Difference Between Electric and Gas Leaf Blowers

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Difference Between Electric and Gas Leaf Blowers

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Leaf Blowers are quickly becoming a part of our lives as efficient cleaning devices and saviors, especially during the fall season when there are dry leaves everywhere; when we talk about this interesting device, we often wonder who actually came up with this unique device and how it came to be a part of our day to day life, well the Leafblowers we use today was actually a development from a design of a Japanese man back in 1947, as interesting as it is Kyoritsu Noki Company of Japan that later came to be called Echo actually had created a backpack blower design that they later and patented in 1972 and then the final leaf blower was created by them in 1977. We are still using them as effective in similar designs to date. Let us further discuss the advancements in the design and different models that are being used at present times and, most importantly, which one suits better individually.

A discussion or Debate on Different Kinds of Leafblowers tends to be stuck when it comes to Gas or leaf which is best. This may be the wrong way to go about it. The simple reason behind it is that both, even though they do the same job, are not made for the same consumer. Just like Cell Phones, not all of us have the same requirements. Some want a better camera, others a better battery life. Our priority changes our choice of product. Similarly, when we talk about which leaf blower is best to get rid of those dry leaves on your porch or from your garden to a Playground, the answer is likely to differ.

Leaf Blowers, as the name suggests, is used mostly during the fall season or Autumn when the weather is lovely. But the Garden seems a bit messy, or the roads are covered in too many leaves.

Here is when we choose an electric light leaf blower, maybe a choice of a house owner for a quick clean of the yard but not of someone planning to clean a Football Ground; let’s Explore why.

Gas vs. Electric Leaf Blower

The main key difference between the two Leafblowers is that of power. The gas leaf blower is more Suitable for large works like a Huge Yard, whereas electric is generally Used for House Gardens and or small areas as these are run by batteries and will need charging. Also, the power of a Gas leaf Blower is much more than that of an electric one only a couple of options in Electric Leaf Blowers actually meet the strength of Gas Leaf blowers. One special feature of Gas Leaf blower is that they have more design options like backpacks, etc., which is much more convenient. Also, the difference in longevity of both the devices is a game changer.

Difference Between Electric and Gas Leaf Blowers in Tabular Form

ParametersElectric Leaf BlowersGas Leaf Blowers
Engine PowerModerate Depending Model to ModelStrong Engines with Great strength
Affect on EnvironmentEnvironment Friendly, as it uses electricity and creates no smokeMore design options, from Backpack Ones to Handle ones
Life SpanLimited usage can be done has a short Life spanLonger Life Span as it Runs on Gas and is more reliable
NoiseLess NoiseMore Noise due to High Engine Power
Maintenance CostHas a Low maintenance cost as it only needs rechargingHas a High Maintenance Cost as it runs for longer periods and uses Gas
Best suited forBest suited for Personal use and for Home or garden cleaning.Best suited for commercial purposes and large areas.
More Innovative DesignsElectric leaf blower has a limited selection of designsMore design options from Backpack Ones to Handle ones

What is An Electric Leaf Blower?

Electric Leaf Blowers refer to devices that are used to Blow leaves to ensure a cleaner surrounding this much is self-understood by the name itself. To further understand what electric Leaf Blowers are, we need to Understand the Different designs of Leaf Blowers that we cover under this, which include Cordless Ones that can be charged for every use and the ones that take the battery, and the battery can be changed as per the usage. These are emerging as an alternative to Gas Leaf Blowers and are being adopted by Households quickly, mainly because of their many easy-to-handle features. Let's take a closer at a few of these features that set them apart.

The Electric Leaf Blowers work on Electricity, so the need for Gas is not there, and the cost of recharging a blower or changing its batteries is less than the cost of Gas. In some cases, no Gas smell remains, which is a Plus. Another reason is that these are lightweight and can be used quickly. If people have too many dry leaves on their Front door Footsteps, they can take a few minutes out of their schedule and quickly clean the front. The gas blower is not that convenient and weighs more than an electric one. The maintenance of an Electric Leaf Blower is Very low compared to Gas blowers, which again puts it on a backfoot. Most Importantly, the average price of an Electric Leaf Blower is Less than that of a Gas leaf Blower, and people are willing to pay less money for Simple domestic use.

Some of the Electric Leaf Blowers can be used for large projects, but such Options are fairly limited, and it's best to also consider the limitations of the Electric Leaf Blower. The Electric Leaf Blowers can run continuously for a shorter period in comparison to Gas leaf blowers as the batteries may need to be changed or the blower may need charging again. Unlike the Gas leaf blower, these have comparatively less engine power and are quite unsuitable for large projects. Most Importantly, electric leaf blowers usually have a shorter life span than Gas Leaf blowers. Also, as these are lightweight and easy to handle, the innovation in their designs is limited as these are mostly hand-handled, unlike the Gas ones. The Electric ones are less preferred by the professionals due to the above-mentioned reasons.

Types Of Electric Leaf Blower

Corded Electric Leaf Blower

These have a versatile design and are used for small households with small gardens, etc., as these have a cord that attaches to the outlet and has a distance constraint of 100 feet. For the most part, they are suitable for blowing leaves and vacuuming them at the same time when matched with a suitable engine, not too strong but strong enough to push leaves around and clear them up easily. The benefits of Corded electric leaf blowers are that they are weightless to carry around with you and very easy to use, with a dual function of blowing and vacuuming. Along with that, it's easy to put away, takes less space, and requires less maintenance.

Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

These are the ones that run on batteries, so naturally, for a large area, you may need to change batteries frequently. It's best to compare the battery capacity of each cordless leaf blower before making a purchase based on requirements. Though these lack dual functioning like the corded leaf blower, they are great for more free movement and have a stronger engine power than that of the corded leaf blower. Some models are as good as the Gas ones, but it's best to look for them according to requirements. For a small area, there may not be a need to change the battery as frequently as when working on larger yards.

What Is A Gas Leaf Blower?

Gas Leaf blowers, as the name suggests, use gas to work clean leaves during fall seasons. For the most part, the main thing about these is that Gas leaf blowers are popularly used for larger areas like Pavilion open Parking Lots or Big Yards. These run on gas, use a heavy Engine and may weigh more than the electric ones. These are more powerful than the electric ones, much more efficient, and can work on commercial projects easily. These have more innovative designs like the backpack ones, which are comfortable to hold onto. The lifespan of a Gas Blower is more than that of an Electric Leaf blower. They are much easier to operate as they do not have cords attached or double functions.

The main Limitations Of the gas leaf blowers are that they are not environment friendly, leave behind a residue smell of Gas, make a lot of noise compared to the electric ones, and also need more maintenance than electric ones. These are also heavier and more Costlier than electric ones on average.

Types Of Gas Leaf Blower

Backpack Leaf Blower

The backpack leaf Blower is made to give the user comfort without the unnecessary extra weight. These are made in such a way that the weight of the blower that would usually strain the hand now falls onto the back, which is very minuscule to carry. Thus making it easier to use for longer periods and with all the benefits of a Gas leaf blower.

Walk-Behind Leaf Blower

These are the strongest options in leaf blowers in general, commonly used to blow grass clippings and clean around fences and in places where the need for high air pressure is greater; the only drawback is that these need to be pushed around like trolley bags even though the engine power is unbeatable.

Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

These are designed similarly to the electric cordless leaf blower; the only difference is that they are much more powerful and efficient in their job, though they weigh more than the electric ones, not too much, and won't strain your hand if used for shorter periods. These work on gas, so there is no hassle of charging, and the wind-blowing speed makes up for all these flaws.

Main Differences Between Electric and Gas Leaf Blowers 

  • ENGINE POWER: By now, it’s very clear that electric leaf blowers are less powerful than gas leaf blowers. Though electric leaf blowers have some models that work as well as Gas leaf blowers, the number is almost negligible.
  • POLLUTION:  The strength of gas leaf blowers comes with the price of smoke and gas residue, unlike the Electric Ones that leave no residue and are eco-friendly Leaf blowers.
  • PRICE: There is no comparison when it comes to the price of leaf blowers, as the price of a gas leaf blower starts way above the average price of an electric one, and Electric leaf blowers are much more affordable than Gas leaf blowers.
  • NOISE: The Electric Leaf Blowers, with their small engines, make less noise than the Gas Leaf Blowers, give out much more air pressure, and so create more noise.
  • LONGEVITY: The Life span of a Gas Leaf Blower is generally higher than that of an Electric one as these do not have any cords or Battery charging Pods that may face issues as these are much simpler to use.
  • PROFESSIONAL PREFERENCE: Gas lead Blowers are generally preferred by professionals in the field as they work for longer hours and have more strength, though for households, electric Leaf Blowers are the best Options.


We can conclude by stating that both the Leaf blowers are equally important and useful based on your usage of the product. In case of working on larger projects that need to be done fast and that may need a much more powerful engine, a Gas leaf blower becomes the obvious choice, whereas, for day-to-day maintenance of a small house garden and cleaning leaves of the porch, an Electric Leaf blower will Just fine and there will be no need for unnecessary expenditure on a Gas leaf blower.


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