntra, you will never find the same repeated products. It gives smooth delivery of products to win customers' trust. Myntra has amazing social media marketing tricks along with advertisement ideas to generate more and more customers. However, it does not resell its product to resellers. It only focuses on its target audience.

In comparison with any other shopping platforms, Myntra takes a shorter period to deliver its product. Myntra now has 17 different brands under it, like Roadster, HRX, Moda Rapido, etc. Businesses can also sell their products and can earn a profit. Myntra also has better inventory facilities to stock its products to initiate fast delivery. The current CEO of Myntra is Nandita Sinha, from 01 January 2022.

Myntra App

Myntra joins hands with different brands to offer an exciting range of lifestyle and beauty products in their app. This app was originally designed in India. Customers can easily download it from the Play Store of their cell- phones at their fingertips. At present, more than nine million people have downloaded the Myntra app. The Myntra app provides many discounts, bonus points, and offers on delivery charges along with the benefits of Myntra Insider. Customers also have the option to redeem their points on Myntra Insider. By uploading an image of the product, you can easily find out the product in the app.


Myntra is an online website that has products related to the lifestyle and beauty products of different brands. Even businesses have the benefit of selling products on their website. Myntra has deals with thousands of national and international brands. The following brands are under Myntra.

  1. Tokyo Talkies
  2. Roadster
  3. Nike
  4. Jack & Jones
  5. H&M
  6. Levis
  7. Chemistry
  8. Moda Rapido

Quality of Products

Myntra has a strict and good inspection process, which can assure high-quality products to its customers. It gives from bottom to top quality and price products to its customers for all income groups. Customers have the benefit of exchanging or returning products. If there is any problem with the product, you can also lodge a complaint to solve the issue. After the return of the product, the amount paid will be sent back to their linked bank accounts. It also organizes sales to attract customers through discounting the prices of the products. Myntra also imposes strict inspection of products for quality checks.

Delivery of Products

New customers who order for the first time in the Myntra get free shipping without any charges, irrespective of what product they buy. After that, the minimum cart price is Rs.999. After that, you will get free shipping. Myntra takes 5 to 7 days minimum to deliver your product and ensures contactless delivery. There are a lot of payment options available, like cash on delivery, Internet banking, etc. Myntra doesn’t accept a product with broken tags while returning the product.

Review of Products

Customers who are happy and fully satisfied with the product tend to give reviews about the products in the Myntra app only on ratings of 1 to 5 as according to themselves. Some customers also upload their pictures while using the product in the app to show examples and to encourage new customers about the products. It is an innovative market technique that enhances the value of the brand.

Payment Options

Myntra facilitates almost every payment option to its customers for a great user experience and to avoid any inconvenience.

  1. Cash on Delivery.
  2. Debit Card.
  3. Credit Card.
  4. Equal Monthly Installments (EMI).
  5. Internet Banking
  6. UPI.

Myntra Work Culture

Myntra employees get a lot of benefits like insurance etc. The working environment of Myntra is highly appreciated. Myntra gives good salary packages along with other added benefits to its employees. The company’s Policies are changed every year. Myntra employees also maintain their work-life balance properly.

Main Difference Between Meesho and Myntra in Points

  • Myntra is a standalone e-commerce website that offers a variety of lifestyle and beauty products, and Meesho acts as a facilitator between resellers and small businesses to execute the process of selling the products.
  • Myntra was founded by Mukesh Bansal in the year of 2007, while Meesho was founded by Vidit Aatrey the year of 2015.
  • The headquarters of Myntra is located in Karnataka, India, and the headquarters of Meesho is located in Bangalore, India.
  • Myntra has 33 million users, whereas Meesho has 100 million users.
  • Myntra has always designed its sales according to its target customers, and Meesho acts as a link between resellers and customers.
  • Myntra has the option of inventory to store its goods, and Meesho does not have an inventory system to store its products.
  • Myntra delivers its products in a shorter period, whereas Meesho takes a longer time to deliver the products.
  • The products of Myntra are expensive, and Meesho offers its products cheaper.


Almost everyone has installed Meesho and Myntra on their cell phones because everyone loves shopping. Meesho and Myntra are both Indian brands of e-commerce websites that have amazing reviews with millions of active users. They offer almost similar varieties of products, but the difference is about their qualities which attract customers the most. They are continuing to update themselves to be the best in these races.

Meesho has one superpower of giving earning power to its customers. Women are attracted to it the most. Both Meesho and Myntra have customer support as they take action on their every escalation. Meesho and Myntra both have the best reviews from their customers. Meesho offers low-quality products when compared to the products of Myntra. Customers can prefer both Myntra and Meesho for different products as both have their pros and cons.


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