Difference Between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways

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Difference Between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways

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While it's true that different people have different tastes, here are some major differences between these two airlines that may be helpful when deciding between them. Remember, there is no best airline—there's only what's best for you. Price. The difference in pricing is astounding. Lufthansa offers their economy seats at $1500+, while the economy on Qatar Airways comes in around $800-USD 900. It also makes a difference if you're flying domestic or international as well. Another important thing to remember about price comparison when booking flights with an airline like Lufthansa or its competitor Singapore Airlines, tickets must be purchased 60 days before departure if traveling internationally and 30 days in advance if traveling domestically. On Qatar Airways, however, ticket purchases can be made up to just three hours before departure. This means that if you're looking for last-minute deals (which can often lead to cheaper fares), Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines aren't your best bet. On the other hand, if you plan and book early, they might be worth considering. Comfort. Comfort is another big factor when comparing air travel options between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways. As far as legroom goes, Qatar wins hands down; even their Economy class has more legroom than most other airlines' business class seating!

Lufthansa Airways vs Qatar Airways

Traveling around Europe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of great airline carriers that can make flying from country to country easier and more affordable than ever before. With both companies focusing on luxury services with competitive prices, deciding which one to fly can be difficult. To help our readers choose between these two great airlines, we’ve made a comprehensive comparison that covers pricing, booking time, routes, and more. Read on for our complete breakdown of Qatar Airways vs Lufthansa! Booking Time Both airlines allow passengers to book flights up to three months in advance without paying any booking fees. However, if you want to book your flight less than three months before your departure date, a fee will be associated with it. For example, if you try to book your flight only 30 days ahead of your departure date using Lufthansa’s website or app, you will pay €20 (about $USD 22 per person as an administration fee. On top of that charge, there will also be taxes and surcharges added to your final price at checkout. On Qatar Airways’ website or app, however, there are no extra charges when booking within 30 days of departure; instead, all taxes and surcharges will be included in the total price displayed at checkout so there won't be any hidden costs later on.

Difference Between Lufthansa Airways and Qatar Airways in Tabular Form

Basis Lufthansa Airways Qatar Airways
Founded      January 1953           November 1993
Headquarters Germany Doha, Qatar
Discount for students No discount for students Good offer for students
Fleets It has a total number of 263 fleets and has services to 220 destinations It has a fleet size of 233 traveling to 173 destinations

What is Lufthansa Airways?

Founded in 1953, Lufthansa (also known as LH) was one of three airlines that formed in Germany. It remains one of the largest airlines worldwide today. Its headquarters are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. They fly to over 180 destinations worldwide and offer direct routes from major European airports. The airline also operates multiple subsidiaries including Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Euro wings, Germanwings, and SWISS. Their fleet includes Airbus A330/A340 aircraft among others. Their frequent flyer program is called Miles & More; it has over 17 million members worldwide. They have a strong reputation for service and safety, with few complaints reported against them. On board their flights they have an entertainment system with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music options available. There is also Wi-Fi available on most flights above 10 hours long.

LH’s Hubs: Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Munich Airport (MUC), Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL), Dusseldorf Airport (DUS), Hamburg Airport (HAM)

Meals, Activities & Entertainment in Lufthansa

The airline uses a 2-tier system of food service. Meals are included in business class and served in China; in the economy, meals are provided by outside vendors and brought on board. Passengers do have access to hot beverages and snacks throughout their journey, but if your flight time is over 6 hours, it’s worth requesting a meal before taking off. Onboard entertainment includes satellite channels, videos with headphones, and Wi-Fi that allows passengers to check emails or surf social media sites. At many airports, Lufthansa offers a lounge where passengers can relax and enjoy refreshments before boarding.

Services in Lufthansa

Lufthansa offers three classes of service in its cabin, economy, business, and first. The economy class has a generous 332-inch seat pitch on all aircraft, including wide-body planes. On A340 models and other airbus types, there are 6 abreast seating rows which offer an additional 2 inches of legroom compared to other airlines in Europe. Economy customers can choose between basic economy fare or flexible travel rewards options if they book their flight six weeks or more before the departure date.

Extra Facilities in Lufthansa

There are lots of extra facilities, like free in-flight entertainment, free films, television channels as well as a copy of German newspaper. Besides that, there is a real personal service with a full tablecloth in first class on flights longer than 4 hours. If you need to change your flight or travel dates then simply call your booking agent and they will take care of it. The quality of food in all classes of travel is fantastic with a wide variety of meals available during flight plus a good selection of drinks – unlike most airlines. You can choose which type or flavor of tea/coffee/hot chocolate etc You can enjoy a three-course meal served with proper cutlery for lunch/dinner or just snacks when it is time to eat.

What is Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways, or QR as it's known, is a state-owned airline based in Doha, Qatar. It was formed from a merger of Air Qatar (founded in 1993) and Gulf Air (founded in 1953). The airline operates from its hub at Hamad International Airport. While it serves 114 destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America as of February 2017, its main area of operations has always been in its home country of Saudi Arabia. There are plans to expand operations elsewhere with new bases set up across Asia starting later in 2017. On top of that has also started flying to South American cities such as Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile while Paris will be added to its list by June 2017.

Meals, Activities & Entertainment in Qatar Airways

All meals in economy class are included, but beverages (water, tea, or coffee) are charged as extras. Entertainment options include a vast collection of movies on demand. There’s also a large library of music available online or via satellite TV. Personal entertainment devices are not provided, so bring your headphones if you have them. If you feel like stretching your legs or socializing with fellow passengers, there are many common areas where people can interact. On long-haul flights in economy class, these include up to three lounges to enjoy free Wi-Fi Internet access and snacks/light refreshments such as sandwiches and salads. What about our business class travelers They can also make use of lounges—the first one being at their airport of departure before boarding.

Services in Qatar Airways

The very first time I traveled to Europe it was with a non-stop flight from Doha. As we approached Germany, I had some expectations about what air travel to Europe would be like. To my surprise, they were completely shattered by an airport employee (dressed in full uniform) who held a sign with my name on it as I exited customs. How could it be possible that someone was holding a sign in the airport welcoming me when I hadn’t even told anyone where I was going? That’s right! My travel agent booked all of my flights through Qatar Airlines and their partner company, German Wings Airlines, so they were waiting at least 36 hours before I arrived. When I landed, there was no need to worry about any connecting flights or anything else. All of my luggage was checked directly through to my final destination and all I needed to do was go straight out onto the tarmac where another employee met me and escorted me directly onto a bus that took us to Frankfurt Airport. After taking care of any paperwork issues such as getting a visa stamp or filling out arrival forms, we went straight into security without having to wait in line because our bags were already checked through. Once past security, it wasn’t more than 5 minutes until we boarded our plane with no problems whatsoever. It made traveling much easier because everything happened so quickly; no delays or connections! And if you are worried about how safe these airlines are... don’t be!

Extra Facilities in Qatar Airways

Qatar airways have recently released its fleet of high-tech aircraft; these are quite advanced in terms of technology. The plane includes an iPad attached to each seat which offers free Wi-Fi, live television, charging ports, reading light, and others. In addition to all these things, there is another facility that every passenger deserves i.e., a customized menu. This gives every passenger a special experience throughout their flight as they get access to the best food from around the world. Though it might be a little costlier it’s worth trying at least once. It also ensures comfort for passengers who have specific requirements due to health issues or any other problems. They can order what they want through a call center and if not available on board then it will be delivered after landing. Also, there is no need to rush during boarding because now Qatar Airways has introduced self-check-in facilities where passengers can print out their boarding passes online before reaching the airport by using a QR code on their smartphone or tablet. You just need to scan your passport using a QR code reader at the airport counter and enjoy a hassle-free journey with your family members or friends. It saves time so that you can reach the airport early enough so that you can spend some time shopping in duty-free shops before the departure of your flight.

Main Difference Between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways in Points

  • On one hand, there’s Qatar Airways, which offers flights to destinations such as Tokyo or Munich
  • On the other hand, there’s Lufthansa which offers flights to cities such as Boston or Cape Town.
  • These two airlines share a massive hub in Doha, making it easy to connect through Doha on one airline and get off in another country.
  • However, beyond connecting through Doha, these two airlines also have distinct differences that might make one more appealing than another depending on your situation.
  • This guide will explore some of those differences between Lufthansa and Qatar Airways so you can figure out which is best for you.
  • The point where we cannot say yes is often called a limitation or constraint. Limitations tell us what we cannot do; they define what our options are (because if something isn't possible, then it's not an option).
  • Think about when you try to cross a river with no bridge in sight.
  • You're limited by the fact that there's no bridge—you can't walk across water!
  • An ocean liner and a cruise ship are ships that are used for travel on the water.


The biggest difference between these two airlines is that while they are both full-service carriers, Lufthansa is a member of Star Alliance (and has been since 1997) while Qatar Airways joined One World in 2012. Other than that, there are very few differences between these two airlines. Both offer meals and drinks on all flights, as well as a range of services depending on your ticket class. Perhaps surprisingly, many people prefer flying with Qatari over other airlines because they serve alcohol on board; if it’s important to you to drink a glass of wine or champagne after a long flight from Doha to Frankfurt, or Berlin, consider booking with them instead.


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