Difference Between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible

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Difference Between Christian Bible and Jewish Bible

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Bible is both Judaism's holy scriptures and Christianity's. Both the Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible are very similar. Only the Old Testament is included in the Jewish Bible. Two sections of the Christian Bible are the Old Testament and New Testament. Jesus Christ is the fundamental distinction between Judaism & Christianity.

Christians and Jews have one thing in common: they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Messiah. Jesus is not part of Jewish theology. Jesus is not regarded as a divine being among Jews. All holidays that are connected to Jesus' life and/or teachings are therefore not part of Jewish practice or life (Christmas, Easter Lent, Advent, Palm Sunday etc.).

The covenantal relationship between God, Abraham and God is the source of Judaism. Our sacred literature is the Bible (Jewish Bible Bible, which does not include the New Testament because of previous statements) It contains detailed information about the relationship between God and the Jewish people. The Bible describes the history, culture and language of the Jewish people.

Jewish Bible vs Christian Bible

The major difference between the Christian Bible and Jewish Bible lies in the fact that only the Old Testament is included in the Jewish Bible. The Christian Bible has comprised of both the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Judaism does not accept Jesus Christ Christ as God. Christianity, on the other hand, accepts Jesus Christ as God and worships him.

The Jewish Bible is the sacred Scriptures of the Jewish People. It is also called the 'Jewish Scriptures,' or the 'Tanakh. The Old Testament is generally considered to be the Jewish Bible. Jewish people believe Moses wrote the Torah and five of the Bible's first five books. The Jewish Bible language was used to write the Torah.

There are two parts to the Christian Bible: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament books were written and compiled by Christians in the first century AD. It is the Bible's book about Jesus. Christianity accepts Jesus Christ Christ as the Son and God.

Difference Between the Christian Bible and Jewish Bible in Tabular Form

Parameters for Comparison Jewish Bible Christian Bible
Holy Book The holy Jewish Bible is the Old Testament, Tanakh and Talmud. Two parts of the Christian Bible are the Old Testament and New Testament.
Founder Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus Christ
Religion Judaism Christianity
God Believe in the Oneness of God. God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. Believe in one God in three persons: Father and Son, as well as the Holy Spirit. Trinity
Believes You must choose the good things from the bad. Only your actions are your responsibility, not your thoughts. Adam gave man the 'Original Sin'. Humans are a fallen, broken race that needs salvation.
Jesus' Position Jewish people rejected Jesus Christ as God or Massiah. The Christian faith accepts Jesus Christ as God.
Language The Jewish Bible was written in Jewish Bible. The Christian Bible is available in Aramaic, Greek and Latin languages.

The Overview: Christian vs. Jewish Bible

Christianity and Judaism, both Abrahamic religions, have similar roots but have different beliefs, practices, and teachings. The Greek word "Bible" comes from the word "Biblia", which is a Greek word that means "books" or "scrolls". Both religions refer to their religious scripture as the "Bible" (Hayes 3). The 2nd century BCE is the beginning of Judaism. The Jewish Bible is known as Tanakh. It is comprised of 24 books in Jewish and Armanic (Hayes 3). The first part contains the Torah, which according to tradition was revealed by God directly to Moses on Mount Sinai. The second part is Neviim, which is the Bible, and the third part is Ketuvim, which is writings (Cohn-Sherbok 1). Christianity was established in the 1st century C.E. It is also known as the religion founded by Jesus. The Christian Bible is a collection of all Jewish texts, but it's arranged differently to have 39 books. Together they are known as the "old testament." The Christian New Testament comprises 27 books that contain early Christian writings. (Hayes 3, 3). The Protestants have 39 books while Catholics have 46. Orthodox Christians, however, can count 53 books in their Holy Bible (Just). Christians believe that the New Testament is superior to the Old Testament. They read the New Testament to verify the Old Testament text. Jews, however, believe that the Jewish text is the most important scripture and that they can rely fully on it for their religious understanding.

What is the Jewish Bible?

The sacred text of Judaism, or the Jewish people, is the Jewish Bible. The Jewish Bible, written Jewish Bible, is also known as Tanakh. It does not include the Old Testament, but it is a part of the Christian Bible. The Torah (teaching), Nevi'im ("prophets"), and the Ketuvim ("writings") are the three main parts of Jewish scriptures.

Jewish people don't accept Jesus Christ as God or Messiah. They see Jesus as a prophet of God and a good teacher. The Torah is also called "the five books of Moses." Jewish people believe that Moses wrote the first five books in the Old Testament.

The Torah is made up of five books: Genesis (Bereshit), Exodus(Shemot), Leviticus(Vayikra), Numbers [Bamidbar], and Deuteronomy ("Devarim"). In the Genesis first few chapters, we briefly describe the story of creation and the beginnings of the God-human relationship. The Torah's final chapters highlight Moses' story and how he guided Israel's children.

The Torah contains Jewish religious laws and traditions. It is also known as "The Law of Moses". Torah is written in Jewish. The Jewish canon includes 24 books. Yahweh, the God of Israelites, is Yahweh. The Jewish Bible is about God's dealings with His chosen Jewish people.

What is the Christian Bible?

The Christian Bible is the name given to the Old Testament and New Testament. The Bible is the holy book of Christianity. The Old Testament is the first section of the Bible, while the New Testament is the last. The Old Testament is very similar to the Jewish Bible. It tells the story of the creation of the Earth. In the Bible's beginning section, you will find the idea of Noah and the great flooding. It also tells the story of Moses and the Israeli people.

The life story of Jesus is told in the New Testament. It was written by Paul, the Apostle in Greek in the second century. Four Gospels are also about Jesus, written in the 70s AD. After forty years, the first Gospel was composed. The book of Revelation is the final and last book in the Bible. It is an example of apocalyptic literature and was written in 95 AD. The most well-known Bible version is King James Bible. Christianity is a belief in the Oneness God. Christianity considers Jesus Christ the son of God.

The Christian Bible is composed of the Jewish Bible Bible's full text (known as "the Old Testament") and writings that are based on Jesus Christ's teachings and life (known as "the New Testament"). The New Testament's contents are consistent across all three major branches of Christianity. However, there are variations in the Old Testament's content. The twelve minor prophets each have their own books and are not compiled together in one book. The books of Ezra, Nehemiah and the other minor prophets are divided in the Catholic and Protestant Bibles. However, they form part 2 Esdras in Orthodox Bible. Seven additional books are included in the Catholic Bible, containing seven books known as Deuterocanonical. These books are not included in the Protestant Bible.

Jewish Bible Bible vs. Christian Bible

What are the main differences between the Christian Bible and the Jewish Bible? Their contents and their arrangement are the main differences.


The Jewish Bible Bible comprises all texts that makeup what is called the Old Testament. On the other hand, the Christian Bible consists of both the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is based on Jesus Christ's life and teachings.

The treatment of the Minor Prophets

The Twelve Minor Prophets of the Jewish Bible Bible is one text. On the other hand, the twelve minor prophets have their books in Christianity's Bible.


The Jewish Bible Bible has three major sections. These are the Books of Moses, Prophets, or Writings. The Christian Bible organizes the Old Testament according to the Greek translation of the Jewish Bible Bible. It includes the Law, Historical Books, and Wisdom Books. The New Testament Books can be further divided into the Gospels, Acts of Apostles, Epistles, and Book of Revelation.

Number of books

The Jewish Bible contains only the Old Testament books and includes the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and the Twelve Minor Prophets. This makes the total number of books 24. The number of books found in Christian Bibles may vary depending on the denomination, due to the inclusion and exclusion of certain books from the Old Testament.

What is the difference between the Christian Bible and Jewish Bible?

Christian Bibles include both Old Testaments as well as New Testaments. Jewish Bible Bibles only contain Old Testaments. The two main categories of Christian Bibles are Old and New. Judaism does not consider Jesus Christ a God. Tanakh or Jewish Bible Scriptures also know as the Jewish Bible Scriptures.

Is the Torah the same as The Christian Bible?

"Torah," which is used often to refer to the five first books of the Jewish Bible Bible (Old Testament), also known as the Law (or Pentateuch) in Christian culture, is commonly used. The entire Jewish Bible text can also be called Torah.

What is the Relationship Between Christianity and The Jewish Bible Bible?

Many Christians refer to Jewish Bible Bible as the Old Testament. It predicts the birth of Jesus Christ, God's chosen Messiah, in the Old Testament. The Christian tradition uses the Jewish Bible Scriptures to legitimize Jesus' Gospel in the New Testament. This is a natural extension and continuation of the Abrahamic covenant.

What is the Jewish Bible Called?

Tanakh is the first letter in the Jewish Bible Bible's three sections: the Torah (the Nevi'im and the Kethuvim) and the Torah (the Torah).

How is the Jewish Bible Bible different from The Old Testament?

The Jewish Bible Bible (also known as Jewish Bible Old Testament or Tanakh) is a collection that contains writings. It was originally compiled and kept as the holy books of the Jewish people. It is also a significant part of the Old Testament, which is the Christian Bible. To fully comprehend the treatment, you can read biblical literature.

Difference between the Christian Bible and Jewish Bible in Points

There are main difference between the Christian Bible and Jewish Bible

  1. The sacred text of Judaism is the Jewish Bible. On the other hand, the Christian Bible is the sacred text of Christianity.
  2. The Jewish Bible is also known as the Old Testament or Tanakh. The Christian Bible, on the other hand, accepts both the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  3. Jewish people don't believe in Jesus Christ and reject the New Testament's 27 books. Christian believers believe Jesus is God's son and accept the New Testament as a sacred text.
  4. The Jewish Bible is written using the Jewish language. The Christian Bible can be read in Greek, Aramaic, and Latin languages.
  5. Judaism, the Abrahamic religion, is based on the Jewish Bible and Talmud principles. On the other hand, Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ and is based upon the Christian Bible's ethics.


The Bible is more than a holy text. It is the faith and belief of many religious people. It is the roadmap to our lives. The Bible is our guide to living life. You will find many stories, historical accounts and poetry in it.

The Bible is a source of divine inspiration for religious people. In many ways, the Jewish Bible and Christian Bible are very similar. Both religions believe that God is the creator of the universe. Both religions believe in the transcendental and immanent attributes of God.

Judaism rejects the idea that Jesus, or any other human being, could be God. Both religions accept the notions of sin, hell, and heaven.


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