Difference Between WhatsApp and Facebook

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Difference Between WhatsApp and Facebook

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When there were no modern ways of communication, people had to either send long letters to friends and relatives or drive a long distance to inform them of small concerns. The development of communication tools and technological innovation has helped people's communication networks grow. For example, Whatsapp is a program designed specifically for mobile devices that enables users to send messages quickly. Facebook, however, is quite different; in addition to allowing users to communicate, it also gives them the option to simultaneously publish and broadcast their private thoughts, feelings, and emotions with their friends.

Social networking platforms are growing increasingly popular as they get more user-friendly features. People worldwide may interact via online networking platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Distance no longer prevents us from developing our ties with loved ones or reconnecting with old pals. Facebook and WhatsApp are the group leaders in communication in today's culture, but they differ significantly in terms of their purpose and activities. In comparison to WhatsApp, Facebook has a far larger reach. The primary distinction between both is that Facebook is dedicated to social networking and sharing various types of material, as well as updating friends on events and statuses. In contrast, Whatsapp is a messaging program created specifically for smartphones.

Whatsapp Vs. Facebook

The primary difference between WhatsApp and Facebook is the immediate message sending and receiving capabilities that WhatsApp offers its users. Facebook stands out, though, since, in addition to communicating, users may post and broadcast their unique experiences, feelings, and opinions to their friends while simultaneously conversing. There are no in-app purchases, and WhatsApp may be downloaded for free. It uses the internet to transfer messages, pictures, music, and videos, which is more affordable than texting on cell phones. You may use WhatsApp on a PC by accessing the WhatsApp website and downloading the program. Because of functions like location sharing, voice messaging, and group talking, it is incredibly well-liked.

Facebook is called a social networking site that enables users to share photos, leave comments on them, upload more content, talk in real-time, and watch short films. Shared content can either be made public or kept private for a select group of friends, a small family, or a single person. Chatting, audio and video calling, online gaming, building groups, sharing material, events, Timelines, notification, like and comment capabilities, and news feeds are just a few features on Facebook. A few Facebook services, such as chat, calls, media sharing, and, most significantly, messaging, are also supported by WhatsApp. Let's examine Facebook and WhatsApp features and distinctions in further detail.

Difference Between Whatsapp And Facebook in Tabular Form

Parameters Of Comparison Whatsapp Facebook
Definition With the help of the program WhatsApp, users may use texting services online. Facebook is an online platform that enables users to interact with many people and expand their social networks.
Founded by Brian Acton  Mark Zuckerberg
Characteristics Along with exchanging movies, photographs, audio, and voice messages, users of WhatApp we chat and make calls to their connections. The user may chat, conduct audio and video calls, play games online, get news updates, visit pages and groups, and share content, among other things.
The choice to Like and Comment No Choice Of Like And comments. Yes, there is a choice of like and comment.
Profile picture privacy setting None of them, my Contacts, or everyone Only me, My Friends, Custom, and the Public
ID Number Phone OTP Password Id: User-defined Set your password.
Mobile Number Must Depending on the user's judgment
Joining Profile Just the people you've called Or have in the contacts list. By just submitting a friend request, anyone may join you.

What Is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a smartphone software that uses the internet to provide consumers with quick messaging services. The program is simple to use on many different operating systems, including Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry OS, Symbian, and Tizen. A user may exchange audio, video, links, images, videos, voice messages, and more with other WhatsApp users in addition to text messages. Its popularity increased recently with the launch of WhatsApp calling.

Additionally, the software supports individual conversations and group chats with up to 100 participants. A tablet or personal computer can also be used to run it. With just a Wi-Fi connection, WhatsApp is a free, cross-platform messaging program that enables you to conduct video and audio conversations, send text messages, and more.WhatsApp, which has over 2 billion more active users, is particularly well-liked among friends and family who wish to remain in touch but reside in different countries. The accessibility, cross-platform capabilities, and clear, uncomplicated features of WhatsApp contribute significantly to its widespread adoption.

How is WhatsApp functional?

No matter how far away you are from your loved ones, WhatsApp might make it easier for you to stay in touch.

WhatsApp's key selling point is its ability to be used for free for international calling and for sending and receiving calls and messages utilizing only an internet connection. In addition, there are no sign-up costs, and there are no data plan limits to be concerned about.

  • Phone and video calls: In addition to voice conversations, WhatsApp also provides video calls, which include a group feature that supports up to eight callers at once. You may record audio messages and transmit them to individual or group conversations.
  • WhatsApp utilizes end-to-end encryption, a secure communication protocol that allows only the parties involved in the conversation to view one other's messages.
  • Photographs and videos: You may share files, photos, and GIFs without being concerned that they will be pixelated or not downloadable, as can occasionally happen when SMS messages are sent across various mobile platforms and cellular carriers.
  • Sharing materials: Without the burden of email or additional document-sharing apps, WhatsApp enables you to transfer various documents, including PDFs, spreadsheets, and slideshows.
  • Desktop accessibility: Both a Mac and a PC desktop version of WhatsApp are available.
  • WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp's dedicated company account was created to allow business owners to communicate with their clients and exhibit their products on a user-friendly and simple platform.

How To Get Started?

You must download the program (for iOS or Android) and set up an account before you can use WhatsApp.You'll discover that your phone number is required to establish an account after installing the app. This is because WhatsApp doesn't employ unique usernames, in contrast to several other services. Instead, WhatsApp uses a user's phone number to identify them. This makes setup simple because everyone who uses WhatsApp will be added to your contact list immediately.

Joining Groups and Sending Messages

Once your WhatsApp account is set up, you may start sending messages to specific contacts or groups of contacts. It's simple to start a chat: Choose "Chats" from the menu at the bottom of the app, then choose "New Chat" from the menu at the upper right. You will then just need to choose a contact. You may host up to 256 users in a group chat if you're eager to get it going. Learn how to create a WhatsApp group conversation whether you have an iOS or Android smartphone. On the other hand, you might need to know how to join a certain WhatsApp group conversation.

Other Features To Use In Whatsapp

  1. How to change the chat background: WhatsApp allows users to modify the look and feel of their communications.
  2. How to conceal your internet presence: You can conceal your online status, or "Last Seen" status, if privacy is a concern.
  3. Blocking a contact: Whether or not you've already communicated with someone, there are a few methods to block them if you no longer want to receive their texts or calls. On the other hand, there are techniques to make a well-informed estimate, even if there is no way to know for certain if someone has blocked you.
  4. What's a chat app without friends? That's how you locate a contact.
  5. Adding contacts to WhatsApp: Contacts should be automatically retrieved from your contact list because WhatsApp uses phone numbers. If not, you may always manually add a contact.

Privacy Policy On Whatsapp

Unless you click on a link to an anonymous website, privacy is not a huge worry on WhatsApp. In the WhatsApp settings, you may choose whether to publish your profile photo and status with only your contacts or with everyone. In addition, you have the ability to block a number if you are receiving texts from it. By linking WhatsApp to your Google account, you may choose to configure WhatsApp's backup settings. Therefore, your prior conversations with the media will be accessible if you reinstall WhatsApp or use WhatsApp Web.

What Is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most significant businesses in the world. With only one post, you may communicate your sentiments, moments, and emotions to your friends worldwide. Your pals will learn about other cultures, places, and languages as a result of hearing about your travels throughout the globe. After creating a free profile on Facebook, users can chat with friends, coworkers, and complete strangers online. Along with photographs, music, movies, and articles, it enables users to express their thoughts and opinions with anybody they want.

Users "friend" persons they may or may not know by sending "friend requests" to them. More than 1 billion people use Facebook. Following acceptance, both users' profiles are linked, allowing them to view whatever the other user posts. "Facebookers" may engage in private discussions with other online pals and publish nearly anything to their "timeline," which shows what is occurring in their social circle at any given moment.

Features of Facebook

Facebook works to provide its adverts with more characteristics to increase the value they provide. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has come under fire several times for introducing tools that compromise users' privacy.

  1. Events- Facebook now offers an excellent feature called "Events." Events alert you to friend birthdays, provide social life updates, and keep you updated on what your friends are doing. This is an important social media function since it alerts friends to activities they might be interested in and brings them together.
  2. Timeline- Another essential component of Facebook is "Timeline." Compared to the previous timeline, which was congested, this function offers a broader area. Many information and significant topics may be shared on the timeline, along with images and the addition of new friends. The revamp divided several individuals, but it also found favor with others.
  3. Social plugins-  enable Facebook users to remark on well-known themes and trends from illustrious publications. Commenting is possible after logging into the Facebook account. In addition, direct comments will be posted to the Facebook page that is currently active.
  4. Timeline- Another important aspect of Facebook is its "Timeline." With this feature, there is more room than in the previous, crowded timeline. The timeline may be used to post images, add new acquaintances, and communicate several critical topics. The revamp received mixed reviews, with some individuals disliking it.
  5. Relationship Status- With social plugins, Facebook users may remark on well-known subjects and fashions from illustrious publications. Commenting is possible once the Facebook account has been logged in. In addition, direct comments will be put on the Facebook active page.

Newsfeed And Like Button

Facebook has a crucial feature called Newsfeed that is available. It helps add Facebook status updates, videos, links, and likes to pages that are followed. However, there were several protests when it was first implemented. After some time, the concept gained traction, and today it is impossible to view and utilize this function.

Adding and sharing images on Facebook is its most used function. With this functionality, Facebook can successfully compete with Instagram. One particular aspect of Facebook is the "like" button. The user may now agree with or like a post by just clicking the "Like" button, as opposed to the previous when they had to enter their approval of anything submitted.

Main Differences Between Whatsapp And Facebook in Points

  • Rapid messaging service is WhatsApp. In addition, anyone may widen their social circle on Facebook, a social media platform.
  • On WhatsApp, only your contacts with mobile devices can join you, but everyone, including those who are thousands of miles away, may join you on Facebook.
  • Facebook does not enable you to erase a sent message for everyone. However, WhatsApp does.
  • WhatsApp utilizes a phone number to create an ID. An ID on Facebook may be made using either an email address or a phone number.
  • Facebook has a login and logout option; however, WhatsApp does not.
  • Unlike Facebook, where users may browse more often and find new companies, offers, and events in their area, as well as promote their businesses and look for certain groups, WhatsApp simply allows users to talk.
  • Compared to WhatsApp, Facebook offers greater privacy choices in terms of security.
  • WhatsApp prioritizes using a phone number for creating an ID. On the other hand, you may create your Facebook ID with a cellphone number or an email address.
  • Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp does not offer a login or logout option.


People's lives are altering due to social media, and Facebook and WhatsApp both hold significant market share. Selecting which is superior is difficult because both have similarities and distinctions. However, there are some situations in which WhatsApp excels and others in which Facebook performs better and has a minor advantage over WhatsApp. With a few small variations that aren't worth mentioning, both are equally feature-rich and user-friendly.


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