Difference Between Jack Daniel's and Johnnie Walker

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Difference Between Jack Daniel's and Johnnie Walker

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In this article, we will be discussing the difference between Jack Daniel's and John Walker. Both the brands are famous as alcoholic beverage brands, especially for their whiskey. Jack Daniels is the highest-selling American Whiskey brand. Johnie Walker is also a high-selling Scotch Whiskey Brand. Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel founded this distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1866. In 1907, the distillery's ownership was given to the nephew Lem Moltov of Jack Daniel. John "Johnnie" Walker started selling whisky in his grocer's shop in Ayrshire, Scotland, in the year 1820. Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey. This is among the world's best-selling liquor and is known for its square bottles and black labels. Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch Whiskey. It's now owned by Diageo and produced in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland. 

Even though both of them are whiskey brands, they are very different from the others. The reason behind this is that the production of both whiskeys takes place in different distilleries. Naturally, their preservation technique makes the taste very different, as the composition could also differ. When we talk about the recognition of the two brands, both brands are equally famous but their branding and taglines are different, Jack Daniels started in the early 1960s. At that time, Lynchburg had employed only 361 people, and the number is still present on the label. The slogan of this label remains the same, "Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can." Johnnie Walker was started in 1908 and changed its tagline twice. Both these taglines and the iconic Walking Man logo are unforgettable, especially the tagline, "Born 1820 – Still Going Strong!" which now has been replaced by the new tagline "Keep Walking," which gives more space to make the logo appear larger.

Jack Daniel vs. Johnnie Walker

One of the major differences between the two whiskeys is their preservation time and distilleries. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, produced at the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennesse, is famous for being the biggest DIstellery in North America, the preservation period of Jack Daniels is 3 years which is a must-maturation period for it in the oak barrels to turn it into the perfect scotch Whiskey. The Johnnie Walker grain whisky is produced primarily at the Cameron Bridge distillery, the largest grain distillery in Europe. Johnnie Walker has different labels of Whiskey, the red label being the beginner level. Coming to the maturation period for different whiskeys from this label, the Blue label of Johnnie Walker is considered a luxury drink with a 12-year maturation period claim, which is more than that of Jack Daniels. The crucial part is the difference in price between the two brands, Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch has an approximate price of $40 for a 750 ml bottle with 40 per cent alcohol. On the other hand, Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Black Label Tennessee Whiskey has an Approximate retail price of about $24 for a 750mL bottle. 

Difference Between Jack Daniel's and Johnnie Walker in Tabular Form

ParameterJack Daniel’sJohnnie Walker
Variants of the drinkMany variants come under this brand, including the Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack, Country Cocktails (Ginger Splash, Black Jack Cola, Jack's Sweet Tea, Downhome Punch, etc.This Brand has divided its whiskey under various labels like Red Label, Black Label, Swing, Green Label, Gold Label, Blue Label, and Blue Label King George V.
LocationJack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey, it is one of the most-sold whiskey out there and is produced in Lynchburg, Tennessee by Jack Daniel’s.Johnnie Walker is a famous Scotch whiskey known for its taste and different labels. It is produced in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Preservation timeJack Daniel’s is at least preserved for three years to get the perfect Tennessee whiskey taste.John Walker has different labels on Whiskey but it claims that it ages it’s Whiskey for at least 12 years.
Started inJack Daniel’s started in the year 1886 and quickly started to grow, this was a business that was given by the founder Jack Daniel to his nephew.Johnnie Walker's brand introduction began in the year 1820 in grocery stores but it grew popular with time and its market expanded.
ManufacturerThe manufacturer of this brand  is the brown forman CompanyThe manufacturer of this brand is Diageo.
Origin CountryThis is famous as the Tennesse whiskey so obviously, it originated in the same city and is a creation of the USA.This is popularly called Scottish whiskey or scotch. As the mane suggests it originated in Scotland, Europe.
Sponsors ofJack Daniel’s sponsor's several things like the Superracing TeamsJohnnie Walker is a common sponsor of sports like Golf tournaments and Formula One teams.

What is Jack Daniel's?

Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel is the founder of the distillery, which began in Lynchburg, Tennessee in the year 1866. But In 1907, due to ill health, Jack Daniel gave the business to his nephew Lem Motlow to run and continue the business. But soon enough, Tennessee had passed a state-wide prohibition law in 1910. So Lem Motlow had to move the distillery to St. Louis, Missouri and Birmingham, Alabama. Later, during this time of World War 2, all production had to be halted as the whiskey production got banned. The ban was finally called off, in the year 1947. This naturally impacted the business. Soon Motlow passed away, and his kids inherited the business, Robert, Reagor, Dan, Conner, and Mary were the children of Motlow. This business was then bought by the Brown Forman Company, which is the current manufacturer.

Jack Daniel's is the famous kind of Tennesse whiskey, which is made with more than half a percentage of corn ration, which is more than 50 percent. After which, it is then passed through several filters made of maple and charcoal and is then further stored in oak wood barrels to get the perfect barrels it is aged for at least three years. This has a distinctive flavor and is 45% alcohol by volume. The famous thing about this alcohol is that it has the same component as the Bourbon whiskey with 51 percent corn. Jack Daniel's has a grain bill of 80 percent corn, 8 percent rye, and 12 percent malted barley.

What is Johnnie Walker?

In the Scottish county of Ayrshire, Kilmarnock is where John Walker was born. After his father passed away in 1819, his family sold the farm and invested the proceeds in a food store and warehouse on the High Street. Walker handled the store's selection of rum, gin, brandy, and scotch whisky despite abstaining from alcohol as a teetotaller.

The timing was right, so they started a scotch company. Aeneas Coffey, an Irishman, created and patented his continuous still in 1833, also revolutionizing the distilled spirits sector. Walker was now capable of offering not only the single malt scotches from all around Scotland but also some of the first new, low-cost grain whiskies that started to appear in the market and on the shelves of the stores. Alexander Walker, who was the son of John Walker, also received great benefits from the new blended scotch whisky style after his father passed away in 1857. The Spirits Act of 1860, which permitted brokers to combine malt and grain whiskies, was passed. Alexander had introduced the square bottle with a slanted label the same year. both he and his son Alexander Walker II grew the company into a global phenomenon with these new changes.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, this business also bought several distilleries, including the ones at Cardu, Coleburn, Clynelish, Dailuaine, and Talisker. Johnnie Walker had also joined the Distillers Company, which was the world's leading producer of scotch whisky, in 1925. Distillers Company was acquired by the Guinness in 1986. Then these were combined with the Grand Metropolitan to establish Diageo, PLC, in 1997. Diageo is currently also the world's largest beverage company. There are many different labels of whiskeys sold by Johnnie Walker. These are divided based on color. The colors also represent different blends sold under various color labels.

 Identified by the Label color:

  • Black Label - this is a famous blend of about 40 whiskies which is unique in itself. Each of these is aged at least 12 years. 80 proof (40% ABV).
  • Gold Label - This is a special blend made of over 15 single malts commonly bottled at 15 or 18 years of preservation.80 proof (40% ABV).
  • Green Label - This, too, is a rich blend made by using only malts drawn from the four corners of Scotland, and each of the malt whisky is matured for at least a minimum of 15 years.
  • Blue Label - Johnnie Walker's most premium blend is the blue label as mentioned. Every bottle is serial numbered and sold in a beautiful silk-lined box, also accompanying a certificate of authenticity. There is no age declaration for the Blue Label. 80 proof (40% ABV). It is one of the most expensive whiskey and costs $200 a bottle.
  • Red Label - This is a blend of around 35 grain and malt whiskies a unique flavour for some. This is intended for making mixed drinks or Cocktails. 80 proof (40% ABV). It also used to be the favorite Scotch of Winston Churchill and is the favorite of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Main Differences Between Jack Daniel's and Johnnie Walker in Points

  • Cost: People choose a whiskey for taste and don't usually compare the price, but when we compare the overall demand, the price becomes a crucial factor in that case. Jack Daniel's whiskey, which is so popular and costs only $40, is more affordable in comparison to the blue-label whiskey of Khonnie Walker, which costs approximately $200 a bottle and is considered a luxury in a range of alcoholic beverages.
  • Aged: Drinks aged longer taste better is the general belief of people, as ageing makes the taste richer and enhanced. The criticalness of this step makes this a point of difference as the Jack Daniel's Whiskey is aged for at least three years to get Tennessee whiskey flavor while the Johnnie Walker whiskey claims to be aged for 12 years.
  • Founder: The founder of both brands used their names as the brand name itself. Jack Daniels Company was founded by Sir Jack Daniels or Jasper Newton and was named after him. On the other hand, Johnnie Walker was founded by Johnnie Walker, as the brand is also like Jack Daniel's named after him, who is the founder.
  • Related Beverages and Things: Whiskey is enjoyed with different things. Jack Daniels is often paired with things like Chambord, Southern Comfort, Jim Beam and Crown Royal, the liquor. Johnnie Walker Whiskey is consumed with Ballantine's, Buchanan's, Chivas Regal, Cutty Sark, Dewar's, and Vat 69. These work as good combos with Whiskey.


In Conclusion, we made a comparison between two different brands of whiskey. Both of these brands, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker, have different blends and different tastes. The differences in Alcohol percentages bring a dynamic difference in the quality of these whiskeys and the choice of the consumers. These whiskey brands are also great examples of old businesses that started years ago and are still running strong. Also, even though the ownership has changed, the impact of the products is still the same and even better. 

The demand for both these whiskeys reflects that these have a very high value in the market and are very popular, as people buy the bottles at a price as high as $200 a bottle. The hype and the value of both brands is now crystal clear. Furthermore, this is an easy guide for new whiskey buyers to make a better decision and get their money's worth. Also, knowledge about the good snacks that go with different whiskeys helps in planning a cocktail party better. The differences reflect how different ingredients can also make the price of whiskey rise. This has made a positive impact on our outlook on alcoholic beverages as the same. This also encouraged us to explore the variety of Whiskeys available.


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