Difference Between Overdraft and Term Loan

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Difference Between Overdraft and Term Loan

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Money is the biggest condition for any cash acquisition to be completed. Money has become an important element of everyone's lives, whether it is a business or a family. The funds are created organically by an individual’s ability to pay. The wages he earns or the cash gained from his firm are used in a variety of ways to meet his needs. It could be for the household, for a sale, or for collecting his employees' salary. The created revenue has a way of seeing the expenditure as well.

Companies were created primarily to save money. This helped individuals since money earned via enterprises at the time was stored in banking for subsequent use. Peoples choices needs and desires evolved with time. It altered to the point that the demand for money rose.

It should also be mentioned that as the surrounding ecosystems conditions have deteriorated, so has the frequency at which individuals become ill with chronic illnesses. As a result, money is also necessary for therapy. Maybe if the amount of money needed exceeds the account balances? If the revenue produced is insufficient to cover the cost of a certain acquisition?

Banking created two major programmes for speedy money disbursement from the bank's side, which the consumer can spend and give back to the treasury at a later date with minimum interest. Overdraft is one type of loan, while Term Loan is another.

Both of these will significantly help to improve the financial condition. They are, nonetheless, distinct from others.

Overdraft vs. Term Loan

The fundamental distinction between an overdraft and a term loan is in their use. An overdraft would be used for surprisingly short expenses, whilst a loan term is utilised for long-term acquisitions.

Difference Between Overdraft and Term Loan in Tabular Form

Pointers  of Comparison Overdraft Term Loan
Meaning about the terms Overdraft refers to the use of credit to make withdrawals even if the bank balance is zero. A term loan is money borrowed from a bank in advance over a certain period of time that must be returned. In the instance of a term loan, the period is fixed.
Amount Availed in these The bank provides a lower amount through overdraft. A limit is specified, and the amount can be retrieved as an overdraft as long as it does not exceed the limit. Term loans are often for larger sums.
Rate of Interest mentioned Overdraft interest rates are often higher than term loan interest rates. The interest rate on a term loan is lower than the interest rate on an overdraft.
The purpose of these Overdrafts are often used for short-term costs. Term loans are available for a lengthy period and can be used to fund large purchases.
Duration of settlement mentioned The payback period for an overdraft is quite short. Typically, the length is longer, with defined payback dates in instalments.

What is an Overdraft?

Overdraft is a service provided by the bank that allows you to withdraw monies from your bank account even if your bank balance is zero. This service is provided whenever a client makes a contract with the bank to set a specified withdrawal amount at an appropriate rate of interest.

In layman's terms, an overdraft is the extending of debt on a savings account when the balance hits zero. This enables the consumer to spend funds even when the account is empty. The amount of loan are within the restrictions imposed by the bank for the accounts. The money removed will be charged interest, as well as an overdraft fee.

Overdrafts are often employed for short-term profit and therefore must be paid within a short period of time. This service charges a better rate of return than other methods of borrowed funds. The bank provides a service to everyone who wishes to make the payment in order to protect himself or herself from unpaid fines. As a result, interest is levied on the amount utilised. The amount available through overdraft is less, and it is determined by the bank and the condition of the bank account. This is another sort of loan in which the consumer is required to pay monthly interest on that debt.

More about Overdraft Loans

  1. Overdraft is a service that allows consumers to take funds up to a set limit even if their account balance is zero. It is a short-term mortgage taken out for a limited time. And refer to the facilities that can be obtained either secure or unsecured.
  2. Before qualifying for an overdraft mortgage, the candidate must meet the following criteria:
  3. Proof of Business Registration
  4. KYC documentation for both the client and the company.
  5. Bank statements over the previous nine months
  6. The candidate must have a monthly income of at least $1,000.
  7. Applicants should have a satisfactory CIBIL score.
  8. Valid identification evidence (PAN card/passport/aadhar card/driving license) and address of the recipient (ration card/passport/electricity bill) are required.
  9. Previous three month pay stubs 

Key Advantages Of Overdraft Loan

  1. Compared to term loans, overdraft loans involve less paperwork and reference checks.
  2. If a company incurs a loss or expenditure, the overdraft facility can be used to cover it right away. During busier times, it gets safer.
  3. There seems to be a lot of leeway in this scenario because the credit can be obtained at any time, for any quantity, up to the authorised maximum.
  4. In this situation, no security or insurance is used to secure the loan.
  5. The method of obtaining this loan is quick and uncomplicated since it meets the small capital ratios of enterprises.

Disadvantages Of Overdraft Loan

This type of loan is best for meeting little financial requirements rather than huge ones, as the interest rate will be much greater in this instance. Overdraft loans are subject to a slew of fees and penalties. In contrast, if you wish to prolong your overdraft, then you will be charged a means of raising. 

What is Term Loan?

  • A term loan is a monetary agreement made by a bank to a customer that is repaid at regular specified periods. A term loan is a pecuniary loan provided by a bank that lasts one to 10 years.
  • Fixed term loans can also be extended for up to thirty years. People and small enterprises can apply for term loans.
  • Term loans are typically utilised for large-ticket expenditures. The interest rate may not be as severe as the overflow rate, and it is permanent.
  • The monthly costs are to be paid in the form of an instalment that includes both the interest and the principal amount.
  • Financial gurus always recommend confirming if the interest rate is fixed or fluctuating. As interest rates fluctuate, future payments may be affected.
  • Another consideration when taking out a term loan is the sort of interest. It is recommended to examine if the interest payment is compounding; if so, the payment amount would grow in the future. It is also recommended to acquire long - term financing for a short length of time rather than for a long amount of time. The market's susceptibility can cause significant harm to the financial system and the economy.
  • Term loans are typically utilised for large-ticket expenditures. The interest rate may not be as severe as the overdraft rate, but it is constant.
  • Mortgage repayments are now to be paid in the form of an instalment that includes both the interest and the principal amount.
  • Financial gurus always recommend confirming if the interest rate is fixed or fluctuating. Because interest rates fluctuate, regular payments may be affected.
  • An even greater consideration when taking out a term loan is the sort of interest. It is recommended to verify if the rate of interest is compounded; if so, the amount charged would grow in the ahead. It is also recommended to acquire term loans for a short length of time rather than for a long amount of time. The economy's susceptibility can lead to severe consequences to the financial industry.

Team Loan Provided For Small Businesses And People

Since these are long-term funds borrowed for a lengthy amount of time, the loan may be used for a variety of objectives such as company growth, acquiring technology, raw materials, constructing, repayment of rent and salaries, and so on.

Before qualifying for a term loan, firms and individuals must now satisfy the following requirements:

Eligibility Criteria -mentioned

  1. The applicant would need to have a good credit score.
  2. The applicant must have a consistent source of income.
  3. The individual must be at least 21 years old initially applying for the loan and no older than 65 years old whenever it settles.
  4. Dissemination norms vary from bank to bank.
  5. The firm should have produced a profit during the previous two years.
  6. Various loan kinds necessitate multiple combinations of paperwork, which the customer must provide at the conclusion of the loan term submissions.

Documents Required - If Mentioned

  1. Evidence of registering a business
  2. KYC documentation for both the applicant and the company.
  3. Financial statements over the previous nine months
  4. The organizer's PAN card.
  5. The sponsor's Aadhaar card. 

Advantages Of Taking Term Loans

A term loan is normally for a prolonged period of time, hence the interest rate is lower than on a short-term loan. The interest rate is current and does not change over the term. Because the payback is paid a salary through EMIs, the consumer is not burdened.Typically, the amount obtained first from creditor is more, and so may be utilised to develop the firm.

Disadvantages Of Term Loans

Because the quantity cannot be changed, as in the instance of an overdraft, the consumer is restricted to the amount approved by the bank. 

Main Differences Between Overdraft and Term Loan in Points

  • The bank's services for dealing with cash emergency circumstances are remarkable. It is advisable to understand the distinctions in order to select the finest one. The fundamental distinction between an overdraft and a term loan is in their use. An overdraft is typically utilised in the short term to solve small cash demands. A term loan is a long-term loan that is also utilized to acquire high-value products.
  • The quantity of funds supplied by the bank in both circumstances differs; an overdraft will aid the customer with a smaller amount of money, whereas term loans are much larger.
  • Banking generally demand exorbitant interest on overdrafts than they do on term loans.When contrast to term loans, the time it takes to repay an overdraft is less. Period loans have a maximum term of 35 years.
  • Overdrafts do not require the creation of a new account; nevertheless, term loans require the creation of a loan facility wherein the installments will be shown. When a loan is obtained, the bank immediately creates a loan account.


It is always good to utilise finances for the correct cause. Loans and overdrafts can have a negative impact on one's mental health. A money management strategy is necessary for long-term well-being. Customers may take use of wonderful services provided by banks.

Clients must select which are necessary and which are not. As a result, it is evident that an overdraft never guarantee more funds but can handle an unexpected bill. Term loans can be used as investments at times provided they are handled appropriately.

Is if bills are paid on time and without warnings, the bank's assistance will last forever. Added fines and a negative impact on your credit score may occur if you do not pay on time.

The with credit facilities, the borrowers must continue to take cash from their bank account even if their account is zero. On the other side, if you really have taken out a loan, then will indeed be required to offer some type of security or payment in equal periodic payments.



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