Difference Between Nike and Adidas

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Difference Between Nike and Adidas

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Nike and Adidas are in a never-ending war for supremacy in the sportswear sector throughout the contemporary age. Nike is a far bigger company than Adidas in revenue, although Adidas has performed better in recent years.

In the meantime, both the American and German sports labels have managed to sustain two globally recognizable names. Nike was ranked number 18 in the Interbrand Top 100 Global Brand Report for 2017, while Adidas was 55.

Nike vs. Adidas

The fundamental distinction between Adidas and Nike is that Adidas' emblem is three stripes, whilst Nike's insignia is a swoosh. Adidas was formed in 1948 and is one of the most well-known sportswear and accessories firms globally. Nike was founded in 1964 and is a world-renowned sports equipment and accessories maker. Adidas is a German firm, whereas Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, in the United States. Adidas' three-stripe emblem can be found on all of its products. "Impossible is Nothing," it says in a trademarked sentence. Nike's distinctive emblem is a swoosh. "Just do it," says the tagline.

Adidas' products are ranked in second place. Nike items are ranked first in the world. Adidas sneakers are more concerned with making comfortable designs than creating fabulous designs. Nike sneakers place a high value on design, offering various colours and designs. Tennis and soccer players are the most common Adidas customers. Basketball and running players are the most common Nike customers.

Adidas employs boost technology in the soles of its shoes, which compresses and moulds the pallets. The sneaker is extremely comfortable because of this technology. The soles of Nike's shoes are generally made of rubber, and they come in various patterns. It allows the user to gain additional traction. The Adidas brand is less expensive than the Nike brand. However, exceptions are also there because some Adidas shoes like 'Adidas Yeezy shoes' cost a lot more than specific Nike products; on the other hand, Nike has slightly higher price rates than Adidas.

Difference Between Nike And Adidas in Tabular Form

Parameters of comparison Nike Adidas
Description A well-known maker of sporting goods and accessories A well-known manufacturer of sportswear and other accessories
Position First Second
Founder of the company Athletes Phil Knight and  Bill Bowerman Adolf Dassler and his elder brother Rudolf
Year January 25, 1964. 1924
Headquarters Beaverton Germany
Origin U.s. Based brand German-made brand
Main purchases Basketball and running players Tennis and soccer players
Brands Umbro, convers and cole haan Reebok, tailor-made and Rockport
Logo Swoosh Three stripes
Production process Nike designs, develop and markets its products in the United States, but production is outsourced to Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea, China, and Indonesia. Adidas' manufacturing is outsourced to several Asian countries, but its design and development are done in Germany.
Trademark Tag line Just do it Impossible is nothing

What is NIKE?

Nike is a multinational firm in the United States of America that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets footwear, clothes, equipment, accessories, and services worldwide. The company is based in the Portland metro area, near Beaverton, Oregon. With a revenue of more than US$37.4 billion in the financial year 2020, it is the world's largest seller of different athletic shoes and apparel and a significant maker of sports equipment. It will employ 76,700 individuals around the world by the year 2020. The brand was worth more than $32 billion in 2020, making it the most valuable brand in sports. Nike was formerly valued at $29.6 billion in 2017. Nike was rated 89th rank on the Fortune 500 list of the world's most profitable companies in 2018.


Vaughan Mills Has A Nike Factory Store.

Nike has bought and sold several garment and footwear companies throughout its history. Cole Haan's upmarket footwear business was its first acquisition in 1988, followed by Bauer Hockey in 1994. Hurley International, the surf clothing brand founded by Bob Hurley, was purchased by Nike in 2002. Nike paid US$309 million in 2003 to buy Converse, a footwear brand. In 2004, the business bought Starter, and in 2007, it bought soccer jersey maker Umbro.

Nike began divesting some of its companies in the 2000s to refocus its business lines. In 2007, it sold Starter, and in 2008, it sold Bauer Hockey. In 2012, the company sold Umbro, and in 2013, it sold Cole Haan. Converse Inc. Is Nike's lone subsidiary as of 2020. Nike purchased Catalogue, a New York-based business focused on digital sales and machine learning technology, in February 2021.


When Nike replaced Alcoa in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2013, it became a Dow Jones Industrial Average member. Nike's quarterly profit increased on December 19, 2013, thanks to a 13 per cent increase in global merchandise orders since April of that year. Future orders for shoes or clothing for delivery increased to $10.4 billion between December and April. In extended trading, Nike shares (NKE) climbed 0.6 per cent to $78.75.

Nike announced a $12 billion share buyback and a two-for-one stock split in November 2015, with shares set to begin trading at a lower price on December 24. This will be the company's seventh split in its existence. Nike stated in June 2018 that it would begin a $15 billion share buyback program over four years in 2019, following the completion of the previous buyback program.

Nike reported earnings of US$1.933 billion in the fiscal year 2018, with annual revenue of US$36.397 billion, up 6.0 per cent from the previous fiscal cycle. In October 2018, Nike's stock was trading at over $72 per share, with a market capitalization of over US$114.5 billion.

Nike reported a 5% decline in Chinese sales in March 2020 due to store closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It was the first time in six years that the number had dropped. At the same time, during the 2020 quarantine, the company's internet sales increased by 36%. In addition, in China, sales of personal training applications increased by 80%.


Nike is a sportswear and equipment company that makes various products. Track running shoes were their first offering. Nike Air Max was introduced in 1987 by Nike, Inc. As a range of sneakers. Later product lines, such as the Air Huarache, which debuted in 1992, were added. The Nike 6.0, Nike NYX, and Nike SB shoes created for skateboarding are the most recent additions. Nike just released the Air Zoom Yorker cricket shoes, which are supposed to be 30% lighter than the competition. The Air Jordan XX3, a high-performance basketball sneaker developed with the environment in mind, was debuted by Nike in 2008.

For men, women, and children, Nike's product line includes shoes, jerseys, shorts, cleats, base layers, and other items for sports such as association football, basketball, track and field, combat sports, tennis, American football, athletics, golf, ice hockey, and cross-training. Skateboarding, baseball, cycling, volleyball, wrestling, cheerleading, lacrosse, cricket, aquatic activities, auto racing, and other athletic and recreational activities are all covered by Nike. Nike recently teamed up with Apple Inc. To create the Nike+ product, which uses a radio device in the shoe to link to an ipod nano to track a runner's performance. Researchers who were able to identify customers' RFID devices from 60 feet (18 meters) away using tiny, concealable intelligence motes in a wireless sensor network have criticized the product despite generating relevant statistics.

Nike created SPARQ Training Program/Division in 2004. Flywire and Lunarlite Foam reduce weight in some of Nike's latest sneakers. The Air Zoom Vomero running shoe, first released in 2006 and in its 11th version, included:

  • A full-length air-cushioned sole.
  • An external heel counter.
  • A shock-absorbing crashpad in the heel.
  • Fit Frame technology for a secure fit.

What is Adidas?

Adidas 1949 is a German multinational firm that designs and manufactures different shoes, clothes, and accessories. It was founded in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. It is Europe's largest sportswear producer and the world's second-largest after Nike. The parent company for the Adidas Group owns an 8.33 per cent ownership in Bayern München football club and Runtastic, an Austrian fitness technology business. Adidas has reported €21.915 billion in revenue in the year  2018.

Adolf Dassler founded the company in his home in 1924, and his older brother Rudolf joined him with the name Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. Dassler played a role in inventing spiked running shoes (spikes) for various sports. He switched from a  type of heavy metal spikes to canvas and rubber spikes to improve the quality of spiked sporting footwear. At the 1936 Summer Olympics, Dassler persuaded American sprinter Jesse Owens to use his handcrafted spikes. Adolf founded Adidas in 1949 after the brothers' relationship fell apart, while Rudolf founded Puma, which became Adidas' financial adversary.

Adidas' identification symbol is the three stripes, which have been utilized as a marketing tool on the company's clothing and shoe designs. Dassler dubbed Adidas "The three stripes firm" after purchasing the branding from Finnish sports company Karhu Sports in 1952 for the equivalent of €1,600 and two bottles of whiskey.

Puma Has A Rivalry With Puma, Which Has Resulted In A Split.

After their relationship broke down in 1947, Rudolf formed a new company called Ruda – from Rudolf Dassler, later rebranded Puma, while Adolf formed a corporation formally registered as Adidas AG from Adi Dassler on August 18, 1949.

AFTER THE SPLIT, Puma SE and Adidas had an intense and violent business rivalry. Indeed, the municipality of Herzogenaurach was split on the subject, earning the moniker "the town of bent necks" since residents glanced down to check what shoes outsiders were wearing.

Even the town's two football clubs were split: ASV Herzogenaurach was sponsored by Adidas, while Rudolf sponsored 1 FC Herzogenaurach. When handypersons were called to Rudolf's house, they would wear Adidas shoes. Although they are now buried in the same cemetery, the two brothers never reconciled, and their graves are as far apart as possible.

Several West German national football team players, including Herbert Burdenski, who scored West Germany's first postwar goal, wore Puma boots in the first football match ever after World War II in 1948.

Key Differences Between Nike And Adidas in Points

  1. The Adidas brand was established in 1948, while the Nike brand was established in 1964. By its inception, Adidas is an older brand than Nike.
  2. Nike has traditionally produced sports equipment in addition to apparel, but Adidas has only recently begun to do so.
  3. Adidas is a German firm, whereas Nike is headquartered in the United States.
  4. Adidas items are ranked second globally; Conversely, Nike products are ranked #1.
  5. Adidas' headquarters are in Germany, whereas Nike's headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon.
  6. Adidas' emblem consists of three stripes, whereas Nike's logo consists of a swoosh.
  7. Adidas' tagline is "Impossible is Nothing," while Nike's is "Just Do It."
  8. Tennis and soccer players are the critical market consumers of Adidas, whilst basketball and running players are the primary market shoppers of Nike.
  9. The soles of Adidas shoes are made with Boost technology. The soles of Nike's shoes, on the other hand, are primarily made of rubber.
  10. Adidas is less expensive; Nike, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive.

Similarities Between Nike And Adidas in Points

  • When comparing its founding dates, Adidas is a more established brand than Nike.
  • Nike is a sportswear brand established in the United States, while Adidas is based in Germany.
  • Nike's critical market consumers are basketball and running athletes, whereas Adidas' primary market buyers are tennis and soccer.
  • Along with clothing, Nike has been making sports equipment for a long time, while Adidas has only recently started offering sports equipment.
  • Adidas outsources its manufacturing to a few Asian countries while keeping its design and development in Germany. Nike items are designed, manufactured, and distributed in the United States, but production is reallocated to Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea, China, and Indonesia.


Adidas and Nike are the most well-known globally sportswear, sporting goods, and other accessory brands. Because both brands compete, this article provides a comparison of the two and an in-depth analysis of each.



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