Difference Between IBM and Accenture

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Difference Between IBM and Accenture

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The two top-ranked quantum computing equities, IBM and Accenture, are well-known consulting firms with extremely different market dynamics since the lockdowns were implemented worldwide. IBM and Accenture are the market leaders for IT services on a global level.They are a reputable IT services company that seeks to innovate to benefit how we live and work. The quick development of the Internet, social media, and smartphones has brought the IT revolution. Global IT behemoths eager to add value and innovate are driving this shift.

With the lion's share of the global IT market, multinational corporations like IBM and Accenture are at the forefront of this revolution. They are the leading players in the IT industry, and the media follows them everywhere they go in their nations. Accenture, on the other hand, is primarily an IT services firm, but IBM is a multitasker with hands in several industries and more workers. Both are international service-based businesses with strong brand values. Cloud computing, AI, the Internet of Things, digital workflows, and cybersecurity are just a few of the services offered by IBM. Revenue from platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery methods are all included in its business model. In addition, employing IBM technology guarantees businesses will rely on IBM consultants and technicians.

 Although Accenture is a well-known business consulting firm, its income increased most in 2020 from technological services. It received 55% of its income from this source, with the other 46% coming from business process improvements, 32% from strategy and consulting services, and 12% from other sources. Accenture, like IBM, is putting its future in the cloud as its primary priority.

IBM Vs. Accenture

Accenture and International Business Machines Corporation vary primarily because Accenture is a service-oriented information technology company. In contrast, IBM operates in various industries, including cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and business (Global management consulting firm). Both companies are technological behemoths with enormous staffs. The International Business Machines Corporation, usually referred to as IBM, is a sizable multinational corporation (MNC) in the information technology industry that works in a variety of fields, including data and analytics, commerce, and so forth. They sell hardware in addition to offering information technology services. At IBM, Arvind Krishna serves as CEO. Its main office is in the American city of Armonk, New York.

Clarence DeLany founded the company Accenture. One of the top IT behemoths, Accenture, is based in Dublin, Ireland. They have a sizable workforce working for them and are more of management consulting IT organization. They offer BPO services in addition to services including digital, operational, and strategic services.

Difference Between IBM and Accenture in Tabular Form

Parameters Of Comparison IBM Accenture
Foundation In 1911, Charles Ranlett Flint established it. In 1989, it was formed.
Product lines Its product offering spans several industries. It is not primarily a producer of goods.
Revenue US$73.62 billion as of 2020. $50.53 billion as of 2021.
Operate A global enterprise in the IT sector. It is a business that offers expert IT services and consultation.
Headquarters The company's main office is in Armonk, New York. The company's main office is in Dublin, Ireland.
Established IBM was established as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company in the State of New York . When Arthur Anderson was an accounting firm, Accenture was its consulting division.
Services IBM provides a broad range of goods and services that cover several industries. Accenture is primarily a provider of technology consulting services.

What Is IBM?

The headquarters of IBM, a leading provider of information technology, are in Armonk, New York. For a variety of clients, including companies in the industrial and utility sectors, IBM, one of the major computer manufacturers and sellers in the world, provides hosting and consulting services. On June 16, 1911, the Computing Scale Co. of America, the Tabulating Machine Co., and the International Time Recording Co. of New York merged to become IBM, then known as the Computing Tabulating Recording Company (CTR). The organization's name was formally changed to IBM in 1924. Global Technology Services, Global Business Services, Software, Systems and Technology, and Global Financing make up the company's main business operations.

Charles Ranlett Flint, a well-known businessman, created it in 1911. Since that time, IBM has persisted in being a global innovator. IBM developed several products, including automated teller machines, floppy, hard discs, the SQL programming language, barcodes, and pioneered computer technology in the 1970s. Arvind Krishna is IBM's CEO and chairman at the moment. The firm now focuses on cutting-edge innovations, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Functions Of IBM

  • Users may build, maintain, and share an enterprise vocabulary and categorization system in a central catalog using IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary. It offers search, browses, and query capabilities while assisting consumers in comprehending the commercial significance of their assets. In addition, users may create asset collections and run lineage reports to look at data flow across assets using tools like IBM InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog (IGC).
  • IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary allows business analysts and subject matter experts to manage corporate vocabularies and information governance procedures. They can create a shared language between business and IT thanks to it. Users can specify connections between the vocabulary assets they generate and other assets in the catalog. As a result, all interested parties may easily understand and use the IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary (business and IT).
  • Metadata about information assets, other than language assets, may also be found in the catalog and metadata about vocabulary assets. Information assets include implemented data resources such as database tables and columns, ETL activities, profiling processes, routines, and functions. Usually, these data resources originate from other parts, such as the IBM Insurance Information Warehouse.
  • IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary assists IT specialists in charge of compliance and governance efforts that call for lineage information by offering lineage reports and analysis. Such initiatives may include Solvency II, for instance. In addition, IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary offers impact analyses that illustrate how changes to information management settings will affect IT personnel.
  • Additionally, IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary enables business users to work with their IT teams and actively participate in information-centric initiatives. A more precise decision-making process and easier opportunity capture are the results of this degree of governance and cooperation. An organization that consistently understands information, what it means, how to utilize it, and why it can be trusted as a consequence.

Advantages of IBM

  1. Create a single language for business and control company viewpoints.
  2. Boost data governance and provide businesses with insight
  3. Boost confidence with integrated information
  4. Speed up the development of data solutions.
  • Organizations may model, relate, standardize, and integrate various remote data assets with the aid of IBM Cloud Insurance Business Vocabulary.
  • By giving people a solid foundational grasp of business ideas that can guide effective design for an enterprise data warehouse, you may simplify and speed up warehouse design, dimensional modeling, and change management.
  • By having a better grasp of current data assets, you can increase efficiency and cut down on time to market.
  • Data and integration design for business intelligence, master data management, and service-oriented architecture activities should be simpler and faster.
  • Utilize the full potential of data to encourage cooperation across roles, organizations, and life cycles and to unify process, application, and data architecture.

What Is Accenture?

One of the biggest information technology firms in the world, Accenture, is based in Dublin, Ireland. The IT juggernaut has over 120 global clients as of 2018 and net sales of over $39 billion. In the 1950s, the business began as the consulting division of the erstwhile Arthur Anderson accounting firm. Anderson Consulting is a division of Arthur Anderson that was established in 1989. Unfortunately, the separation caused several internal political and financial disputes between the two sides, resulting in a well-known arbitration and a total divestment of Anderson Consulting. As part of the arbitration settlement, Andersen Consulting's name was changed to Accenture. Additionally, that year saw the successful IPO of Accenture. Over the years, the corporation has expanded to employ more than 450,000 people globally.

Clarence DeLany created Accenture in 1982. Accenture is a portmanteau that combines many phrases that describe the goals of the business. The company's name emphasizes the future. In 2001, it went on the stock market. The business has now developed into a global organization. Accenture's CEO at the moment is Julie Sweet. The company's revenue as of 2021 is $50.53 billion USD. Its main office is in Dublin, Ireland. It belongs to the Fortune Global 500. About 150,000 of the company's workers are based in India.

Operations And Services of Accenture

The company is set up as follows:

  • Business strategy, technology strategy, operations strategy, as well as technology, business, and management consulting services, are all offered by Accenture Strategy and Consulting.
  • Mobility, analytics, and digital marketing services are offered by Accenture Song (previously Digital and Interactive).
  • Accenture Technology is primarily concerned with software, implementation, delivery, and research and development in the field of technology, including its Technology Labs for cutting-edge innovations.
  • Accenture Operations concentrates on providing services "as-a-service." This covers managed operations, IT services, cloud services, and business process outsourcing.

Accenture's Benefits for Employees

  • Working in a fast-paced workplace with the finest and brightest.
  • Several opportunities for training and technology education. Accenture genuinely provides the resources needed to advance professionally.
  • Being able to access a worldwide network of highly qualified resources
  • Managing clients with challenging business issues.
  • Exposure to top business strategies and first-hand knowledge

Main Difference Between IBM and Accenture in Points

  • Charles Ranlett Flint founded IBM in 1911. Clarence DeLany founded the business Accenture in 1982.
  • International Business Machines Corporation is the name of the company as abbreviated. Accent on the Future is how Accenture is defined.
  • A global corporation called IBM sells computer hardware, software, and other goods. IT service provider Accenture also offers management consulting.
  • IBM has a variety of products in a number of industries and has developed several new technologies. Accenture doesn't typically make any goods that are available for purchase.
  • By the year 2020, IBM will have a US$73.62 billion revenue. Accenture's annual revenue as of 2021 is $50.53 billion USD.
  • Accenture's workplace makes use of cutting-edge technology and resources to foster a positive and effective workplace culture that prioritizes team-based activities. They typically plan enjoyable events to unwind their staff while giving them plenty of chances to develop. Additionally, Accenture offices embrace eco-efficiency, which means they follow environmental design certifications to minimize their carbon footprint. The essential principles and values of IBM, a very big organization, have shaped its strong, pervasive culture, which is ideally aligned with the company's commercial objectives for leadership in the IT sector.
  • Contrary to Accenture, which primarily provides IT services, IBM works across a wide range of industries, including commerce, mobile, security, cloud computing, cognitive computing, Internet of Things, and everything in between. The worldwide management consulting and technology services company Accenture, on the other hand, provides high-quality services and solutions in the areas of digital technology, strategy, consulting, technology, and operations.
  • With its corporate headquarters in Armonk, New York, IBM is a global leader in information technology. For a variety of clients, including companies in the industrial and utility sectors, IBM, one of the major computer manufacturers and sellers in the world, provides hosting and consulting services. One of the biggest information technology firms in the world, Accenture, is based in Dublin, Ireland. The IT juggernaut has more than 120 global clients and has net sales of over $39 billion.


Both IBM and Accenture are B2B service providers that rule the market for IT services. IBM is a sizable firm with a broad range of services and products in a variety of industries, including big data, cloud computing, IoT, commerce, and computer hardware and software. Accenture is a prominent global provider of technology and management consulting services. Accenture is successful because hundreds of large businesses, including Fortune 500 and Global Fortune 100 corporations, have used computers and software on a widespread basis. In the IT and consulting industries, IBM and Accenture are major participants. Despite coming from various backgrounds, they all joined together to embrace cloud computing during the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses all across the world switched to a virtual business model and improved virtual tools for both clients and staff. Some of the big players that are the driving force behind innovations and services in our world are firms like IBM and Accenture.


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