Difference Between Toyota Urban Cruiser and Ford Ecosport

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Difference Between Toyota Urban Cruiser and Ford Ecosport

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Ford and Toyota are two of the largest automakers in the world, and some claim Ford is the oldest. These firms introduced two SUVs that have both been popular in the SUV market: the Ford Ecosport and the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The small SUV market in India became the most well-liked in part because of Ford EcoSport's outright leadership. Ford EcoSport, which debuted in 2012, didn't undergo many facelifts since the amazing American automobile was well ahead of its time from the start. Indian automakers have already released a large number of small SUVs and have more on the way, continuing the trend started by the Ford EcoSport.

Because there are so many Ford EcoSport rivals available in India, the American compact SUV that started the golden era of small SUVs is now working marvelously in Indians' favor. The top Ford EcoSport replacements are listed below if you were contemplating this vehicle but are now second-guessing yourself because Ford is leaving India. Take a look at high-riding SUVs, small SUVs, or any of these beefed-up cars.  Many customers want one. Therefore this group accounts for a sizable portion of automobile sales. It's no surprise that every automobile manufacturer has hopped on board and wants one in their lineup.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Vs. Ford Ecosport

The biggest distinction between the Toyota Urban Cruiser and the Ford Ecosport is that the Ford Ecosport has higher power and torque than the Toyota Urban Cruiser. The Toyota Urban Cruiser will be available in February 2020, while the Ford Ecosport will be available in June 2013. The only vehicle with slanted and telescopic steering is the Ford Ecosport. Toyota's Urban Cruiser is a relatively new SUV model introduced by Toyota. It has a seating capacity of five. It also has keyless central locking, a gasoline engine, and outstanding driving gymnastics. It boasts a roomy and well-built cabin, and Toyota is well-known for its after-sales care. Ford Ecosport was released in June 2013 and has since become Ford's most popular vehicle, as well as being credited with launching the SUV craze. It is a 5-seater car with a plethora of amenities and good ergonomics. It also looks great, with a digital display on the dashboard.

Difference Between Toyota Urban Cruiser And Ford Ecosport in Tabular Form

Parameters Of Comparison Toyota Urban Cruiser Ford Ecosport
Engine Generation It has a 1462cc, 4 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/cylinders, DOHC engine. It had a 1496 cc, three cylinders in line, four valves per cylinder, DOHC engine.
Horse Power It has a maximum power output of 103 horsepower at 6000 rpm. It has a maximum power output of 121 horsepower at 6500 rpm.
Performance And Torque It has a maximum torque of 138 Nm at 4400 rpm. It has a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 4500 rpm.
Boot space It has 328 liters of Boot space. It has 328 liters of boot space. It has a trunk capacity of 352 liters.
Measurements It measures 3995 x 1790 x 1640 mm. It measures 3998 x 1765 x 1647 mm.
View Point FWD FWD
Emissions Requirements BS VI N/A
Type of Steering


Tilt Electronic Power Steering Electric

What Is Toyota Urban Cruiser?

Toyota's newest SUV, the Toyota Urban Cruiser, is loaded with amenities and innovative technologies that make the trip comfortable. It is a 5-seater car that operates on gasoline. It is powered by a K15 B-type engine that achieves 17.03 kilometers per liter. The car meets the most recent pollution emission standards (BS6) and has several safety equipment such as twin airbags, Overspeed alerts, a child seat anchor point, and brake light flashing. The Toyota Urban Cruiser has a four-star worldwide NCAP certification. The NCAP rating denotes good crash test results. The inside is finished in a dual-tone cloth, and the front seats are 6-way adjustable.

Toyota offers a three-year guarantee or a warranty of up to 100,000 kilometers on the Urban Cruiser, whichever comes first. The vehicle's driving characteristics are outstanding, and the ambient lighting and automated climate control air conditioning make for a really enjoyable trip. The car includes all power windows as well as a rear mirror defogger. Toyota is well-known for its after-sales service. Therefore, buyers shopping for SUVs are also drawn to the Toyota Urban Cruiser's brand name. Toyota is not new to the SUV market, and it already has its major guns abroad and in our nation. In addition, the Urban Cruiser, the compact SUV it needed, is now available.

Features of Toyota Urban Cruiser

Reliable Driving

The 1.5-liter gasoline engine that powers this car is the focal point of our discussion. It may be paired with either a five-speed manual transmission or an automated one. Interestingly, both gearbox variations of this four-cylinder engine come standard with the 48V mild-hybrid system. We now put it through our V-Box testing to add additional actual statistics to its performance. Additionally, it demonstrated how competent and speedy it is by making the 0-100kmph sprint in just 11.69 seconds during the acceleration test. Yes, it's not the fastest among its rivals, but these numbers are close to the fastest ones.

Sufficient Power For Engine

This gasoline engine, which uses natural aspiration, offers sufficient power for daily driving. The engine feels enough to keep up with the traffic and has a strong mid-range responsiveness. You may push the SUV more quickly as the revs go beyond 2,500 rpm and continue to rise freely until they reach their maximum at roughly 6,500 rpm. It may have benefited from a bit more oomph, but it still drives well.

An Organized Ride

Now, this automobile does one thing extremely well: it adapts to the circumstances of our roads. Since you have an SUV, you will want it to handle bumps well. Over bumpy and damaged roads, its suspension is excellent. Only when you strike a deep pothole with a sharp edge do you hear the suspension slam? All other things being equal, it is rather silent, takes the difficult terrain in stride, and absorbs all shocks. Even if you accidentally miss a minor bump, it easily accommodates it.

Usable dashboard in the cabin

This SUV's interior space and practical characteristics. And we'll begin with a keyless entry. Many individuals are still curious about how this is used. You just keep this key with you and walk up to the car without unlocking it. When you press this button, the automobile opens itself. The same thing may be done while it is locked. Close the door and activate the button. No need to double-check because this signal verifies it.

The Dependability Of Toyota After-Sales And Servicing

When it comes to Toyota automobiles and ownership, it has already been demonstrated that you cannot go wrong with this brand. The automaker has acquired a lot of regard for its after-sales service, which owners perceive to be highly dependable. Its extensive dealer network, which has managed to provide constant service quality, has also contributed to its hassle-free ownership and great after-sales care. The good news is that the Urban Cruiser has the same parts as the Brezza; thus, obtaining any part should be simple because it is not unique to this vehicle. In any case, it comes with a three-year or one-lakh-kilometer standard guarantee.

Some Barriers to the Toyota Urban Cruiser

There Are No Distinctive Features

Apart from a new logo, bumper, and grille, no distinguishing features make the Urban Cruiser stand out. And while it is not a dreadful vehicle to look at, as an owner, you will have nothing to brag about in terms of exclusivity. As previously said, the minor improvements, such as a new grille, bumper, and Toyota logo, have only succeeded in giving this SUV a new name, but not a new identity.

The competition has accelerated

As a result, as a prospective buyer, I now have a plethora of alternatives to select from. And there aren't many things that draw me to this one in particular. The cabin is the same vintage design originally seen on the Brezza when it was introduced in 2016. The design and layout remain the same, the harsh plastics endure, and there is no distinct USP.

Overview Of Toyota Urban Cruiser

It would have been fantastic if Toyota could have improved on what the Maruti Suzuki Brezza also lacks. But the good news is that it retains all of its cousin's favorable characteristics; all in all, the Urban Cruiser, with its mature design, practical cabin with the appropriate equipment, and acceptable ride and drivability, is a no-nonsense SUV.

What Is Ford Ecosport?

The Ford Ecosport is the company's most popular car in Asian markets. It was first introduced in 2013. It is powered by a 1.5L Ti-VCT (Petrol) engine that produces up to 149 Nm of torque at 4500 rpm and achieves a mileage of 15 kilometers per liter. It has an independent front McPherson suspension and a semi-independent (Twist Beam type) rear suspension. For increased safety, the tires include vented disc brakes. It hasn't been evaluated for the NCAP crash test rating, but it comes with a slew of telematic functions, including Find My Car, Geo-Fence, and Find My Car.

It also has a digital display in the dashboard with Bluetooth and aux streaming capability. In addition, it offers electric power steering for convenience. Compared to other vehicles in the SUV sector, the vehicle offers a fantastic appearance. It also includes twin airbags for added security. The Ford Ecosport is a dependable alternative for those searching for strong brand recognition and a car that has established itself in the market and can be quickly serviced if necessary. It boasts remote central locking and a beautiful appearance to compliment the high functionality interior, but it has average mileage.

Ford has modified the EcoSport lineup subtly by adding a new SE trim. Based on the Titanium trim, the SE sits below the range-topping S and gives consumers the option of preceding the tailgate-mounted spare wheel. We drove it a few weeks ago, and you can read our first impressions here. This time, we take a closer look at the EcoSport SE and tell you five things we still enjoy about it and two things we think may be improved.

Attractive Appearance (View from the Front)

Even after all these years, the EcoSport remains the most handsome-looking monster in the sub-four-meter SUV market. Its prominent grille, wide aggressive headlights, well-designed fog lamp housing, wraparound C-pillar, muscular creases, and haunches all contribute to its American muscle-car appearance.

The Mechanics Of Driving

Front Right Three-quarter Fords have a reputation for excellent handling, and the EcoSport is no exception. This Blue Oval is one of the greatest driver's vehicles in its class because of its well-balanced steering wheel and well-judged ride quality. Take it on any road surface (or no road at all), and the ride remains smooth and steady without causing discomfort to the passengers. When combined with the straight and well-weighted handling, the EcoSport is an excellent alternative for individuals who enjoy spending longer time behind the wheel.

Features and Security

The Ford EcoSport is one of the first vehicles to benefit from the government's new law that eliminates the need for a spare wheel. Instead of a spare wheel, it now comes with a puncture repair kit. This kit includes a 12V air pump and a liquid solution that will work temporarily until you can get the puncture fixed professionally without being stranded.

Major Problems With The Ecosport

The Spare Wheel Detracts From The Character

Since its debut in 2012, the EcoSport has differentiated out for its spare wheel located on the tailgate. It gave it a unique personality that no other sub-four-meter SUV dared to emulate. The SE now appears to be incomplete without the spare wheel. But that is not a reason to avoid it. The key reason is that it costs just Rs 43,000 less than the far better-looking S trim. For that price, the S also has ISOFIX child seat anchors, puddle lighting, leatherette upholstery, and beautiful alloy wheels. Furthermore, the SE trim does not include an automatic transmission.

Requires A Big Overhaul

There's no doubt that the current-generation EcoSport has been around for a long time. And the automobile that launched the sub-four-meter sector had its most recent substantial modification in 2017. With the increased competition jumping on board, the EcoSport is in serious need of a big overhaul. In truth, this SE trim, with its missing spare wheel, does not qualify as an upgrade. Instead, the new-generation EcoSport will have a redesigned cabin, fresh external appearance, current amenities, and a competitive petrol engine.

Overview Of Ecosport

Ford strives to offer customers an alternative option to the EcoSport with the SE level. Unfortunately, however, it proves to be too little, too late. Whereas the competition has advanced by leagues, the EcoSport SE, which sits lower down its range-topping trim giving not more but less, is an inefficient purchase. On the plus side, the EcoSport remains a great SUV overall, with engaging driving characteristics, a big and functional cabin, and a well-aged design that may shame some newbies. As a result, the SE trim makes sense for people who want their EcoSport to seem more traditional and don't mind preceding the rear-mounted spare wheel.

Main Differences Between Toyota Urban Cruiser And Ford Ecosport in Points

  • The Ford Ecosport is heavier than the Toyota Urban Cruiser, weighing roughly 1188 kgs vs. 1115 kgs for the Toyota Urban Cruiser.
  • The Ford Ecosport is an 8-year-old vehicle with far more modifications and enhancements than the Toyota Urban Cruiser, which is only a few years old.
  • The Toyota Urban Ecosport has an NCAP crash test rating of 4. However, the Ford Ecosport does not.
  • The Toyota Urban Cruiser contains child seat anchor points for the safe installation of child seats. However, the Ford Ecosport does not. In addition, the Ford Ecosport has an integrated (in-dashboard) audio system; however the Toyota Urban Cruiser does not.
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser also receives a reasonable number of equipment in terms of features and safety, but it is significantly impaired in terms of eco sport.
  • Toyota It has a four-star Global NCAP safety rating, and all variants come standard with dual airbags and ABS. However, airbags are only available in top-tier Ecosport versions.


The Ford Ecosport and Toyota Urban Cruiser are terrific choices for those searching for mid-size SUVs with fantastic amenities and good gas efficiency. The Ford Ecosport has been in the business for a considerably longer period, so better services and accessories are available for it, but Toyota also has great after-sales care. The Ford Ecosport is somewhat heavier than the Toyota Urban Cruiser, weighing 1188 kgs vs. 1115 kgs. Both cars include anti-lock brakes (ABS) and manual air conditioning in the Ecosport and automatic climate control in the Toyota Urban Cruiser.


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