Difference Between Blockcard and Crypto.com

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Difference Between Blockcard and Crypto.com

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The world is increasingly becoming digital day by day. The digital era has become a part of our everyday lives. Everything that was once done manually can now be done digitally. So, in today's world, the exchange of currencies and transactions can also be done digitally. Transactions that involve fiat money or real-world currency, which is available in government-authorized paper form since the old times, can be now transferred digitally for payments due to the advanced technology. This makes the fiat money digital currency when it gets transferred through digital mediums for transactions.

Cryptocurrency is also a form of digital currency, but unlike real-world money, it does not have any regulating authority like the verification by the banks or by the government. Instead, it uses a decentralized system to verify transactions and to keep track of records by using the system of cryptography. The Cryptocurrency market is very risky which is why one should think of the major factors before considering investing in it. Blockcard can be called the debit card used in payments that involve cryptocurrency as the medium of currency, whereas crypto.com is the medium or platform providing services associated with the Cryptocurrency payment mode.

Blockcard vs Crypto.com

Just as there is a debit card for transactions involving real-world money, so for transactions that involve cryptocurrency, a Blockcard is the debit card in this case. The Blockcard is the name given to a debit card that is used for transactions that involve cryptocurrency. Just as through a debit card, one can pay money from his bank account. Similarly, in the case of a Blockcard, the cryptocurrency is the reserved money, and a person can use a blockcard to make successful payments using cryptocurrency as the form of currency. Hence, it is the debit card for transactions that involve cryptocurrency as a form of currency. On the other hand, Crypto.com is the medium or platform in which transactions that involve payment through cryptocurrency take place. Here, the digital currency is not the real-world money but it is Cryptocurrency. This platform provides users with complete control over their money, identity, and data so that users can monitor and control their transactions through cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology provides security in this platform of payment through Cryptocurrency.

Difference Between Blockcard and Crypto.com in Tabular Form

Parameters of ComparisonBlockcardCrypto.com
DefinitionBlockcard is a debit card used in payments where the reserved money is in the form of Cryptocurrency. It is also called a Crypto-debit card as this debit card is not used for payment processes that involve fiat money or real-world currency.Crypto.com is the medium through which payments that involve Cryptocurrency are made. It is a platform for conducting Cryptocurrency transactions.
Starting YearBlockcard was started in the year 2019.Crypto.com was started in the year 2016.
FounderBlockcard is a very famous product of the company named Ternio, whose CEO and Founder is Daniel Gouldman.The Founders of Crypto.com are Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Rafael Melo, and Kris Marszalek.
Place of OperationCurrently, Blockcard is operating only in the USA.Crypto.com is operating all over the world.
The FeaturesBlockcard offers services regarding loans and referrals.Crypto.com gives users complete control to exercise over their money and data with a secured mode of payment.
Extra ChargesThere are monthly charges, ATM charges, and then extra fees are taken for issuing cards.There are no extra charges involved here.

What is Blockcard?

Just as there is a debit card for fiat money where the reserved money is the real-world money, which is regulated by banks and by the government, so in the same way, Blockcard is a debit card where the reserved money is in the form of Cryptocurrency. It is specifically used in payments, where the mode of payment is not fiat money but it is Cryptocurrency. It can be called a VISA card to be more specific and is available only in the USA. The Blockcard is applicable at any time and at any place, wherever the VISA card can be used as a payment medium. Blockcard till now does not operate in other countries and the citizens of the USA are only able to use it as a mode of paying Cryptocurrency. However, the company has decided to introduce Blockcard in 31 other European countries soon. Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency, but unlike fiat money, they have no physical existence in the real world. So, they can be paid for during shopping and other activities that involve the exchange of money through this Blockcard. It is like a normal debit card, but it is specifically used as a debit card where the mode of paying is through Cryptocurrencies. The Blockcard is an initiative that was taken by Ternio’s co-founders, and they engaged in a partnership with VISA's fast track to enable Cryptocurrency to be used daily.

Blockcard, like other cryptocurrency debit cards, also has a crypto cashback program, which can reward the user with 6.00% of cashback. In the USA, Blockcards also provides referral programs where a person has to send an invitation to his friend to sign up for the card, and then both the person and his friend will get the specified referral money which can be withdrawn in the USA. Blockcard charges several fees, which include the fees for issuing a card, a fixed amount charged for using ATMs, and then there are monthly fees charged if a person spends less than the specified amount. But no fees are charged for POS transactions or if a person swipes his card.

Types of Blockcards

The types of Blockcards are Virtual Card, Metal Card, and Plastic Card.

Virtual Card

The Virtual Blockcard as can be understood from the name does not have any physical existence, which means it cannot be used offline and can only be used online. It is available for free with the Plastic Card and has a completely different set of CVV, card number, and expiration date. The amount that can be spent daily is limited to $5000.

Metal Card

The Metal Card has still not been officially brought out yet but it will have the same features as the Plastic Card with the only difference of its durability and that the Metal Card will be provided with replacement protection. The cost of the Metal Card is $50, and the users can upgrade their Plastic Card to the Metal Card, once the Metal Card is officially launched.

Plastic Card

The cost of the Plastic Card is $10. It is a physical card, and with the help of this card, money can be withdrawn from ATMs. Like the Virtual Card, using the Plastic Card, the amount that can be spent daily is limited to $5000. Moreover, the amount of money that can be withdrawn from an ATM daily is limited to $500.

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is the medium or platform in which payments made through Cryptocurrency take place. It is similar to the other digital payment platforms, only the difference here is that the payments do not involve real-world money or fiat money, but they involve Cryptocurrency which is also a type of digital currency but is not regulated by the banks or by the government. This platform offers various services like a secured medium of payment, and many financial services and products can also be traded here. In this platform, the users get to exercise complete control over their money and data. It does not matter in whichever time zone or wherever the user is, he can control and monitor his data and money, which makes the end user responsible for his belongings. Interest rates are also being provided by this platform on various types of Cryptocurrencies along with providing loans where Cryptocurrency is involved.

The exchange of Cryptocurrencies and the network in Crypto.com has been provided with the security of blockchain technology. Crypto.com can be considered one of the biggest mediums of cryptocurrency payment in the world. This platform was started in the year 2016 in the place Hong Kong by Bobby Bao, Rafael Melo, Kris Marszalek, and Gary Or.

Types of Services or Products Provided by Crypto.com

Crypto.com provides several services to customers to fulfill all their needs. The various services provided by Crypto.com are: -

  • Crypto.com Pay
  • Crypto.com App
  • Crypto.com Earn
  • Crypto.com DeFi Wallet
  • Crypto.com Credit
  • Crypto.com Exchange
  • Crypto.com VISA Cards
  • Crypto.com Syndicate

Crypto.com Pay

Crypto.com Pay provides customers with the facility to do shopping from online sellers who all have the facility of accepting payments in the form of Cryptocurrency. This is profiting for the sellers because they are charged with 0% fees on payments being made in Crypto and 0.5% fees on payments being made in fiat currency. This percentage is much less than the fee which is charged by conventional payment providers. This works the same for customers as well as they are also not charged for their payments in Crypto.com. But this scheme has still not achieved its full potential which is why unfortunately most of the sellers do not have this system of Cryptocurrency payment.

Crypto.com App

When a person is not using his desktop, at that time, he can do buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies through this Crypto.com App. This app also allows him to track his investments.

Crypto.com Earn

Crypto.com Earn acts like a savings account of a bank. Here, a person can deposit his Cryptocurrencies just like a person depositing a fixed amount of fiat money in his savings account in the bank and then receiving a specific amount of interest on them. The difference here is that the amount of interest provided here is much higher, ranging between 8 and 14%. After depositing his Crypto assets, the person has to decide for how long he wants his deposit to stay in the savings account. The benefit here is that if the deposit remains in the savings account for a long time, then it will yield a much greater amount of profit for that person.

Crypto.com DeFi Wallet

In the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet, a person can store his Cryptocurrencies but unlike Crypto.com Earn, here, he has the entire control of his stored assets all the time, which means that it is a non-custodial way to store one's Crypto assets. This service is for more advanced users who have more experience in Cryptocurrency and the Crypto world and want to manage and control their Crypto assets.

Crypto.com Credit

Crypto.com Credit gives customers the facility to receive a collateralized loan of up to 50% of the value of the collateral. However, this loan does not require the person to have background and KYC checked as is done during giving a bank loan which makes it appealing to investors. But taking a loan that involves Cryptocurrency can open the door to potential risks.

Crypto.com Exchange

This product provides the opportunity to trade by offering more than hundreds of different currencies.

Crypto.com VISA Cards

The main service and selling point of Crypto.com is this product. These VISA Cards are available in Canada, the UK, Singapore, Asia Pacific Countries, certain countries of the European Union, and in the USA, excluding New York.

Crypto.com Syndicate

This is a platform dedicated to fundraising where encouraging and optimistic projects can register their Cryptocurrencies on the exchange.

Main Differences Between Blockcard and Crypto.com (In Points)

  • Blockcard can be called the Crypto debit card used in digital payments that involve paying through Cryptocurrency, whereas Crypto.com is the medium on which such payments that involve Cryptocurrencies are done. Crypto.com is the platform within which Blockcard, which is the Crypto debit card, can be used.
  • The founder of Blockcard is the company named Ternio whose CEO and Founder is Daniel Gouldman whereas Crypto.com was founded by Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Rafael Melo, and Kris Marszalek in Hong Kong with the initial name Monaco which was then renamed Crypto.com.
  • The operating place of Blockcard is currently only USA but there are plans to extend the influence of Blockcard to 31 other European Countries which will be executed soon. Crypto.com unlike Blockcard which is a debit card, is an entire platform where such payments regarding Cryptocurrencies take place. It is not restricted to any place or region but is operating over the entire world.
  • Blockcard offers services regarding loans, referrals, and cashback. When a person sends an invitation to his friend telling him to sign up for a card, if his friend does that, then both of them get the referral cash. Blockcards also have a cashback program, offering the users a maximum of 6.00% of cashback. Services regarding referrals and loans are offered by Blockcard whereas Crypto.com does not have referral programs, but it provides loans and a savings account with a high rate of interest. Additionally, the DeFi Wallet of Crypto.com gives users entire control over their money and data, which is not in turn provided by Blockcard.
  • Several types of fees are charged in a Blockcard, including monthly charges, charges for using the ATM, and then one has to pay fees for issuing cards. But no fees are charged when a person swipes his card or during POS transactions whereas in the case of Crypto.com, there are absolutely no fees charged for any kind of activity.


Hence, to conclude, Blockcard and Crypto.com are both connected with Cryptocurrency, but both of them have their purposes. Blockcard is a debit card just like any other bank debit card, but it is not used in payments that are concerned with fiat money, rather, it is used in payments where the mode of paying is in Cryptocurrency. The reserved money in the case of Blockcard is not fiat money, but it is in the form of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, since, Cryptocurrency has no physical form, Blockcard has been created to carry out payments in Cryptocurrency daily. Crypto.com, on the other hand, is the medium or platform in which the payments that are done in Cryptocurrency and not in fiat money are being carried out. Everything on this platform, starting from a savings account to taking a loan is all concerned with Cryptocurrency. Hence, Crypto.com is a platform where payments regarding Cryptocurrency are made and these payments are being carried out on this platform with the help of the Crypto debit card which is the Blockcard.


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