Difference Between Assure and Ensure

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Difference Between Assure and Ensure

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English can be a complex language sometimes because of its confusing vocabulary and the usage of different words. Even for native English speakers, there are several groups of words in English that have a similar sound; therefore, it can take some caution and practice to pronounce them correctly. Certain words might seem like they can be used interchangeably, but it is not possible as they largely differ in their meanings when used in a sentence. This article discusses the usage of the words ‘Assure’ and ‘Ensure’ in a sentence. Even though there is a very obvious distinction between assure and ensure in terms of usage and meaning, people frequently confuse the two words because of this. This is due to the seeming resemblance in both their spelling and meanings.

When we use the word ‘Assure’, it means to assure someone to eliminate uncertainty or to firmly state an issue. You reassure someone because it is typically followed by an object. It is used when you have to clear doubts about something.

For Ex-

  • I can assure you that this sauce is really good.             
  • My friend assured me that she would arrive on time.             
  • Our teacher assures us that the exam will be easy.

On the other hand, when we use to ensure, we communicate that something will or won't happen. The word ensure can be used to check, promise, or verify.

For Ex-

  • I need to study properly to ensure I get good grades.             
  • Please ensure us that there will be no technical glitches.             
  • The company ensures the workers a safe working environment.

Assure vs Ensure

The main difference which helps you to distinguish between ‘Assure’ and ‘Ensure is that we use ‘Assure’ when we have to remove someone’s doubts and concerns about something and to give a sense of trust and assurance. On the contrary, ‘Ensure’ is used to denote whether something will happen or not happen. It gives a sense of checking or guaranteeing someone about an event’s happening.

For Ex-

  • I assure you to trust me.             
  • Mary assured us that she would be there for the ceremony.

For Ex-

  • This law ensures that every citizen has equal rights.              
  • Your hard work ensures whether you will succeed or not.

Difference between Assure and Ensure in Tabular form

Parameters of comparisonAssureEnsure
DefinitionThe verb ‘assure’ means to make a promise to someone else to relieve their fears, persuade them, or win their trust.The word "ensure" is used when we guarantee that something will or won't happen, regardless of the conditions.
Used asIt is commonly used as a verb in a sentence.It is also used as a verb in a sentence.
Focuses onIt talks about a person in a sentence as it ‘assures’ someone of a certain doubt.It mainly focuses on a situation, as it talks about whether something will happen or not.
UsageIt is used to clear doubts or concerns of someone.It is used to guarantee or make certain whether something will occur or not.
ExamplesThe doctor assured us that he would be fine by next week.My friend assured me that the exams would be easy.Can you assure me that it will match my standards?My family assured me they would always be there for me.If you don’t work properly, we can’t ensure the promotion.The school ensures the safety of students.The police ensure that the criminal gets arrested.The new law ensures the safety of women.

What is ‘Assure’?

To help someone, overcome their worries and anxieties and reduce their fear, the verb "assure" means to establish a promise to them and to say something to them with complete assurance. It can also be used to persuade someone or to positively impart knowledge. We use this term in a sentence to clear someone’s doubts or uncertainties about something. It is commonly used as a verb in a statement. It is usually used when we are talking about a person rather than an object. It can also be used to build a sense of trust with someone.


  • I assured my dad that I would be back home on time.
  • I assure you everything is going to be alright; Don’t worry.
  • My father assured me that the interview was going to be fine and that there was nothing I should be nervous about.
  • I assured my friends I will be there for them no matter what.
  • How can you assure the safety of children at night?
  • I assure you, Lily didn’t mean any harm to you; that was just a mistake.
  • Our professor assured us that we did well in our exams this semester.
  • My co-workers assured me that the presentation was on point.
  • Mrs. Sharma assured her son that he plays the guitar very well.
  • I can assure you that I will do my job sincerely.
  • The delivery guy assured us that he would be on time.
  • I assured my partner that we would win this competition if we did our best.
  • The company assured us that their services would be delivered on time as required.
  • The idea may seem strange, but I can assure you that it works wonderfully.
  • Although there are several changes, I assure you that they will not affect our work productivity.
  • The manager assured the employees about the appraisal.
  • I assure you that I can take good care of your baby.
  • Taste this ice cream flavor. I assure you; it is for your taste buds.
  • Rita assured me that she would come to my farewell party.
  • Our teacher assured us that she would clear all our doubts before the examination.
  • The authorities assured us there would be no more accidents on this road.
  • Can you assure me that you will be more productive than yesterday?
  • My mother assured me that she would come to my parents’ teacher meeting.
  • The doctor assured me that there was enough medicine for everyone.
  • I assured my friend that I would be there for her birthday party.
  • She assured me that her health was better than yesterday.
  • My mother likes to assure herself twice that the door is locked when she goes out of the house.

What is ‘Ensure’?

To ‘Ensure’ something refers to when we say we guarantee anything, we mean that we promise that an event will occur or not. To make sure that what we confirm happens, we only want to make sure. It is used to confirm whether an event will happen or not. It is also used as a verb in a sentence. It mainly talks about a situation as it denotes whether an event will take place or not. It builds a sense of guarantee for the readers.


  • If you have a ticket, it ensures your booking for the show.
  • Our team scored five goals, which ensured our place in the finals.
  • The school ensures that the students are safe on the premises.
  • The judicial system should make laws that ensure women’s and child’s safety.
  • The officials ensured us that there would be no trespassing again.
  • Our teacher ensured us that the annual function would take place as usual.
  • Can you ensure us that this won’t happen again?
  • You must ensure you have all the essentials while traveling.
  • I can do it, but I cannot ensure whether it’ll go according to the plan or not.
  • To ensure the safety of children, our school has installed a security system.
  • Your consistency ensures your success.
  • Can you ensure that you will keep your promise?
  • The airline is taking steps to ensure the safety of its aircraft.
  • Our hard work today ensures our success tomorrow.
  • The Right to education act ensures that every child up to the age of 14 should be educated.
  • The government must ensure equal rights for all the citizens of a country.
  • We can ensure that the work is done in the right way.
  • Our company ensured us that there would be a safe working environment for the employees.
  • The quality of a product ensures its longevity.
  • This machine ensures higher productivity than the previous one.
  • The delivery guy ensured us that he would deliver our parcel despite the harsh weather conditions.
  • We should work sincerely if we want to ensure our success.
  • This campaign ensures the safety of endangered species.
  • You must ensure your patient’s health conditions before taking their tests.
  • You should bathe regularly to ensure you don’t catch any unhygienic diseases.
  • We must ensure proper standards of care for the elderly.
  • My friends ensured me that they will handle the situation so I don’t have to worry.
  • An election commission is appointed to ensure there is no malicious activity during the elections.
  • We need to ensure that there is no cheating during the competition.

Main differences between ‘Assure’ and ‘Ensure’ (in points)

  • To reduce concerns and uncertainties, the term "assure" is used to promise someone that something will occur without a doubt or be true. Contrarily, the verb “ensure” is one that can be used to guarantee that something will or won't happen.
  • We use the word ‘assure’ when we are talking about a promise to someone, as in a person, whereas we use ‘ensure’ when we are talking about a situation’s occurrence. They both are used as verbs in a sentence.
  • In terms of usage, ‘assure’ is used to remove someone's uncertainties or compel them to commit by persuading them positively on a specific issue. In contrast, to ‘ensure’ is to make a firm commitment that something will, will not, or both happen.
  • Examples of ‘Assure’-
    • My brother assured me he would be there for me when I need him.                                     
    • The doctor assured me that there is no serious issue with my health.                                     
    • Our professor assured us that if we complete the assignment on time we can go home early.
  • Examples of ‘Ensure’-
    • I want to ensure everyone that there are no risks in this project we have double-checked.                                     
    • The museum ensures the security of ancient artifacts.                                     
    • We must ensure that the students must follow the school rules.


As we know, several words in the English language might confuse the readers or speakers while using them. Thus, it is significant to understand their usage in a sentence. This article gives you an overview of the words ‘Assure’ and ‘Ensure’ on how to use them in a sentence as they might seem to be synonymous, but in reality, they vary largely in their meanings, so they are not used interchangeably. This article discusses the basic definitions of the two words, the main differences between them, and various examples. One must be aware of what the words ‘assure’ and ‘ensure’ actually mean to employ them effectively and confidently in phrases. To ‘assure’ someone means to make a statement that eliminates their doubts in a positive and certain manner. To ‘ensure’, on the other hand, is to guarantee the occurrence or non-occurrence of any circumstance or event.

Assuring someone of something involves removing their uncertainty about it or providing them with the assurance that it won't happen, typically by providing them with a positive statement.

For Ex-

  • I assured my group partner that we would complete this project on time. There is no need to worry.             
  • We assure our customers that there will be inconvenience for them.             
  • Our teacher assured us that she would upload the notes on time.

We use ‘ensure’ in a sentence when we have to check whether something will happen or not. It is used as a verb to verify or guarantee when an event will happen or not.

For Ex-

  • We saved our earnings all year to ensure that there would be no problem at  the end of the year.             
  • Jake ensured us that he will reach on time for the concert.             
  • The government should make more laws to ensure the safety of women and to ensure their equal rights.

Since the former refers to accomplishing something and the latter refers to promising that something will be done, ‘ensure’ implies greater certainty than ‘assure’.  


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