Difference Between Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels

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Difference Between Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels Difference Between Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels

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If you’re planning to visit India, you may be confused about which hotel chain to choose. Oberoi Hotels or Taj Hotels? Both are luxury hotels that offer great customer service and amazing amenities, but there are some differences between the two, so it helps to know how they stack up against each other in the competition for the top luxury hotel brand in India. Let’s take a look at the main differences between Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels to see which one is best suited to meet your needs while traveling in India.

When it comes to luxury hotels, Taj Hotels and Resorts (which was bought by Indian business conglomerate Tata Group in December 2016) is a household name and synonymous with 5-star luxury. Meanwhile, while Oberoi Group's hotels aren't as well known globally, they're equally recognized in India as one of its leaders in hospitality. But what are their differences and which one offers more bang for your buck? Let's find out! The chain started in 1932 when Lalit Mohan Chawla borrowed $25 from his father and invested it into an apartment building in Delhi. Since then, Chawla has grown his business across 15 countries including India, Africa, the Middle East, U.K., Switzerland, and Thailand. Back in 2005, he was named India's Most Admired CEO by Fortune magazine. Nowadays, there are four main brands under Oberoi Group: Trident Hotels & Resorts, The Leela Palaces & Resorts, Travancore Hotels & Resorts, and Neemrana Hotels & Resorts. Of these, most travelers will recognize The Oberoi, located in New Delhi; Mumbai; Kolkata; Hyderabad; Agra; Bangalore; Chennai, and Pune. Then there’s Hotel JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, located at Sheikh Zayed Road—the city’s most prestigious address.

Oberoi Hotels vs Taj Hotels

The Difference You Can See From Space. Literally! If you’re looking for an ocean-side, white-sand beach resort, then Oberoi Hotels will fit your needs perfectly. But if you’re looking for a snow-topped mountain retreat, then check out Taj Hotels and Resorts. Regardless of where your travel plans take you, both hotel chains offer some of the finest accommodations on Earth. Both are also world-renowned for customer service, but they differ in price and facilities offered to their guests.

If you’re still not sure which brand fits your needs better, read on to learn more about both companies and find out which one could be right for you! When it comes to Indian luxury hotels, few brands stand above Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. With 11 hotels scattered across six states throughout India, it is no wonder that Oberoi is considered one of India’s top hospitality brands. Its history dates back over 100 years ago when it was founded by Shri Pherozeshah Mehta as part of his vision to build India into a world power by building large hotels in every major city across its borders. While that goal never came to fruition, Oberoi has certainly established itself as one of India’s most prestigious hotels with its luxurious facilities and award-winning restaurants. It was even named Best Luxury Hotel Brand Worldwide at World Travel Awards 2017.

Difference Between Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels in Tabular Form

Table: Oberoi Hotels vs Taj Hotels
Parameters Of Comparison
Oberoi Hotels
Taj Hotels
Year of Establishment
Oberoi hotel establish in 1934
Taj hotels establish in 1903
Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi
Jamsetji Tata.
Head Office
Number of Hotel Worldwide
33 in 2017 worldwide.
100+ worldwide

What is Oberoi Hotels?

After more than a century in business, Tata Group recently decided to sell off a division. The division was named after one of India’s best-known businessmen: Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, who established what would later become known as the Tata Group. He created his first hotel back in 1903 but sold it ten years later. Despite not owning any hotels at that time, he did still have considerable interest in a number of them through different companies. Tata eventually went on to buy two new hotels (the New Hotel in Mumbai and another called Watson’s Hotel) which were run by members of his family. His son Dorab took over from there, buying up even more hotels – including several under a company called Indian Hotels Company Limited. In 1943, however, Tata passed away and left behind an incredibly successful legacy for future generations to build upon. His sons now had control over their father’s businesses – including those that owned some of India’s most prestigious properties. It was only when Ratan Tata took over as Chairman of Indian Hotels Company Limited in 1991 that things started taking shape.

He renamed it Oberoi Hotels & Resorts and then set about rebranding all of its properties. A few years later, he merged all of these hotels into a single entity known as Oberoi Group. Today, they own dozens of luxury resorts across India – along with a handful in other countries too. Some of their most popular include Leela Kempinski Goa Resort & Spa; Leela Palace Kempinski Mumbai; Leela Palace Bangalore; Trident Bandra Kurla; Trident Kolkata; Trident Gurgaon and Trident Chennai Fort among others. What is Taj Hotels: In contrast to Oberoi, Taj has been around since 1902 - although it didn't open its doors until five years later in 1907!

Projects by Oberoi Hotels

Oberoi Hotels have a wide range of quality projects which are all famous and prestigious. They not only manage to serve their guests in a luxurious and royal environment but also focus on maintaining human dignity in their life. They follow an approach, which is different from all others that are out there in the tourism industry. Each of their projects reflects uniqueness, both in terms of service and ambiance. If you want to experience perfection then Oberoi hotels are perfect for you. If you are thinking about luxury, it does not mean you will get bored at Oberoi hotels as they tend to provide something more than that too! Here we try our best to describe those attributes by giving examples of what each project has on offer One&Only Royal Mirage: This resort has been built over 10 acres of land and is located near Palm Jumeirah. It was designed by London-based architects Foster + Partners who won awards for its design. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities like fine dining restaurants, swimming pools, etc. If you want some romantic moments along with your partner then nothing can be better than one only Royal Mirage Dubai.

If you wish to book your stay here just make sure to contact the Oberoi Hotels India office immediately! One&Only Le Saint Geran Paris: Another great property owned by Oberoi Hotels is One&Only Le Saint Geran Paris which lies in heart of Paris. There are many things to do here like visiting major attractions of the city, shopping, and sightseeing. You can even spend time with your family members and friends because it’s suitable for any kind of trip. You may enjoy various cuisines served at Hotel Le Saint Geran Paris since it has three restaurants including a Michelin star restaurant called L'Ecrin where you can taste French cuisine. And if you prefer Indian food then head towards Al Halabi Restaurant where authentic Indian dishes are served daily.

What is Taj Hotels?

With six properties in India and one each in New York, London, Toronto, and Vancouver, Taj Hotels has become a household name in India. Spread across diverse locations such as Coorg (near Bangalore), Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala, and Kovalam (in Chennai), Taj hotels have come to be known for their high levels of hospitality. The interiors are a mix of modernity and old-world charm; every room is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity along with many other amenities. From royal suites to family rooms, the Taj hotel offers accommodation that has something for everyone. There are also several dining options where you can treat yourself to some exquisite delicacies like Biryani at Peacock Bar & Grill or fried eggs at The Club restaurant. You can even relax in your private pool at The Gateway Hotel, Gurgaon.

In contrast, Oberoi Hotels: It’s no secret that luxury is what makes an Oberoi property stand out from others—and it’s not just about opulence either. It’s more about exclusivity and personal attention than anything else. All of its 11 properties worldwide offer world-class facilities including spas and fine dining restaurants but what sets them apart from others is their dedication to personalized service—they go out of their way to make sure guests feel special and valued throughout their stay. For example, all rooms feature luxurious marble bathrooms while some even have a private plunge pool!

Projects by Taj Hotels

Many luxury hotels in India offer excellent hospitality, gastronomic delights, and great customer service to their esteemed guests. Some of these hotels have been established by experienced businessmen who started as a family business and later on flourished into full-fledged corporate chains. In some cases, these businesses became very large brands and even international companies like Taj Hotels. These companies pride themselves on maintaining high standards of excellence throughout their business, not only in terms of service but also through acquiring newer products that they can use to enhance their already impeccable services.

These products are meant to help them provide superior quality comfort to all kinds of clients who visit their different hotels across various cities in India as well as other parts of Asia and Africa. The Taj Group has expanded its market base to include more than five hundred properties located in over twenty countries around the world. The company’s main focus is on providing top-notch facilities for its customers who come from different walks of life. They cater to those who prefer luxurious stays with special attention paid to food, entertainment, and recreation activities such as golfing, boating, etc. However, there are people from all walks of life who travel for work purposes or leisure trips and Taj Hotels makes sure that each one gets what he wants from his stay at any one of their properties worldwide.

The Main Difference Between Oberoi Hotels and Taj Hotels in Points

  • The difference between them lies in their popularity.
  • Both Oberoi and Taj are popular in India and have got a very good name for their service as well as hotels.
  • According to some experts, Taj Group is more popular than Oberoi Group as it offers better service at most of its hotels.
  • If you’re looking for a better stay experience, then opt for a hotel that belongs to Taj Group.
  • The fact is that both these two are old but famous chains and offer similar facilities across all properties, so if you want to make your trip memorable then choose either of them.
  • So next time when you plan your trip to India try any of these Hotel Groups - Oberois & Tiffins or Taji & Dragonfly!
  • One major advantage with Oberois is that they own 12 luxury hotels across 10 cities in India.
  • On the other hand, Taj has 32 luxury hotels under 6 brands spread over 20 cities in India which makes it the number one choice among tourists in terms of availability too.
  • Difference in Food Menu.
  • Another important thing about staying at hotels is the food menu offered by them.
  • When we talk about the food menu of Oberois, they serve authentic Indian cuisine along with continental dishes
  • Taj also serves authentic Indian cuisine along with international dishes.
  • This means both provide variety to their guests who visit them from abroad or within India itself.
  • But again when we talk about taste, quality, etc., everything depends on what kind of person you are i.e., vegetarian or non-vegetarian!


You can’t go wrong with either. Oberoi and Taj are world-class luxury hotels with stunning interiors, incomparable service, and exceptional locations around India. For example, a room at Oberoi Udaivilas (the Group's newest property in Udaipur) costs around $650 a night while one at Heritage Palaces & Resorts—which comes highly recommended by all who stay there—is slightly cheaper at $585 per night. The Oberoi chain has 38 properties in 20 Indian cities; Taj has 50 hotels and 5 resorts across 23 Indian cities. Which you choose is your call but wherever you decide to stay, it will be an experience of a lifetime. And yes, we recommend splurging on a five-star hotel because that's what they're there for! But remember: once you get past budget levels, you're not saving much.


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