Difference Between Bring and Take

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Difference Between Bring and Take

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Bring and take, these two words may appear understandable, but this is not as easy as it seems. There is a depth in interpreting these words and analyzing them differently. When someone asks you the meaning of these two words, you can answer easily in one word. You might even define them respectively, but what if someone asks you to elaborate on the rift between these two words. You might get confused, let us solve your dilemma and cut the crap. Here, in this article, there will be a discussion of how "bring" differs from "take". Let us start this.

Bring vs Take

Bring and take are two different words that consist of different meanings and hold different emotions too. Bring stands for " to carry something along with you to somewhere or at another place"; whereas take stands for "to hold something or have it". These two words are used from different perspectives, respectively. There are ample amounts of sentences carrying these words that are used by individuals.

Difference Between Bring and Take in Tabular Form

  Bring Take
  Means to transfer something from one place to another. Means to hold something with a purpose to keep it.
  It is a "doing verb". It is an "action verb".
  Objects are being moved with the help of someone. Objects are being kept for a while or forever by carrying or holding them.
  Example - Bring me a glass of water. Take this notebook and write down an essay.

What is "bring"?

Bring is a word that might be defined as " to fetch something from one place to another, especially can be called as bring" in one word. It is a "doing verb" which refers to the cause of the movement of any object or a person. When a person or an object moves toward something or somewhere with the help of another person, that is regarded as "to bring," and the person or an object that is being moved is called "being brought". The past form of "bring" is "brought," and the third form is also the same.

Following are the examples - 

  • Bring that crown for the king.
  • Bring it on. ( used as slang)
  • Bring her to the venue as soon as possible; she might be at her residence.
  • Bring the car, I want to go home.
  • Bring the doctor, there is an emergency.
  • Bring the dinner, I am hungry.
  • Bring your inner confidence back that was back then in our college days.
  • Bring your homework tomorrow.
  • Bring water to boil. ( in the context of making something to cause)

Examples of brought- 

  • He brought his notebook from Mayank.
  • A child has been brought back from the kidnappers by the brave policemen.
  • A R Rehman brought the auspicious era of Mohammad Rafi and Kishor Kumar.
  • He brought a cup of hot tea with cookies.
  • Sonia brought a tasty cake for her friends.

What is "take"?

Take is a word that can be defined as "to hold or carry something for a while or with a purpose to keep it with you", it might also be defined as " to carry someone to another place". It is an action verb in which actions are being done by the individual holding an object or carrying someone to the other place. Past form of "take" is "took" and the third form is "taken".

It is used with different perspectives in different places. Here are some of examples-

  • Do not take it for granted.
  • Take these torn pants and go stitch them.
  • I will take you to Mumbai with me; it is a beautiful city.
  • Take a bowl and pour milk into it for the cat.
  • Take a pen and write something down.
  • Take a glass of water and give it to your dad; he is thirsty.

It can be used in different other ways also.

For examples,

  • In the context of removing something - 

Take off your jacket, it is too hot.

  • In the context of capturing something - He is an aspiring photographer; he loves taking pictures of beautiful nature.
  • In the context of buying something - 

I love this bag, I take it from the supermarket only.

  • In the context of making someone understand - Don't take it seriously; I was just joking.

By adding a new word to " take ", we can have a new word such as - take + over - takeover (to surpass something or someone)

For example- Depression takes over our true selves.

Examples of took- 

  • He took me for a ride, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • I took this home-cooked food for you.
  • He took my camera without my permission
  • He took an argument to another level.
  • Sunita took her notebook and kept it inside her bag.

Examples of taken- 

  • He was taken for granted before he won the match.
  • He was taken inside the van by the kidnappers and then got saved by the policeman.
  • She has taken a cute little frock for her little cousin's birthday.
  • Rohit has taken a suitcase for travelling.
  • She has taken her poor results too seriously and has been working hard as hell without taking care of her health.
  • Rohit has taken her girlfriend for granted.
  • Sunita has taken a chance to overcome her fear and try skydiving.

Main Difference Between Bring and Take in Points

  • Bring is a doing verb, whereas take is an action verb.
  • Bring means to transfer something; while take means to get something that is being transferred to you.
  • In "bring", activity happens when an individual or an object causes itself to move from one place to another with the help of an individual, whereas, in "take", action is done by the individual holding or carrying the object.
  • Examples of bring-
  1. She brings her mobile every day to school.
  2. He brings paratha for lunch every single day.
  • Examples of take-
  1. She takes her skill for granted.
  2. He takes her pen every single day, and she never refuses.
  • The past form of " bring" is "brought," and the third form is also "brought"; whereas the past form of "take" is "took," and the third form is "taken".       


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