Difference Between Electric Grill and Gas Grill

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Difference Between Electric Grill and Gas Grill

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One of the ongoing debates that never seem to end is the gas vs. electric vs. charcoal grills. People using charcoal grills get the stink-eye due to the environmental harm it causes. So, that leaves people with a choice to buy either gas or electric grills. The cases people build and present for each type is mind-blowing. Gas grills are best known for the smoky flavor they impart to the food cooked, whereas electric grills are the no-fuss grills that do what people expect – cook well and fast.

BBQ parties are abundant in summer and spring. Nothing beats grilling in the backyard, hanging out with friends, and sharing delicious food with the rest of the partygoers. Gas grills are the best option for these weekend parties, as they have a large enough surface to cook food sufficient for all the people invited. And, god, the flavor is to die for.

On the other hand, electric grills are more than enough for family outings or cooking a worry-free meal after a hard day at work. Electric grills may not elevate the food’s flavor, but they reduce the cooking time, and the food tastes good. People with high workloads do not have the patience to deal with gas grills. Electric grills may be the right option in a fast-moving world like this.

Electric Grills Vs. Gas Grills

The primary difference between electric and gas grills is the fuel source. The former is fueled by electricity, whereas natural or propane gas fuels the latter.

Difference Between Electric Grills And Gas Grills In Tabular Form

Parameters of ComparisonElectric GrillsGas Grills
TastePeople looking for the ‘authentic’ taste will not be happy with electric grills.Gas grills provide a smoky flavor to the meat, leaving people craving more. However, charcoal grills are the King in adding flavor to the food. There is no room for debate.
ServingA typical electric grill can be used to cook food that can serve 2 – 6 people. Larger models may aid in feeding around 12 – 15 people.Gas grills can be used to serve small groups. Industrial gas grills aid in preparing food sufficient to feed hundreds of people (it looks like the entire town can enjoy a BBQ party together).
Space and SafetyElectric grills are a godsend to people with limited space and are the safest option, as they do not cause flare-ups when cooking/grilling.Gas grills are best suited for the outdoors. Moreover, flare-ups may occur (do not panic when a flare-up happens; just close the grill lid to suffocate the fire).
Who is it for?Merely want a hassle-free cooking experience? Electric grills are a suitable option. After all, they cook fast, and operating them is a no-brainer.Want to lay back and get immersed in the art of grilling? Gas grills are the right option. Grilling with these may take longer, but it is well worth the wait.
CostElectric grills cost less than gas grills. The long-run cost (energy bills), too, is lesser than what people pay for additional fuel for using gas grills.Gas grills that use natural gas are less expensive than propane-fueled ones. People with a natural gas supply at home need not worry about the long-run cost. On the other hand, those eyeing a propane-fueled one need to think twice before buying it.
MaintenanceEvery part except the grill’s heating element (it needs to be unplugged when washing) can be washed/cleaned. Therefore, maintaining its pristine condition is relatively easy (who needs even more work in their lives?).All parts of the grill are washable, including heating plates. People will have no problem or face any hassles when cleaning these grills; however, the process may take a long time due to the grill’s size.
HeatThese grills have low, medium, and high heat-generating settings. However, it still may not be possible to sear or slow-cook food.People can grill anything with gas grills, as they produce intense heat. They will always be helpful, no matter what they want to cook (at least until they run out of gas).

What Are Electric Grills?

Is there a better invention than electric grills? Probably yes, but not according to electric grill lovers. They say good riddance to messy charcoals and gas tanks. Who needs all that when people can cook simply by plugging these grills into an electric outlet? They work without a hitch for years and are the right size for cooking meals for a family or couples. Some grills come with internal temperature probes and an automatic shut-off timer (need one say more?).

However, people must look carefully at an electric grill’s wattage before purchasing it. Small grills meant for one or two people do not require much wattage, but larger ones need to be able to handle higher wattage. Once people get an electric grill, they never want to cook using anything else (these grills are that convenient!).

Types Of Electric Grills

People choose an electric grill because they find it convenient. They will be happy with just about any electric grill type. If the focus is not on convenience, looking at the various available models before purchase is a good idea. The various electric grill types are as follows:


These grills are small enough to fit on a table (hence the name), so people can cook leisurely using them. They can follow the example of Shinchan’s family and place these grills on the dining table to cook the food and immediately eat it. Know what this means? People do not have to take long walks to the kitchen to get the food (they can enjoy not having to move as Chandler and Joey did in Friends.). They can save a lot of time!


Don’t have a free table left to place grills? No problem; buy a freestanding electric grill. It has frames to support its base and does not need a surface to support it. People can comfortably grill their meat anywhere they choose or want to, so long as there is a power outlet to connect the grills.


Built-in electrical grills are the best alternative to fixed gas grills. They have a large cooking area similar to gas grills, and using them is much less complex. (Complex cooking techniques take all the fun out of eating good food). The downside is that people may require professional help to install electric outlets to plug in the grills.

What Are Gas Grills?

Who does not love gas grills? Even people who build a case against it (saying they burn fossil fuel, which is true) feel the urge to cook using them. Fortunately, well-built, eco-friendly models (they burn more cleanly) are emerging. Therefore, everyone can have fun using gas grills without feeling guilty.

Gas grills are more expensive than charcoal grills. However, they are much easier to cook with. People only have to wait around 10 minutes after igniting to start cooking their favorite foods. Moreover, they can turn off the grill after cooking and go about their day instead of waiting for the coal to die down and dousing them with water.

Gas grills’ control knobs are a blessing to humans (at least that is what gas grill lovers say). Adjusting the heat has never been easier. Charcoal grills will always be the best in the eyes of those who live only for the authentic smoke flavor. However, gas grills, too, add a smoky flavor to the food; it is just not to the same extent as a charcoal grill.

Types Of Gas Grills

The following are the popular gas grill types:

Tabletop Gas Grills

Need to cook for only one or two people? Tabletops grills are the best option. They are portable, making them invaluable for camping trips and beachside grilling. Feel like starting a spontaneous grill-off with the neighbors or friends? Buy these grills. Compete, have fun, and eat good food at the end – it is a win-win situation!

Fixed Gas Grills

Grill enthusiasts can set up these grills as part of their permanent outdoor cooking stations. These grills are enormous and built to maximize cooking capacity. However, people looking for something less permanent will have fun using portable/wheeled cart grills rather than these giants.

Flat-top Grills

These grills are becoming increasingly popular, as people can sauté, toast, simmer, shallow fry, grill, bake, roast, or flambé with these grills. What’s there not to love? Flat-top grills are highly preferable for cooking seafood, and people can try cooking Indian flatbreads with them. Who knows, they might be good at it.

Hybrid Grills

Craving the authentic smoky taste charcoal grills provide one minute and the gas grills’ efficiency the next? Cannot decide between grill types but do not want to own two grills? Opt for hybrid grills. They are merely a merger of gas and charcoal grills. However, these models offer an option to switch between gas and charcoal. People cannot cook using both at the same time (think that is not fair? Life has always been unfair. Why would it start being fair now?).

What To Look For In A Gas Grill?

Need a higher-quality gas grill? Spend more (nice things always cost more. There is no way around breaking open the piggy bank). The affordable grill models work fine but do not last for long. Moreover, people must think about whether they need grills with multiple burner zones. Having this feature will allow them to cook a variety of food, setting different cooking times. Hey, not everyone is a master chef, but why not indulge oneself and buy something that makes cooking more enjoyable?

Stainless steel gas grills are the best option out there, and people cannot convince grill lovers otherwise. Removable grease trays, temperature indicators, side burners, tool hooks (imagine the horror of not being able to find a tong at the right time), and so on are some other features that make grilling tolerable to those who consider it a chore and perfectly enjoyable to those who think grilling is an art.

Main Difference Between Electric Grills And Gas Grills in Points

  • Electric grills pave the way for lightning-fast and easy meals, whereas those using gas grills have to wait for some time before they can eat the delicious food.
  • Gas grills are designed for outdoor use, as keeping one indoors is impracticable (who wants to choke on smoke?). On the other hand, electric grills can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Even amateurs can cook well using an electric grill, whereas gas grills are meant for pros. It is not uncommon to see newbies struggling with gas grills and cooking meat unevenly (who said operating the grill is an easy task? It is a huge responsibility!).
  • Electric grills are portable and can be used almost anywhere and everywhere, as they only need a power source to plug them in. Want to go camping but do not want to waste time keeping track of fires? Just pack an electric grill and bring it along to the camping area. Gas grill owners do not have this luxury, as most gas grills are enormous and are not portable.
  • Gas grills are highly popular, whereas seasoned grillers treat electric grills as the awkward cousin whom no one wants to talk about. However, electric grills are the go-to option for those living in areas where gas grilling is frowned upon or banned.


Gas and electric grills have their pros and cons. Therefore, there is no right choice when it comes to grills. Does taste matter more? Go for a gas grill. Worried about the environment? Have trouble refraining from setting fire to the kitchen? Buy an electric grill. After all, it is nearly impossible to mess up cooking using an electric grill unless people are intentionally trying to mess with it. On the other hand, gas grills are not to be taken lightly. People will have to deal with grill fires if they do not know how to handle flare-ups.


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