Difference Between Military and Army

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Difference Between Military and Army

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The terms military and army conclude the meaning of forces fighting with arms or weapons. The military is a wider term that is used for the armies on three paths that are air, land, and water. They are the ones that work for us by putting their lives at stake. They protect us from any outer force or any outer groupings that are trying to harm the citizens of a particular country. The army is the integral functional unit of any country/ state that is because every important thing requires protection and validations that are provided to us via the military and the army. 

Army vs. Military

The military is a broader concept and contains multi-dimensional protective units. On the other side is the army, viz quite an important part too, yet it is a narrower concept. The army includes only the armed forces, whereas the military is working on the three integral passages, there are some limitations for the army, and why they can not be included in the military, similarly the military is a step ahead and contains the properties of an army as well as is efficient in other tasks.

The army is one of the five integral parts of the U.S. armed forces. As a result, it is considered and often similar to the term military, but the military is not any sub-division; it is a whole on its own. Wherever it has five divisions, one of which is the army that we see above and all. Other than the army are four other divisions: the air force, the marine corps, the navy, and the coast guard. New divisions are also in the processing, and one result of it is the space force.

Difference Between Military And Army In Tabular Form

Basis Military Army
Definition These are the armed forces on the three different platforms, working as a whole with control and coordination alongside having the most integral part that is a discipline at every point. These are the forces that are generally known to be a part of the military. They have a separate grouping, they are known to be working on only one of the paths which is the land.
Size/ number Military forces are greater in the number of soldiers and working as they have many subdivisions too, each working with their full capacity. Army forces are lesser than that of the military forces, they are only one division, leading to less force compared to the military.
Areas specified They are supposed to be working on the land, water, and air. Each is having a separate department for working. They are only working in the land base areas.
Area of working These forces are known to be much more specialized and efficient in their working system because of the higher decorum as well as the more efficient training provided to them enables them to work on the international borders, which we all know requires a higher degree of skill and discipline. These forces work on the national borders. Their efficiency is no less, it’s just about the authority one gets with choice or experience either.
Ranks and authorities Wing commander, air chief marshals, major general, first or second lieutenant, colonel, brigadier general, etc. Army specialist, staff sergeant, Sergeant,

Corporal, etc.  

Political interference The government and the governmental authorities have control/ influence over the military as a large space because the security of a country depends largely on the military. The governmental influence is very less on these as compared to the military forces.

What is Army?

A group of people working towards the same objective of protecting the country on the national borders. They are armed forces that have been trained and assigned under the pious duty of protecting the country. The full form derived for the army based on their work and nature of duty is alert regular mobility young.

They are the persons who are working under the control and sub-division of military forces. The post and the salary of an army soldier or officer increase with the most important feature in their job, which is loyalty and experience in different instances.

The ones who do great tasks for the nation are given equitable respect and remembrance. Such a great example of this is the father of the Indian army, whose name is Stringer Lawrence. Our army's most important task is to maintain peace and unity in the country by giving their best at the borders to save us from all external aggressions.

Types of Army (Names of 7 Commands)

There is no such basic type of army. The thing that truly exists in the case of armies is the integral commands that were not so old and were established for training at various parts and sometimes to look over the matters of the army at every place with the whole of the details. Seven such commands are important to study and understand, thereby knowing about the Indian armed forces.

Western Command 

The start of this command was in the year 1963. The location of the western command center is Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. At the time of the indo-sino war this command was destroyed and hence closed up, but after a period it was re-established and is said to be active at the time of the 2nd world war. Lieutenant. Gen B.S Negi is the commander of this command currently.

Northern Command 

The starting of this command was in the year 1972, the location of the northern command is at Udhampur, Jammu, and Kashmir. This center is commanded by Lieutenant Gen Devraj Anbu.

Western Command

The starting of this command was in the year 1947. The location of the western command is chandimadhir, Haryana. This command was lively during the Indo-Pak wars. It has seen the war in the years 1947, 1965, and 1971. It is commanded by Lieutenant Gen Surinder Singh.

Eastern Command 

The starting of this command was in the year 1920. The location of the eastern command is at Kolkata, West Bengal. It is also a visioner of the Indo-Pak war in the year 1971. It is currently commanded by Lt Gen Abhay Krishna.

Southern Command 

The starting of this command was in 1908, it was predominantly a holder of the armored corps, but now the functioning is enhanced for the better. The location of the southern command is at Pune, Maharashtra. It is also a visioner of the Indo-Pak war in 1965 and 197. Alongside it has also seen annexation of the GOA. Currently, the commander of this command is Lieutenant Gen Dewan Rabindranath Soni.

Southwestern Command

The start of this command was in the year 2005. The location of the southwestern command is at Jaipur, Rajasthan. Lieutenant Gen Cherish Mathson is the current commander of this command.

Army Training Command 

The start of this command was in the year 1991, the location of the army training command is at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The current commander of this command is Lieutenant Gen Manoj Mukund Naravane.

What is Military? 

A group of people who have refined positions and work for the security of their respective countries on national and international borders as we are well aware that the term Military is wider and has a large inner base of the working system.

The post, salaries, deeds, platforms for working, and all others are quite different from that of an army. The military is known for its strict working and disciplinary values, as one who cannot stay in proper form at practice will be unable to handle the critical and deadly situations that may arise at the border. One must be fit and fine from all of the three timid things, that is, physical fitness, emotional fitness, and strong thinking and decision-making skills.

Some basic characteristics of the military are integral and undetachable that must be present in the practicing as well as in the experienced areas; inside the trust, military expertise, honorable service, esprit de corps, and stewardship.

Types of Military

The three pathways of the environment are said to be secured in trusted hands. For that purpose, we have our military forces working and fighting in the air, land, and water for the security of the common citizens.

Indian Army 

The Indian army is a respective title on its own. The group working on the landmasses have given this title. The Indian army is under the control of the chief of army staff, which is the first and foremost for controlling and administering the Indian army. After that is the HQ of the Indian army in new Delhi. Being the most important state in terms of law, it has provided the basis for every function, one of which is the service to the country through the army, which is an integral part in the day-to-day functioning of an army or even the important decisions regarding the armed forces.

As described above in some previous sub-topics, the Indian army is divided into six major commands and one army training command. Each command has its lieutenant, who works as the controller of that particular command.

Indian Navy 

The brave grouping of soldiers giving their duties under the water, they also have their headquarters in Delhi, the chief officer of the Indian navy is called to be the admiral. Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj is known to be the father of the Indian navy. The Indian navy has three commands; each of the commands has its head as the flag officer.

While looking for a career option in the Indian navy the hands are open to a wider choice that can be classified as Executive, Engineering, Electrical, Education, and Medical. The uniform color of the Indian navy is white, which symbolizes the peace and calm nature of the environment and the message of maintaining peace in the mind in difficult times also.

Indian Air Force

The group of soldiers that give their protection services in the air or sky by the medium of their jets and aircraft. The Indian air force has developed a lot in the previous decades as they have implied new technologies in their work system, as well as the most important part, is the introduction of whole women air forces working as the soldiers and the officers.

The up-gradation of air forces is massive during the last times, it has launched about 20 new technological aircraft. The Indian air force command is divided into five operational and as well as two functional commands working solely for the subsequent development of the whole system as a whole.


The army and military both are integral and inseparable parts of a country. Being a narrow and wider concept respectively, both of them cover a separate base by acting differently and being controlled by separate heads. The political interference, the type of action, and the system they opt for are quite disciplinary and adequately authorized in the right hands, the inclusion of women in the Indian air force is a big achievement and a great step for women empowerment. This shows that not only in books and magazines but also in the realistic world, improvements are implemented at a great pace, acting as a healer and soother of many wounds of unsecured regions, scared hearts, discriminated vibes, and many more.

Armies and militaries are so pious to everyone because the ones that are on the border fighting for our security without thinking about themselves or their families even once are suffering from emotional timidness, and harsh weather, but still fighting and standing tall for the security of common man is quite a thing to be respected and taught to the coming generation, so that the ones sitting at home with their families must understand the suffering of the soldiers and have a sense of respect in their hearts for them and believe in the power of nationality and patriotism.


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