Difference Between Farm Bureau and Allstate

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Difference Between Farm Bureau and Allstate

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Farm Bureau and Allstate are among the top 10 most recognized vehicle insurance companies in the world. Deciding on an auto insurance company can be tough: rates may vary based on your driving record, location, and age, and every company's discounts vary. These insurance companies have been selling affordable coverage across large swaths of the US.

There are typical rate categories based on the characteristics that apply to the insurance you want to buy. These include certain factors like social media ratings, credit, driving behavior, and age. Knowing about this division into different categories can enable the much easier purchase of an insurance policy that can better suit your requirements.

Farm Bureau vs. Allstate 

Farm Bureau Mutual mainly focuses on building trusted relationships and helping you protect what matters most, so they can help you find the right products at the right time as you work to achieve your goals. This insurance doesn’t have to be a compromise in this case. With Allstate, on the other hand, you get the protection you need at the low rates you want. The Farm Bureau Mutual has been successfully offering 24/7 roadside assistance to members at no added expense all these years. The company's roadside assistance can include coverage that includes up to $100 for emergency service nationwide. On the other hand, Allstate offers additional discounts that are not a likely feature of the Farm Bureau. It offers insurance coverage for all utility vehicles, farm vehicles, seniors, and the newly retired.

Difference Between Farm Bureau and Allstate in Tabular Form

Main parameters of comparison  Farm Bureau Allstate
Origin and founder The founder of Farm Bureau is John Barron. The founder of Allstate is General Robert E. Wood.
Premium offered The premium rate of the Farm Bureau is lower than that of the premium rates of Allstate. All state has usually a higher or more expensive premium provided to the clients. 
Main aim and slogan The slogan of the Farm Bureau is “Protecting Family Farms Through Stepped-up Basis”. On the other hand, the slogan of Allstate is “You are in Good Hands”. Not applicable
Discounts Farm Bureau does not provide any additional discount to its customers. Allstate provides an additional discount on farm vehicles, utility vehicles, and seniors or newly retired personnel.
Rating  The AM Best rating given to Farm Bureau was A+.  The AM Best rating given to Allstate is A++.

What is the Farm Bureau? 

The full expansion of Farm Bureau insurance is the American Farm Bureau Federation, or AFBF, which is an insurance company based in the United States and represents the industry of American agriculture. The headquarters of the Farm Bureau is presently in Washington, DC. The insurance company has affiliations in 50 or more states. The insurance company is a lobbying organization for its clients.

The great John Barron founded Farm Bureau. The main aim of this insurance company belongs to the agriculture sector. It mainly serves the United States of America. It was established in 1911 with the aim to shape its legislation so that it could benefit the larger as well as the smaller farms.

The company has several policies that could benefit for-profit activities, such as federal crop insurance subsidies. The statewide formation of the Farm Bureau was in the year 1950. It was a result of the farmers’ meeting that was held in Saline County in Missouri. The insurance company offers both vehicle and fire insurance to the farmers for their farms, which have a self-insurance capability as well as negotiating power.

The lobbying presence of the Farm Bureau was mainly to favor large farms, for which the company retains about 22 registered lobbyists. The insurance company also supported the bill, "Fighting Hunger Incentive Act" of 2014, which amended the federal tax laws for permanent extension and expansion of certain expired provisions. This provided an enhanced tax reduction for donations in the food inventory of charitable organizations.

What is Allstate?

Allstate Corporation is also an American-based insurance company, just like Farm Bureau. However, they differ from each other by their origin and sole aim and the coverage they offer to their clients. It is a public-type of the insurance company, whose CEO is Thomas Jay Wilson. The insurance company also leads some operations of personal lines insurance in Canada.

Sears was Allstate's parent company until 1995. The company was also ranked 79th in the Fortune 500 list, which is comprised of the largest U.S. corporations in 2019 based on the total revenue generated. The name Allstate was given by Sears through a national contest held in 1925. Allstate's logo was designed by Theodore Conterio in the year 1950. Allstate's advertising strategy adopts a slogan called "You are in Good Hands". The creation of the slogan was done by the sales executive of the company. The TV advertisements also featured cupped hand gestures. Since then, they have tried to maintain proper service for their people, which affirms their company slogan.

Allstate provides its clients with various products like asset protection, wealth transfer, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial inland marine, mobile home, comprehensive personal liability, flood insurance, business succession planning products, variable universal life, supplemental health, acid management, and accumulation, and other life and health insurance.

Main Differences Between Farm Bureau and Allstate in Points

Origin and the founders 

Farm Bureau, was founded in the year 1911, while Allstate was founded in the year 1931. The founder of Farm Bureau is John Barron and that of Allstate is General Robert E. Wood.

The main aim of each company

The main purpose of the establishment of the Farm Bureau is to build agricultural awareness and shape legislation that can benefit the larger farms as well as the smaller farms. The headquarters of the Farm Bureau is located in Washington.

In the case of all states, the main purpose of this establishment was to provide financial products and services that could protect the customers against the uncertainties of life. Its headquarters are located in Northfield Township, Illinois.

Products offered

Financial services, casualty insurance, and property insurance services. whereas the other is responsible for the coverage like health insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, homeowners' insurance, and others.

Rating by credit level

If you have very poor credit, Farm Bureau Mutual could be preferable to Farm Bureau Mutual for your choice of insurance. On average, Farm Bureau Mutual offers premiums at a lower price than Allstate for drivers with credit scores of 579 or less. Insurance shoppers with exceptional credit, which is a score of 800 or higher, should lean toward Farm Bureau Mutual, which typically beats Allstate by $880 per year. The typical insurance rates by credit tier for both Allstate and Farm Bureau Mutual are given below:

  Credit score

Farm Bureau Mutual avg. annual premium offered vs.Allstate avg. annual premium offered

  •  Very Poor score (300-579)



  • Fair score (580-669)



  • Good score (670-739)



  • Very Good score (740-799)



  •  Exceptional score (800-850)



Farm Bureau Mutual vs. Allstate: rates for drivers with bad records

If you have at-fault accidents, speeding violations, reckless driving citations, or DUIs on your record, Farm Bureau Mutual could be a better choice than Allstate. Every auto insurance company will handle driving offenses differently, so always do your due diligence and compare quotes to figure out which insurer suits you.


  Violation types

Farm Bureau Mutual avg. vs. Allstate avg. annual premium allowed

  • At-fault accident (caused damage < $1,000)



  • At-fault accident (caused damage > $1,000)






  • Due to Reckless driving 



  A Speeding ticket



Farm Bureau Mutual vs. Allstate: rating by age

Insurance companies rely on age as a potential indicator of risk, pricing policies accordingly. Insurance is typically expensive for younger drivers below 25. Because every insurance company evaluates the age tiers in different ways, it's worth doing some comparison shopping.

As a general rule, teen drivers prefer to choose Farm Bureau Mutual over Allstate.

State Farm vs. Farm Bureau: Discounts 

State Farm Offers Vehicle

  • Safety discounts. Within State Farm, you can save money on your policy if your vehicle has qualified safety features like airbags, newer seat belts, or an anti-theft system.
  • Students under 25 years of age who maintain a 3.0 GPA, have a ‘B’ average, are in the top 20% of their class, or have qualifying test scores can get discounts on their premium.
  • State Farm’s Steer Clear program provides drivers under 25 with a lower car insurance rate if they are claimed free for three years, complete a safe driver training program, and demonstrate safe on-road skills.

Farm Bureau

  • If you drive less than 7,500 miles per year, Farm Bureau will give you a lower premium.
  • Customer loyalty discount: Loyal Farm Bureau customers can receive a lower rate depending on the amount of time they have been insured.
  • Safe young driver discount: Drivers under the age of 25 who complete Farm Bureau’s Young Driver Safety program can earn a discount on their car insurance premium.

State Farm vs. Farm Bureau: a comparison of online and app experiences 

State Farm and Farm Bureau both have good websites with helpful policies and credible information for their clients. However, it was found that State Farm’s online user experience is better overall compared to all states. This might be because State Farm has great online tools and resources, including online quotes, which Farm Bureau does not offer. Additionally, State Farm has an online claim system. In the case of the Farm Bureau, a phone call may be necessary to submit a claim.

Also, in studies that compared State Farm and Farm Bureau’s mobile apps, it was found that even though these mobile apps are pretty similar in terms of features, The Farm Bureau, on the other hand, has a general financial services department, which distinguishes one from the other.


Insurance can play a pivotal role in the lives of every individual, especially by helping them in times of need. It provides financial security and support and protects the individual and his family from various unexpected setbacks that come into their lives. The stress and losses from an unforeseen tragedy that can occur in the future may be minimized with the help of insurance. Coverage in insurance can include different types of services to our daily life, including a motor vehicle, home, health, travel, and various other coverage offered.

Farm Bureau and Allstate are two popular insurance companies offering coverage to various fields of society and people. Both companies provide various products and services to their customers. Every insurance company has its terms and conditions applied to the interest money, criteria for eligibility, expenses, and money that can be redeemed using the insurance. Every customer should read all the terms and regulations and confirm if they match their requirements before investing in any policy.

Various insurance policies have always been credible support to people and families both in acquiring their dreams and also protecting from unnatural or sudden step backs that come in various segments of life.

Financial Strength, JD, is excellent in the case of the farm bureau, but not of relevance in the case of all states. Both these have their own purposes and hence cannot replace one another. For the same reason it is essential to know the primary differences between them and at the same time the features they offer to decide among them about which choice suits you better. Both these entities use different criteria to decide the eligibility based on multiple aspects. These may include age, previous scores about safe driving, or black marks acquired for reckless driving considered in the case of automobile insurance. Others include a person's financial capacity and liability which is considered to know if the insurance company can redeem back their money. Different policies exist these days, some of these insurance policies may cover people's health, agriculture, education and other fields of people's livelihood


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