Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam

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Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam

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Nothing is impossible, so do it. In the sports world, Adidas and Nike are well-known. Athletes are always looking for new and improved versions of their shoes to increase their comfort and performance. These two brands have long been the go-to selections for athletes and customers alike, thanks to their reputation for quality.

On January 25, 1964, University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman, launched Nike, previously known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). The company began as a distributor for Japanese shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger, with Knight's car serving as the primary sales vehicle. In 1978, Nike was named after Nikn, the Greek goddess of triumph.

Adidas AG is a multinational corporation based in Herzogenaurach, Germany, specializing in designing and manufacturing footwear, clothing, and accessories. It is Europe's and the world's largest sportswear manufacturer, trailing only Nike. The parent company for the Adidas Group includes:

  • The Reebok apparel company.
  • TaylorMade golf (including Ashworth).
  • Runtastic.
  • An Austrian fitness technology company.
  • 8.33 per cent of Bayern Munich.

Nike Tanjun Vs Adidas Cloudfoam

The toe box is the crucial distinction between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam. The Adidas Cloudfoam has a seamless toe box, whilst the Nike Tanjun has a narrower toe box. The Nike Tanjun is also ventilated and shock-absorbing, while the Adidas Cloudfoam does not make a big deal out of these attributes.

The Nike Tanjun is a gift from Nike to the running community. It is effectively ventilated, padded for the weary sole, shock-absorbent, and lightweight, allowing for a wide range of movements. The shock-absorbent material ensures that your legs are not injured and that you have a better running experience.

The Adidas Cloudfoam shoes are exceptionally light and comfortable, nourishing your athletic soul. They have a smooth toe box, traction on the outsole, and are cushioned to make your experience as pleasant as possible on your toes and sole.

Adidas and Nike are two of the most well-known sportswear, equipment, and accessory brands. From their year of birth to their tagline to their logo, these two are very different. Nike is a full-service marketing and sales company that sells footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. The company is headquartered in the Portland metropolitan area, near Beaverton, Oregon. It's one of the world's largest suppliers of athletic shoes and clothes and a notable sporting goods manufacturer.

Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam in Tabular Form

Table: Nike Tanjun Vs Adidas Cloudfoam
Parameters of Comparison
Nike Tanjun
Adidas Cloudfoam
Athlete Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, on January 25, 1964.
Adolf Dassler and his elder brother Rudolf in 1924
Us based brand
Germany based brand
It is highly ventilated.
It has low ventilation.
Shock absorption
It has the feature of shock absorption.
It has low shock absorption.
Production process
Nike products are designed, developed, and marketed in the U.S., but production is outsourced to countries like Taiwan, Korea, China, etc.
Adidas outsources its production to several Asian countries, with its design and development being based in Germany.
Toe box
the disadvantage is that it has a narrow toe box.
The advantage is that it has a seamless toe box.
Foam quality
It has a durable foam sole.
It has the excellent quality, which provides a soft sole and lightweight shoes.
The Nike Tanjun is made up of synthetic Mesh material.
The Cloudfoam is made up of an EVA compound.

What is the Nike Tanjun?

Tanjun is a Japanese term that means "to be simple." The Nike Tanjun is named after this Japanese term. Nike Tanjun was released in 2015 and has since been quite popular among users. The goal was to create a shoe that is simple in appearance but provides the user with great comfort and support. It has a breathable and lightweight mesh upper. It is entirely synthetic. Rubber is used for the sole, which gives exceptional traction and grip on the ground. The shock-absorbing padding in the shoe provides all-day comfort.

Nike has been one of the favourites among sneakerheads for decades due to its comfort. Nike Tanjun is the ultimate ambassador for elegance. Buyers will appreciate the breathability and comfort provided by the mesh top and rubber sole. Meanwhile, the lace closure ensures that the users are correctly fitted. The shoe's fit is close to perfect. We recommend ordering the appropriate size to ensure a great fit. The shoe is reasonably priced.

The Nike Tanjun is the brand's most sports-oriented appearance. It has a fashionable appearance that appeals to the consumer's eyes and draws them in. It's straightforward and gives exceptional comfort during that strenuous workout. It includes a shock-absorbent function that gives the necessary support to keep one's feet from becoming injured.

  • They're Supportive and Comfortable.

The shoe's body comprises a flexible mesh material, which provides excellent ventilation (no stinky sneakers here) and eliminates the need to break them in. Despite their snug fit and tapering toe shape, they fit the foot without pinching. In addition to the exterior, the shoe has a cushy foam insole that kept me comfortable during various activities. The shoe is extremely light.

  • They're Quite Fashionable

The pair's lo-fi shape and elegant colour palette make them less obvious "sports" shoes, so they can be worn with jeans and a pretty top without being out of place. They could even pass for a more inexpensive version of Balenciaga's Sock Sneakers, which intrigues the Nikes in the first place.

  • They're Pretty Long-Lasting.

Even though one has worn them three times a week to the gym and on occasion with everyday outfits for the past four months, they still appear brand new. They haven't lost their shape, and the tread is still largely intact, albeit slightly worn.

  • They Require Little Maintenance.

This was a significant selling point for us. While everyone enjoys a good pair of white shoes, not everyone enjoys the maintenance required to keep them looking respectable. The Tanjun, on the other hand, thanks to its black exterior, rarely displays dirt, requiring just minor touchups now and then. Another big plus? Even if you wash the shoes thoroughly (say, if they get dusty after a trek), the absorbent fabric ensures they dry fast and don't develop a mildewy odour.

  • They Provide Excellent Value For Money.

The Tanjun is one of Nike's most affordable sneakers (other designs on NPD's list this year, such as the Huarache, start at $100). They're nearly a deal at that price, considering how much use they'll get. Overall, the sneaker wowed me in a variety of ways. Now, I swear by these kicks and don't feel bad about buying them — even if it was for scientific objectives at the time.

What is the Adidas Cloudfoam?

The Adidas Cloudfoam lives up to its moniker. It has the lightness of a cloud and the softness of foam. After running or doing any exercise, no one wants to hurt their feet. However, many have noted that after using the Adidas Cloudfoam, their feet are not as sore. The Adidas Cloudfoam is a performance shoe, which means it was designed specifically for running. However, it can be used for a range of activities. It is incredibly light and provides unparalleled comfort. It includes a seamless toe box that allows for more effortless toe movement, and the outsole has a firm grip that prevents you from slipping and falling.

They provide excellent cushioning, and the Cloudfoam technology becomes a part of your soul as it adapts to the shape of one's foot to provide maximum movement and comfort. It also has a lovely appearance. Although its mesh lining does not give ankle support, it can sometimes be a drawback. It also lacks arch support, which can be problematic for some users. Aside from that, it has a snug fit and soft and silky design that its users adore.

Padded midsoles in the Adidas cloudfoam series provide maximum comfort. With even support for your arch and a snug fit, you'll be ready for whatever life throws. The compression set foam responds to where your stride exerts pressure and moulds to your body for a custom fit. These shoes can withstand the impact of solid landings and multi-directional movement, allowing you to concentrate on the challenges ahead rather than the obstacles below.

The attractiveness of the collection stems mainly from the fact that it is built for maximum comfort. The Cloudfoam insoles provide long-term relief from pain, fatigue, and constriction. This makes the daily grind a whole lot more bearable.

  • Prioritize Your Efforts

No one enjoys putting in the effort only to be underpaid. Thankfully, Adidas Cloudfoam technology prioritizes energy retention, so you'll have a spring in your step. The shoes provide a stable base that helps you perform at your best during the landing and take-off stages. Engineered mesh, suede, and soft leather are among the comfortable uppers used on the models. Cloudfoam shoes are a comprehensive package that wraps around your feet with ease, combining the top, midsole, and outsole. Ortholite® sock liners and Adiwear outsoles enable versatility in all weather conditions.

  • Elegant Designs That Improve Style

With a pair of fashionable shoes, you can turn heads on the street. Smooth lines characterize Adidas Cloudfoam designs, giving them a contemporary feel. These adaptable designs go with various clothes and may be worn for a workout in the park or a visit to the shops. Cloudform shoes draw influence from the sporting world and feature iconic Adidas elements like the 3-Stripes pattern on the side panels. The Adidas Cloudfoam range also includes specialized models for several sports, including running, basketball, golf, and tennis. There are various models designed for general training and casual wear. Whether you're hitting the track, the trail, or the road, Cloudfoam has a pair that's right for you.

Main Difference Between Nike Tanjun and Adidas Cloudfoam in Points

The toe box is the crucial distinction between the Nike Tanjun and the Adidas Cloudfoam sneakers. The Nike Tanjun has a narrow toe box, whilst the Adidas Cloudfoam has a more seamless and comfy toe box that allows for better movement. Other distinctions include:

  • The Nike Tanjun outperforms the Adidas Cloudfoam in terms of breathability.
  • There are four separate special editions of the Nike Tanjun, but just one for the Adidas Cloudfoam.
  • Shock absorption is a characteristic of the Nike Tanjun. The Adidas Cloudfoam has the same feature as the former, although not to the same extent.
  • The Nike Tanjun is constructed of synthetic mesh, whereas the Cloudfoam is constructed of an EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) composition.
  • Although they are incredibly sturdy and comfy, the most noticeable distinction is that they are from two different companies, so their quality may vary.
  • Adidas is a more experienced brand than Nike when comparing its founding dates.
  • Nike is a sportswear company located in the United States, whereas Adidas is based in Germany.
  • Nike's critical market consumers are basketball and running athletes, whereas Adidas' primary market buyers are tennis and soccer athletes.
  • Nike has been making sports equipment for a long time, but Adidas has only recently started producing sports equipment.
  • Adidas' production is outsourced to a few Asian countries, but its design and research are done in Germany. Nike items are designed, manufactured, and sold in the United States, but production is outsourced to countries like Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia etc.
  • Reebok, Taylor Made, and Rockport are just a few of the Adidas Group's brands. Nike has several brands under its umbrella, including Umbro, Convers, and Cole Haan.
  • Nike's business sectors are primarily domestic, but they have expanded globally; Adidas is well-known worldwide, but its operations are primarily focused in Europe.
  • Adidas' development is currently supervised in Germany; Nike's headquarters are in Beaverton, where all developments are made.
  • The Swoosh is Nike's logo, while the three stripes are Adidas'.
  • Nike's famous trademark tagline is "Just do it," whereas Adidas' tagline is "Impossible is Nothing."


Two of the top running shoes on the market are the Nike Tanjun and the Adidas Cloudfoam. They are fashionable, comfy, and light, making running an unforgettable experience. They do, however, have their differences. The Nike Tanjun provides better ventilation and shock absorption, but the Adidas Cloudfoam provides more comfortable cushioning that adapts to your foot. However, because they are from different brands, one must choose carefully and decide based on one's needs.



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