Difference Between PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard

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Difference Between PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard

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PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard are two distinct PayPal payment methods that can be used to conduct monetary transactions on a variety of websites. Both are quite popular with the general population, yet they each have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Customers can choose which extension to use based on their needs because the extensions provide a variety of features.

PayPal Checkout vs PayPal Standard

The main difference between PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard is that PayPal Checkout allows users to make payments to third-party websites without being redirected to the PayPal website. PayPal Standard, on the other hand, takes the user to the PayPal website, where he or she can continue making a payment.

PayPal Checkout is a PayPal extension that enables other websites to send and accept online payments. It provides its customers with a multitude of features that maximize their convenience and minimize time waste. When a user uses PayPal Checkout to make a payment, they are not directed to PayPal’s official website.

Another PayPal extension that lets other websites send and receive money online is Standard. Unlike PayPal Checkout, the user is taken to a secure website on PayPal where the transaction can be completed. This may take time and, as a result, may not be the first choice for many people.

Difference Between PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard in Tabular Form

Parameters of Comparison PayPal Checkout PayPal Standard
Redirection There is no redirection to PayPal’s secure website for making a transaction There is redirection to PayPal’s secure website to carry out a payment
Features PayPal Checkout offers more features than the latter. PayPal Standard is a basic extension and does not provide many additional features.
PayPal Account Having a PayPal account is not a compulsion to make a payment. Having a PayPal account is not a compulsion to make a payment.
Availability PayPal Checkout is available as PayPal Standard in many countries but the credit and Venmo options are available only in the U.S. PayPal Standard is available in more than 200 countries across the globe.
Time Taken Using PayPal Checkout is not as time-consuming as other extensions. PayPal Standard transactions can be time-consuming as the user is taken to another site.

What is PayPal Checkout?

PayPal Express is identical to PayPal standard in that it charges the same 2.9 per cent plus 30 cents per transaction and has no setup or cancellation fees. It is also available in the same countries as PayPal Standard. The biggest difference is in the checkout procedure.

PayPal Express eliminates the IPN issues that are frequent in PayPal. Customers that visit your store are sent to PayPal, but they do not complete the payment procedure there.

Instead, customers approve a purchase through PayPal. Following that, users are sent to your site using a token provided to your site behind the scenes. Your website can use this token to make a final payment to PayPal.

When a PayPal Checkout extension is added to a website, the customer can choose whether or not to use it to make a payment. Surprisingly, there is no need for a PayPal account to make a payment on the aforementioned website. Regardless of the extension, a consumer may use alternate payment methods.

PayPal Checkout is exceptionally secure when it comes to the customer’s personal and financial information. Furthermore, while using a PayPal Checkout plugin, a user can just log in using their PayPal account information. When you select a payment method, the process is completed with just one more click.

The order is completed when the customer clicks to finish the order on your site after being routed, and the token is returned to PayPal along with the order data. As a result, it has a higher level of dependability than PayPal Standard. This is because the checkout procedure on your site has been completed. However, the payment is made on PayPal’s servers after your token is returned to PayPal.

What is PayPal Standard?

PayPal Standard is a popular payment gateway for store owners because it does not require any setup fees, termination fees, or merchant accounts to utilise. All you need to do is set up a PayPal Business account. It is offered in 190 countries worldwide. As a result, almost any store owner can benefit from it. PayPal standard transactions are carried out on the PayPal website. It allows clients to pay in your store with a PayPal debit or credit card.

After proceeding to the checkout and selecting PayPal as their payment method, customers will be taken to PayPal. You will be charged the standard transaction fee of 2.9 per cent + 30 cents per transaction for these payments. After completing the PayPal checkout procedure, customers will be directed back to your store. Additionally, if you process more than $3000 in PayPal transactions every month, PayPal will provide you with a volume discount.

Because the checkout takes place on PayPal’s website, you must rely on PayPal to send payment success and failure warnings to complete an order. You can, however, receive notifications by using the Instant Payment Notification feature (IPN). At times, the default PayPal IPN can be problematic, resulting in orders not being correctly completed in your store. One of PayPal Standard’s disadvantages is this.

Main Differences Between PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard in Points

  1. PayPal Checkout does not send users to PayPal’s secure website, but PayPal Standard does.
  2. PayPal Checkout gives businesses and customers more functionality than PayPal Standard.
  3. PayPal Checkout allows users to select whether or not to have a PayPal account while paying, whereas PayPal Standard does not need customers to create an account.
  4. PayPal Checkout is not as well-known as PayPal Standard.
  5. PayPal Checkout takes less time than PayPal Standard because it does not have a long payment process.


PayPal Checkout and PayPal Standard are well-known online transaction extensions that are used by people all over the world. The difference between the two is the amount of time it takes to use them. Users can use PayPal Checkout to make payments as quickly as feasible. This is because it does not require the user to enter lengthy payment information and does not redirect the user to another page.

Paying through PayPal Standard, on the other hand, can take some time. This is because when a customer pays, he or she is transferred to PayPal’s secure website, where the procedure can be continued.


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