Difference Between Pumps and Stilettos

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Difference Between Pumps and Stilettos

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Pumps or stilettos, which footwear is best? This question has no straightforward answer, as they serve different purposes. Need something stylish and comfy? Pumps are the right solution. On the other hand, stilettos are classy, stylish, and (dare one say it?) sexy. Some people are unaware that pumps and stilettos are different things probably because of the hybrid varieties out there (everyone wanted stiletto pumps for a while.).

Diana wears cheetah print stilettos in the movie Wonder Woman 1984, which looked cute but sparked a debate as to why a superhero did not choose something more practical. Stilettos are impractical and uncomfortable; however, they have not lost their appeal yet. On the other hand, pumps may be practical or impractical – it depends on whether they are the original pumps or a hybrid version (hybrid versions resemble the true pumps but have different types of heels).

Pumps Vs. Stilettos

The primary difference between pumps and stilettos is their heel heights. A pump has less than one-inch high heels, whereas stilettos have at least one-inch high heels. Some stilettos have ten-inch high heels (how do people walk in those? It is a miracle!).

Difference Between Pumps And Stilettos In Tabular Form

Parameters of ComparisonPumpsStilettos
FasteningsUsually, pumps do not have straps or fastenings of any sort. (Who doesn’t love fuss-free footwear?)Stilettos come with a variety of straps, zips, buckles, etc.
Other namesThey are known as court shoes in British English.Stilettos with 1 – 2 inch high heels are called kitten heels.
Style‘True pumps’ resemble shoes and cover all the toes, leaving the top of the foot exposed.Stilettos may be closed-toes or peep-toes and create an illusion of longer legs due to their towering heights.
ComfortThey are much more comfortable to wear and move around in. They do not cause as many problems as other high-heel types.They are highly uncomfortable, though they make people feel a touch above the mere mortals surrounding them (at least until the heel breaks!). Moreover, excessive use may lead to muscular problems.
UsePeople predominantly wear pumps with their formal outfits.Stilettos offer a feminine touch to casual wear and send out the message that people mean business when paired with office wear (though how people move fast when their boss yells at them while wearing stilettos remains a mystery).

What Are Pumps?

Pumps or court shoes are shoes with a low-cut vamp (a shoe’s front part). In the 19th century, they became part of the men’s formal wear and were known as evening pumps. They were worn whenever there was to be dancing or music; this led to them being called opera slippers/shoes. People wore pumps to white-tie events and rarely to black-tie events. However, 20th-century men prefer oxfords to pumps. Therefore, pumps have remained an item predominantly worn by women (most people do not know that men ever wore pumps).

Pumps meant for women are available with a wide variety of heels. Ballerina pumps are made of satin, and people wear it while practicing or competing (however, be careful when picking a pair; it may be cursed similar to the ones in the TV series Supernatural that made the wearers dance to their deaths!). They have very low heels, creating the illusion that there are no heels at all.

Though the true pumps have low heels, in the US, pumps refer to shoes with the kitten or other higher heels. Low-heeled pumps cause foot problems (though not on the same level as other high heels); however, they are preferable to high-heeled versions. People who love feeling the confidence high heels provide but hate the constant sensation of teetering (as if on the edge of a cliff) will be happy with wedge pumps. They instill confidence in the wearer by making them feel taller and provide stability, too. However, they are not as fashionable as stilettos or slim heels.

Pumps are highly versatile, making it possible for women to walk into their office confidently and breeze into a ballroom for practice after work ends without changing their footwear. No matter what the event is (party, formal meeting, or out-of-the-blue plans with friends) pumps are lifesavers, and they never go out of style. The best part? They pair well with any attire – formal, casual, roguish, Goth, classy, edgy, sophisticated, etc.

Types Of Pumps

Aside from the original pumps, many other variations are popular. Some common types are as follows:

Peep-toe Pumps

True to their name, these pumps are open-toed, allowing the toes to peek out, similar to how a shy tortoise pokes out its head from under its shell. Peep-toe pumps may have open or closed backs. Peep-toes were popular in the 1940s and briefly in the 1970s – 80s and were frowned upon and considered unfashionable in the mid-90s.

However, there seems to be a chance that peep-toe pumps may pull off a comeback. The reason is these pumps featured in the Miu Miu’s fall show this year. Seeing them on the runway was a shock to some, whereas others liked it. (What is it with fashion? Things that were popular in the 1940s and 50s are making waves again. Can one truly ever understand the rules of the fashion world?)

Sling Back Pumps

These are pumps with ankle straps; the strap only encircles the ankle and heel’s back and sides. Sling back pumps may be open or close-toes. People wear them for events they feel they ought to dress up for. These pumps are popular because of the relative ease with which they can be put on. Of course, that does not matter to people who are always running late for an event. They simply grab the first thing that will not clash with the rest of their outfit and make a run for it (there will be time enough to put them on while commuting.).

Round-toe Pumps

Traditional shoes have rounded toes, offering a wider space; this benefits people with broad feet. The same goes for round-toe pumps. They are pumps with rounded toe shapes. These pumps are simple yet have an old-world charm. Most people are comfortable with these pumps, but some may pass it over, as it offers nothing exciting or new.

Kitten Heel Pumps

These are pumps with kitten heels (one or two-inch high heels). Those who need something practical yet fashionable favor kitten heels (usually, those two qualities seem mutually exclusive). Kitten heels are fondly dubbed ‘trainer heels’, as they prepare people for what is to come when they take on the daunting task of walking in high heels.

What Are Stilettos?

Stilettos have a mysterious appeal. They are widely recognized as impractical footwear, but their stylish look still lures millions of people. Their slender shape changes the wearer’s gait and creates an air of irresistible charm. Stilettos can also help exude an aura of power when paired with the right suits. However, the result can be disastrous if stilettos are paired with the wrong ones. Alana Bloom’s attire in season 3 of Hannibal was ridiculed for this reason (a power suit paired with a cane and stilettos? Cringe!).

Remember how Barbara sashays in Wonder Woman 1984 after her wish was granted? The stilettos are part of the reason why that walk was captivating. Stilettos can damage carpets and floors. So, the next time people attend their friend’s party, they will do well to ponder whether their friend would murder them for the damage (if they wear the stilettos) or let it slide. Furthermore, stilettos are the worst option for the outdoors. Not only will people look ridiculously out of place, but they will be unable to do anything even remotely helpful (a broken heel may be all that is left to remind them of that day.).

Stilettos are famous for their needlepoint heels. The typical two to five-inch heel restricts mobility, leading to people taking smaller steps to avoid falling onto the floor inelegantly like a sack of potatoes. The resulting walk shows no signs of these struggles but oozes elegance. Moreover, they came back as an unstoppable force in the fashion world after a brief lull in the 1970s. People became obsessed (as if the existing fascination was not enough) with stilettos after the character Carrie Bradshaw wore them throughout the show Sex and the City (1998 – 2004).

How To Walk Gracefully In Stilettos

People who have never worn stilettos before may find them intimidating. However, similar to most other things, they just need practice. The following are some tips for walking confidently in stilettos:

  1. Practice with Kitten heels first – Kitten heels are not called trainer heels for nothing. They help people get an idea of what to expect when they move on to stilettos. People wanting more stability should choose one with ankle straps that fully encircle the ankles. Kitten heels may not be as deadly as stilettos, but they still hurt people’s feet. Therefore, people must practice wearing them for 10 – 15 minutes at first instead of going out for hours in them, trying to conquer the world.
  2. Improve Body Posture – Most people are irked when told to stand proud and tall. Nevertheless, that is what they must do when wearing stilettos. Stilettos are stressful for the balls of the feet; increasing the pressure by slouching forward will cause knee or back pain. The correct body posture projects an air of confidence and determination (even if, in reality, people are quaking in their boots.).
  3. Place the heel down first, then the toe – Some people just beginning to learn to walk in stilettos forget what they are wearing and try to place their whole foot down at once. Now, the results are comical at best and beyond embarrassing at worst (and may serve as fodder for nightmares for years to come). Remember to place the heel down first and slowly bring the toe down to meet the floor. Moreover, each foot should be placed precisely in front of the other – the result is an effortless-looking walk with a don’t care attitude.
  4. Take small steps – People should refrain from taking too big a step in stilettos unless they want to faceplant. On the other hand, too small steps indicate inexperience and insecurity. Therefore, people must practice taking small steps while controlling their facial expressions (at least until they become a natural at walking in stilettos). If people look unsure about why they are walking around in stilettos, the magical effect of stilettos is completely ruined. So, people should act like they know exactly what they are doing (hey, faking it till one makes it has worked out well in the past.).

Main Difference Between Pumps And Stilettos (In Points)

  • Pumps are usually made of satin (men’s are made of leather), whereas stilettos can be manufactured using various materials.
  • Stilettos were invented sometime in the 19th century (they became highly popular in the 1950s). On the other hand, the vamped pumps have been around since the 18th century. However, the word ‘pumps’ has been around since at least 1719 – a reference to it can be found in Robinson Crusoe.
  • The famous Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz (film) are satin pumps. The character Charlie uses it to kill the Wicked Witch of the East in the TV series Supernatural. Eve killed a demon in the TV series Lucifer by smashing a stiletto heel through its eye (something that still sparks a debate as to its believability and logic). Anyway, either heel type may serve as an excellent self-defense weapon.
  • Stilettos make the wearer’s legs seem slimmer, whereas pumps are better known for their comfortability.
  • Variants of pumps may have any heel type; some pumps even have platform heels; however, stilettos should have heels less than one inch in diameter to be classified as such.


Sore calves, foot pain, and lower back pain are the least of people’s worries if they opt to wear stilettos. Ankle sprains, constricted blood vessels, crooked feet, etc. are possible side effects of wearing them. Pumps are not as harmful as stilettos but cause problems to some extent. The trick is to wear either type for a few hours a day and not try experimenting with walking in them for days together. Ultimately, pumps are more comfortable and versatile, whereas stilettos are more stylish and deadly.


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