Difference Between Fatah and Hamas

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Difference Between Fatah and Hamas

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The long term conflict between Israel and Palestine traces all the way back to the first half of the twentieth century. But in 1939, the Mandatory Power suggested that Palestine be a brought together and independent country. In any case, the execution of such a Statement of Policy was ruined and defeated by the gigantic Jewish movement brought about by the horrors of the Holocaust and by the developing Zionist resistance.

The Palestine question - which stays inexplicable - was given to the United Nations. With General Assembly goals 181 (II) and 194 (III) - the previous accommodating the making of a Palestinian Arab State in view of segment borders and the last option requiring the arrival of Palestinian evacuees - the worldwide local area accepted perceived the right to the self-assurance of the Palestinian public. However, Israel illegally involved 77% of the region of Palestine in the 1948 Israeli-Arab war - which is recollected by the Palestinians as the 'Nakba' (calamity) - and caused the inner dislodging and ejection of the north of 700,000 Palestinians. Besides, with the 1967 conflict, Israel attached the excess regions and proceeded with its plan of persuasive removal of Palestinians and reckless destruction of Palestinian villages and houses.

Today, Israel proceeds with its illicit annexation of Palestinian regions and unabatedly infringes on the fundamental privileges, including the right of return, of the Palestinian public. The Israeli-Palestinian inquiry stays at the centre of the worldwide agenda, yet no outside inclusion has had the option to settle the very long term deadlock nor to end the merciless infringement submitted by Israeli powers.

While Palestine isn't perceived as an independent country, Palestinian ideological groups keep on taking part in quiet and non-tranquil activities to at long last accomplish autonomy and recover command over the regions involved by Israeli pilgrims. The two primary political groups of Palestine - both making progress toward freedom however through totally different means - are Fatah and Hamas.

Fatah vs. Hamas

The main difference between Fatah and Hamas is their belief systems. Fatah perceived Israel as needed to fabricate a state on Borders in 1967. Then again, in 1967, Hamas acknowledged the Palestinian state however had not perceived Israel. The social majority rules system, two-state arrangement, Palestinian patriotism, and secularism are the philosophies of Fatah. Be that as it may, the philosophies of Hamas are Islamism, Zionism, religion, and discrimination against Jews.

The complete name of Fatah is Harakat al-Tahir al-Filistiniya which implies Palestinian Liberation Movement. Fatah is for the most part the converse abbreviation of its complete name. In the last part of the 1950s, Fatah was made to free Palestine through brutal and equipped battles from Israelis.

The complete name of Hamas is Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya which implies Islamic obstruction development. It is a fanatic party, but Israel considers it a terrorist organization. The objective of this party is to destruct Israel and make an Islamic state. It was gone before by the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood.

Difference Between Fatah and Hamas in Tabular Form

Parameters of Comparison Fatah Hamas
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Ismail Haniyeh
Founded 1959 (as a political movement)

1965 (as a political party)

In 1987
Headquarter Ramallah, West Bank Gazza, Gazza Strip
Color Yellow Green
Legislative council 45/132 74/132

What is Fatah?

Previously, the Fatah was known as Palestinian National Liberation Movement. It is a political party, specifically the Palestinian patriot Social Democratic political group. It is the second-biggest party in PLC or the Palestinian Legislative Council. The leader of the Palestinian Authority, specifically Mahmoud Abbas is additionally an individual from Fatah. The motto of this gathering is "Ya Jabal Ma yhezak Reeh". It just signifies "The breezes can't shake the mountain".

Before, Fatah had a strong inclusion in the battle for goal and has kept a few assailant gatherings. It had been related to Yasser Arafat, who was an author of this development/ideological group and filled in as an executive until his demise (2004).

Farouk Kaddoumi succeeded him naturally in the place of the executive of Fatah. He proceeded with his situation until the year 2009 and was prevailed by Abbas. Since Arafat's demise, seeing factionalism inside the different philosophical movements is more self-evident. The area for its settlement is at Gazza, Gazza Strip

In the appointment of PLC led in 2006, Fatah lost the larger part to Hamas. Subsequently, conflict emerged between Fatah and Hamas. Fatah keeps up with the authority over the Palestinian National Authority (West Bank) and is likewise dynamic in the control of Palestinian outcast camps. With regards to the political position, Fatah is from focus passed on to the left-wing.

What is Hamas?

Hamas is a militant, patriot, and Palestinian Sunni Islamic fundamentalist association. Dawah is its social assistance wing, while Izz promotion Din al-Qassam Brigades is its military wing. From the Hamas establishment, it dismissed negotiations that could surrender any land. The national association is a collusion of Palestinian powers, while the global alliance is Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2006, it won the appointment of Palestinian regulative. In 2007, the skirmish of Gazza was battled, and it turned into the overseeing authority of its strip, specifically the Gazza strip. Hasam additionally holds most of the Palestinian public power's parliament. Sunni Islam is the religion of Hamas.

Hamas is viewed as a psychological militant association by Canada, Israel, the United States, Japan, and European Union. Hamas pioneers are situated in Qatar, to be specific Khaleed Mashaal and Islami Haniyeh. In 2018, the United States' goal was censured it as a terrorist oppressor association, yet United Nations General Assembly dismissed the goal of the United States.

There were a few conflicts where Israel and Hamas are locked in with fluctuating intensity. The military wing of Hamas has sent off assaults against fighters and regular folks of Israel. Also, portrayed as a counter, particularly for the deaths. The non-aggression treaty of 1993 was endorsed by Israel and PLO. In any case, this arrangement was reviled by the Islamic Jihad groups who suicide bombers for the escalated terror mission.

How do their targets contrasts or differ?

With the arrival of Hamas' political document in 2017, the targets of the two parties are successfully something effective- making a Palestinian state on the lines of 1967.

"There is no worth to the condition where Hamas says it won't abandon historic Palestine," said al-Aqtash, the political expert. "Hamas has acknowledged a political split the difference and they can't back on this."

"All Palestinians fantasy about freeing historic Palestine, however today, they are chipping away at a realistic solution," he added, making sense of they are focusing in on "what they can accomplish instead of what they any expectation of accomplishing".

What are their methodologies?

The greatest distinction between the two developments today is their mentality towards Israel.

While Hamas has gripped to utilizing outfitted obstruction, Fatah has confidence in haggling with Israel and has totally precluded utilizing assaults.

The Oslo Accords gave Israel full control of the Palestinian economy as well as common and security matters in excess of 60% of the West Bank.

Under the agreements, the PA should organize with the Israeli occupation over security and any furnished obstruction assaults arranged against Israelis. This is viewed as profoundly dubious and seen by some as the PA teaming up with the Israeli occupation.

In March, fights emitted in the West Bank when conspicuous Palestinian political lobbyist Basil al-Araj was killed by Israeli powers in Ramallah, subsequent to being captured by PA security faculty on claims of arranging an assault.

Abbas, the PA president, routinely and freely censures any tasks of outfitted opposition did by Palestinians against Israelis.

The issue of furnished opposition feels a little wary about whether the solidarity understanding arrived at this week would succeed.

"The PA doesn't put stock in the authenticity of Hamas' arms. This implies that the PA needs to end the opposition in Gaza and Hamas rejects that. Furthermore, assuming Fatah acknowledges the opposition, Israel will go to lengths against the PA," Abdulsattar Qassem, a Nablus-based political investigator, told Al Jazeera.

"This will definitely prompt the obliteration of the potential new solidarity government."

How do their rally support?

Hamas' fascination lies in its belief system, contrasted and Fatah which has more worldwide sponsorship and is viewed as more monetarily secure.

As far as collecting support, the two utilize totally different strategies.

Hamas, similar to the Muslim Brotherhood, utilizes grassroots activism to illuminate individuals on its belief system, in spots like mosques and colleges.

Fatah, then again, no longer does such activities and depends more on offering monetary help to acquire adherents, as indicated by those on the ground.

Al-Aqtash says about portion of Fatah supporters "monetarily benefit from the PA and get rewards like compensations and elevated places - alongside their families.

"Their occupation is attached to the presence of the PA."

Many actually view Fatah's Arafat as a Palestinian chief. In his time, prior to marking the Oslo Accords, the party upheld equipped opposition.

"A large number of those on the road who support Fatah do as such according to an enthusiastic viewpoint - for the mottos and the historical backdrop of the development - without truly understanding what the development's present perspectives are," said al-Aqtash.

Then again, Hamas has something else entirely base, says Ramallah-based lobbyist Hazem Abu Helal.

"Hamas has a particular belief system and they have individuals attempting to advance their thoughts, rather than Fatah which utilizes cash to get its supporters," Abu Helal told Al Jazeera.

"Today, if you ask university students, most of them don't have any idea what Fatah's philosophy is. The development doesn't have clear standards."

Current situation

  • Fatah has been always a leading party, yet Hamas' help has become bigger - to the point that Fatah was crushed in the 2006 elections. Following quite a while of unrest and interior insecurity, the two gatherings observed an agreement and Fatah joined the unity government as a junior accomplice while Hamas turned into the senior accomplice in March 2007.
  • However, March 2007 imprints the start of contention between the two groups:
  • March 2007: the unity government gets down to business, yet Hamas won't stop assaults against Israel;
  • June 2007: Hamas assumes command of the Gaza Strip. As north of 100 are killed in the battling, President Abbas announced the highly sensitive situation and excused the solidarity government;
  • November 2007: harmony talks among Israel and Palestine are interceded by previous U.S. President George Bush;
  • January 2008: the contention in the Gaza strips escalates and Palestine endures of deficiency of food, power, fuel and water;
  • December 2008: with Operation Cast Lead, Israel dispatches a fierce attack of the Gaza Strip, killing more than 1000 regular citizens;
  • January 2009: in spite of the finish of its term, President Abbas chooses to remain in power until official and parliamentary races can be held;
  • Mid-2009: Egypt upholds compromise talks between the two gatherings;
  • May 2011: Hamas and Fatah sign a solidarity bargain; Abbas (Fatah's chief) and Khaled Meshaal (Hamas' chief) meet in Cairo to consent to the compromise arrangement;

Beginning around 2011, the strain between the two groups heightened once more, and a last and complete compromise is yet to be reached. Today, Mahmud Abbas - head of Fatah - is the President of Palestine.

Main Differences Between Fatah and Hamas in Points

  1. As far as objectives as concerned, Fatah perceived Israel as needed to fabricate a state on Borders in 1967, while in 1967, Hamas acknowledged the Palestinian state, however, had not perceived Israel.
  2. The belief systems of Fatah are a social majority rules government, a two-state arrangement, Palestinian patriotism, and secularism, though Islamism, hostility to Zionism, strict and discrimination against Jews are philosophies of Hamas.
  3. The authors of Fatah are Salah Khalaf, Yasser Arafat, Khalil al-Wazir, and Khaled Yashruti. Then again, the authors of Hamas are Hassan Yousef, Mahmoud Zahar, Ibrahim Quba, Mohammad Taha, and some more.
  4. With regards to connection, Fatah has PLO (national affiliation), the party of European communists (European alliance), and moderate unions of communists worldwide (international affiliation). In any case, Hamas has collusion with Palestinian powers (public alliance) and the Muslim Brotherhood (international affiliation).
  5. Fatah has an exchange technique towards Israel. On the other side, Hamas has an outfitted obstruction methodology towards Israel.


It can be concluded that both Fatah and Hamas are two of the political powers which assumed a significant part in Palestine's liberation. The two of them are as yet significant with various goals, organizers, starting points, belief systems, techniques, and so forth. Fatah needed to assemble a state on Borders in 1967. On the other side, in 1967, Hamas acknowledged the Palestinian state.

Social democracy, Palestinian nationalism, secularism, and a two-state arrangement are philosophies of Fatah. Be that as it may, the philosophies of Hamas are Islamism, discrimination against Jews, hostility to Zionism, and religion. The settlement of Fatah is situated at Ramallah, West Bank. Then again, Gaza, the Gaza strip is the settled area of Hamas



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