Difference Between Good and Well

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Difference Between Good and Well

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Good and well are two words that may seem similar to most people and sometimes even native English speakers get confused while using them, but they can be used interchangeably in day-to-day conversations as they serve different grammatical functions and have diverse meanings. Thus, it is important to understand the difference between both parts of speech so that you can incorporate them correctly in your conversations.

Both the adjective "good" and the noun "good" have the connotations of "suitable" or "praiseworthy," as well as "welfare" or "that which is morally right." It can also be applied to emphasize a point.

For Ex-

  • He is one of my good friends.             
  • He does good deeds for the society.             
  • I reached a good one hour early before the event even started.             
  • Your family is very good whenever I visit them.              
  • Don’t eat junk food it is not good for your health.

The adverb "well" means " efficiently or satisfactorily." The word "well" can also be used as a preposition to start a sentence, a noun to denote a hole used to access a source of water, a verb to denote the act of rising to the surface and flowing, frequently used metaphorically, and an adjective to denote a healthy condition.

For Ex- Robin sings very well.             

  • Well, I guess it is what it is, we can’t do anything about it.             
  • Kelly hasn’t been feeling well for the past week.             
  • I know how to drive well, I learned it last year.             
  • John is doing well after the operation, he just needs to rest for some days.

The primary difference between the words ‘good’ and ‘well’ is that: ‘Good’ is an adjective that often modifies the noun and is used for something when it is desirable, satisfactory, morally correct, and of high quality.

‘Well’ can be used as an adjective as well as an adverb and it usually modifies the verb in a sentence. It is used in situations while describing an action that is done in a pleasing, effective, or acceptable way.

Good vs Well

The main difference between ‘good’ and ‘well’ is that the former is used as an adjective to modify the noun in a sentence, it is used to emphasize something, it is commonly used for good spirit and good health. Whereas, we use ‘well’ as both an adverb and an adjective. It is commonly used to depict something as just satisfactory or in an acceptable way.

For Ex- Shyam is a good boy. This sentence depicts how ‘good’ is used as an adjective to show the quality of Shyam. You did a good job yesterday with your presentation. Her marks were not good enough to get her admission to a prestige college.

For Ex- Mira did well in her exams. Here, we have used ‘well’ as an adverb adding to the verb.

I am well today. In this statement, it is used as an adjective to describe the condition of a person. I hope you are doing well today. I am well aware of the rules of the company. You did well by ignoring her.

Difference Between Good and Well in Tabular Form

Parameters of comparisonGoodWell
Definition‘Good’ refers to something morally correct, desirable, and in good spirits and health.‘Well’ is used to refer to an action that is performed acceptably and is satisfactory or fine.
Used grammatically asIt is mostly used as an adjective in a sentence.It can be used as both an adjective as well as an adverb in a sentence.
Used to modify or describeModifies the noun.Modifies the action verb.
As adjective describesIt describes good health and spirit in a sentence as an adj.It only describes good health.
ExamplesThese flowers smell good.Henry played a good game.My father made some good dishes for lunch today.I hope you have a good and safe trip.My father was a good basketball player in his college days.I am associated with an NGO and they do so many good campaigns.She sings well.She knows Karan quite well.I did well on the test.Well, we can’t do anything about it.Well, I am not free this weekend, but maybe next time.I hope you are feeling well after last night’s party.

What does the word ‘Good’ mean?

When we say something is ‘Good’ it means that it is pleasant, desirable, and of high standard. It can have a variety of meanings. It is mostly used as an adjective to describe a person, place, thing, (noun), etc. Additionally, it can be applied to emphasize certain points in a sentence. Better and best are the comparative and superlative forms of the word ‘good’ respectively. Thus, we can say that we often use ‘good’ in a positive sense or when we have to convey a message with a positive meaning or favorable conditions. Although we try to avoid using it in academic writing as it may be a little informal.

There are various situations in which ‘good’ is used differently. Some of them are as followed:

When talking about senses like- look, smell, taste, etc. use good when it is describing the noun in the sentence along with the words.

For Ex-

  • You smell good today. In this sentence, good describes the quality of how ‘you’ smell not the activity of the nose (action verb).
  • He looks good for a 50-year-old man. Here, you are describing the man and how he doesn’t look too old according to his age, it’s not like he’s using his eyes actively.

The word "good" should be used to describe someone's emotional state.

For Ex-

  • I don’t feel good today.
  • She doesn’t feel good about lying to her father.
  • I feel good after helping others.

If we are talking about the appearance of something or someone it is preferred to use ‘good’

For Ex-

  • Your makeup is looking good today.
  • Mary’s pink dress is looking good.
  • Your haircut is really good.

It is used to describe a morally correct, pleasant, enjoyable moment or situation.

For Ex-

  • It was such a good show!
  • I heard they are good friends since childhood.
  • Ken told me he saw a good movie last weekend.

Used to describe high standard or quality.

For Ex-

  • Is there any good doctor here?
  • Harry is not so good at cooking.
  • This hotel is not looking so good.

To extend greetings to others

For Ex-

  • Hope, you have a good weekend!
  • Wish you a very good day.             
  • Hope you have a good week ahead.

To express the completion of a task satisfactorily

For Ex-

  • Neeta’s singing is so good.
  • Trent is a good dancer.
  • Ben is a good basketball player

What does the word ‘Well’ mean?

The word ‘well’ is said to be an adverbial form of the word good in some way or other. The adverb "well" expresses how something is done and how well it is done. It means that the event occurred " satisfactorily or acceptably”. It can also serve as an adjective to denote things being okay, right, and fine. It is used to modify the action verb in a sentence and on asking the question “how something was done?” it gives you the answer of how.

For Ex-

  • Jessica did well in her interview
  • How Jessica did do in her interview? – she did well.
  • Nisha plays volleyball well.
  • How Nisha plays volleyball- she plays well.

Let’s understand the concept of ‘well’ through some examples-

It is mostly used while describing one’s health conditions

For Ex-

  • Rani said she is not feeling today.
  • He left the party early because he was not feeling well.
  • Everyone in my family is doing well.

When something takes place in the intended or proper manner

For Ex-

  • The meeting went well today.
  • I did well in the competition.
  • Kelly performed well in her exams.

To suggest something to a large extent

For Ex-

  • How well do you know me?
  • He is a well-known singer.
  • Delhi is one of the well-known cities in India.

To take into account, additionally

For Ex-

  • I will visit your house as well.
  • She promised to show me the movie as well as the book it is adapted from.
  • Yesterday I went shopping as well as to the beauty parlor.

As an adjective, while referring to someone’s good health.

For Ex-

  • He had an accident, but now he’s doing well.
  • My grandfather is not feeling well these days.             
  • I haven’t been feeling well since we went on that trip.

It can also be used while giving suggestions or criticizing something.

For Ex-

  • Well, I think you should do it again properly.
  • Well, I think you should buy another dress.
  • Well, you should give it another shot for the college.

Main Differences Between Good and Well (In Points)

  • ‘Good’ is used when we are talking about something that is of high standard, pleasant, desirable, etc. whereas ‘well’ is used to denote something satisfactory or just fine and acceptable.
  • We use ‘good’ as an adjective in a sentence, but ‘well’ can be used as both an adjective and as well an adverb. But in most cases, it is used as an adverb only.
  • The word ‘good’ helps to modify a noun or a pronoun, while ‘well’ is used to describe an action verb, an adverb, or another adjective.
  • While using linking verbs that describe senses like – touch, smell, look, etc. mostly ‘good’ is used. For ex- Your idea seems good.

But for linking verbs that are associated with health such as feel, look, etc. we must use ‘well’. For ex- Jake told me he is not feeling well today.

  • ‘Good’ examples-
    • We had a good time yesterday at your house
    • That lipstick shade looks good on you.
    • He is a good badminton player.                               
    • This haircut looks good on you.
  • ‘Well,’ examples-
    • I am doing well these days.
    • I can also dance well.
    • Well, I think you should change your thesis topic.
    • He ran well in the marathon.


The expressions ‘good’ and ‘well’ may seem similar while using them in your conversations. According to grammar principles, however, they are utilized in very specific ways.

This article talked about the basic definition and introduction of the words ‘good’ and ‘well’, and the main differences between them in a tabular form and points. Through various examples, we got to know how and where to use these words appropriately.

‘Good’ is a descriptive term. It can mean many different things. However, it typically means things like right, proper, superior, advantageous, and favorable circumstances. In other words, the definition of ‘Good’ is quite uplifting.

For Ex-

  • Is there something good to eat?
  • She is one of the good artists I know personally.             
  • He is not in a good condition after his accident.

The adverbial version of good is ‘well’. The word "well" is occasionally used as an adjective. ‘Well,’ as an adverb means that anything is done in a pleasant or respectable manner.

For Ex-

  • He must be very popular, as everyone speaks well for him.              
  • I know your family very well.               
  • I hope our team plays well in the finals.

The easiest way to memorize the difference is, always remember ‘good’ is used as an adjective and is used to define nouns in a sentence, whereas ‘well’ is used as an adverb or in some cases as an adjective, and it mainly describes the action verb of a sentence. When terms like "good" or "well" come after verbs, people frequently get them mixed up. Determining if a verb is an action verb or a connecting verb can help you to establish its proper application. If it is a performing verb, the right expression is "well," and if it is a connecting verb, the appropriate word is "good."

‘Good’ is used to describe something desirable and in a positive sense while ‘well’ is used to describe something acceptable or fine.


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